Meet the robinsons part 2 of 140000

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meet the robinsons part 2 of 140000

20 utility-connected wind turbines, 1kW each, to meet the equivalent of 2 to 3 per cent of the energy needs of the airport's Logan Office Center. It cost $, . With a The good news is, like the Robinsons, the customers of wind energy at . Feb 17, 2. Reading and approval of the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders .. 1 As defined under Part IV (B)(1)(b) of SRC Rule 12, the “named This offers lots with predominant lot cut of square meters. Aug 9, 2 Nine News Saturday Nine 1,, , , , 13 M-Meet The Robinsons Seven , , , 78, 52, 80, 8 ABC News ABC1 , , , , , , .. Was a much better episode than previous weeks, and i've picked the killer.

Dismiss the popup on scanning a follow the instructions to make your first scan. Go through the door in Wilbur's room to scan the objects there. First turn left towards the tube and zumzat.

If you do a general scan activate scanner without targeting you'll notice a scanner object in between them. Target it and scan it: Go up to the hidden door and open it. You'll find a chest inside. Disassemble the chest to get some concept art: Robin House - 5 pictures. Turn around and go to the other side of the room to scan these items. Scan the two potted plants: There another hidden door to the left of it.

Open it and disassemble the Disassembler Chest 1 inside to receive an action figure. Go into the niche just past the sofa an scan the TV: Scan the circle by the entrance to the tv area: These seals are scatters throughout the game, come back after you get the Havoc glove to do a puzzle. You earn a blueprint for the 20th scan: Health level 1 Upgrade. It's well worth you time to go around disassembling enough stuff in the mansion or return to the storage room to build this to get another health circle.

Go back down the stairs and go into the kitchen area. Disassemble both refrigerators to reveal Disassembler Chests 1's. Between the kitchen and the tv areas in the main entrance the house with leads out to the yard. Another version of Spike and Dmitri are here but there's nothing new to scan. Go into the living room and scan your mother: Apparently Grandpa Bud changed the code to the garage. The mission is complete.

Turn right and go between another Dmitri and Spike. Go past the locked doors to the Cannon Room on the left and the Music Room on the right.

Open the door at the end of the hall. Turn left and scan the old man: Talk to him and he'll ask you to find his time. Open it and go inside. Go straight ahead to scan the five frog that are on the floor.

Dismiss the Dialog about Flip Targeting and follow the instructions. Go through one of the side lifts, climb onto the trophy and sidle the ledge to get to it. Use the transport tube to get back to the ground. Talk to Grandpa to return his teeth. He'll direct you to Art. You'll be in the yard now and will see Art using a protecto sphere. Go ahead towards the gate and turn left. Walk in front of the protectosphere generator to begin the first race.

Dismiss the popup with the instructions. Record time for the course in 1: If you can beat the record time for this course you'll get the pizza shirt cheat. Just push forward on the thumbstick and pull in the direction of the curves. You'll go through a dinosaur's mouth and jump a gap at it's tail and a second gap at it's tail. There's a failing long stretch with a few hand that will tilt into your path but they rise before they become a problem.

You'll need to steer around a few cylinders and avoid the hands that pop up on the sides of the path. You'll enter a tunnel and drop into a pool. Jump up the small pointed ramps to get to another raised pool.

Repeat two more times to drop into a funnel. If you miss you can take a ramp up to the lowest pool and try again. Go between the potted trees and around the turn to the exit. Talk to Art, who will ask you to round up some Zumzats.

Turn are and head towards the charge ball screen to pick up the charge ball glove. A tutorial on charge ball will pop up and you'll be taken to a 1 point game against the trainer opponent.

You need to break the 11 bricks on his side of the court before he does that same to you. If you want you can try out the Pee Wee and Varsity court before choosing quit Charge Ball to continue the game. Dismiss the instruction for the charge glove that pop up.

They are in Wilbur's Room, the hall outside Wilbur's Room, the living Room, the kitchens, and the hall leading to the dining room. Target them from a distance so they don't bounce away from you and then zap them with the charge glove.

This breaks them into 3 smaller zumzats that you can just run across to collect. Talk to him and he'll direct you to Billie. Aunt Billie while ask you help in recharging her train. The are some new items to scan here: This chest only contains some components but there's an action figure in the Disassembler Chest 1 on the other side.

You will have charge up one of the 4 pole when it gave you the instructions, repeat the process on the other 3 poles. She'll direct you to Uncle Gaston in the cannon range. Take the transport tube to Wilbur's room, leave the room and turn right to the lab. Talk to Laszlo at the top of the stairs.

meet the robinsons part 2 of 140000

He'll give you the blue print for the Extendo-Key and send you to the storage room for the rare component for it. There are two new chests in here. Turn around and climb the ladder go to the end of the left path where you'll see a disassembler chest 1 which contains an action figure.

You can just disassemble it from the end of the path, no need to sidle the edge past the fan to get to it. Go to the other end on the walkway and jump over to the crates make your way to the far end of the crates at target the other disassembler chest 1 on the ledge up and to the left. Disassemble it from here to get the Skeleton Alloy. Disassemble enough other stuff while your here to complete the key. Go to the transmogrifier and build the key. You should receive 8 action figures for completing the Family scans.

Talk to Uncle Gaston. He will challenge to take part in his cannon challenge before he'll give you the code to the garage. The object here is to reach the circle in the distance without getting hit by the flying meatballs. After the first row, dodge left to avoid the second and third. Dodge back to the center for the next two, and then to the right for the two after that. Then dodge back to the center for two more rows and the cycle will repeat until you get to the circle.

You'll get the code from Gaston after completing the challenge. Whenever the plot brings you back to the house be sure to come back here for his second and third challenges. If you're hurt you may want to heal up at the aid station in the living room. Open the garage door to complete the mission. You'll receive the blueprint for the Carrying Capacity Level 1 Upgrade for the 40th scan.

Disassemble the cover on the power box and shoot the charge glove at it to wake up the receptionist, which opens the doors behind her. Push one of the vases until it lines up with the column to the side. Climb onto the vase and then the column and walk past the scan and jump the gap. Drop down and disable the two doors here. There a disassembler chest 1 behind both. The one to the right contains concept art for Egypt 17 picturesthe one to the left only contains components.

Pull the right when facing away from the reception vase here so its under the ledge on the other side below the ledge by the second laser scanner. Climb onto the vase and then onto the ledge. Walk by the scanner to the end of the ledge. Do some scanning from the end of the ledge: Approach the lev turret and zap it three time while moving around it.

Once both are destroyed the force field will drop. Go down the stairs and scan the water cooler by the fish tank. Go through the door the maintenance bot came through and ride the lift up. There a tranmogrifier here. Now would be a good time to make the Carrying Capacity Upgrade so that you'll be able to carry 80 of each component. Disassemble the fan and go into the vent.

Follow the vent and disassemble the fan at the other end. Disassemble one of the fans to your right and go into the vent that curves between then. There's a disassemble chest 1 in here containing concept art. Go back to where you left the first vent and turn towards the time machine.

Sidle the edge around the glass enclosing the time machine. Disassemble the fan on the other side and enter the vent. Disassemble the fan at the other end of the vent and drop into the room. You'll be confronted by a robot. Scan one of the terminals below the monitor's in the room. The robot can be destroyed by zapping it four times with the charge glove. This will activate the terminals and two more robots will take its place. Zap the terminals and take out the replacement robots.

The force field over the door out of the room will drop. Heal up at the aid station here and go through the door. Disassemble the cover on the power box at the end of the hall and zap it will the charge glove. A ladder will appear. Zap the lev turret ahead and disassemble the fan to the side.

Go through the open were the fan was to another power box. Disassemble the cover and zap the power box. Zap the lev turret and continue down the vent to a laser filler room.

Disassemble the vent to the left. Take out the Camera bot and two lev turrets in the room pass the vent. Disassembler the fan and go into the vent where there's a Disassembler Chest 1 containing concept art. The vent dead ends at a lev turret so back track to the previous room. Disassemble the covers off of the three power boxes. Use alternate mode of the charge glove to target all three which will temporarily disable the laser on the other side.

Wait for them to come back on as the cut scene won't leave you enough time to get by them. Deactivate them again and quickly run by them, ignoring the power boxes on this side. Go through the vent into the next area. Heal and charge up at the aid station to the right.

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Go down the tunnel, dissassembling the fan and the grate at the end. The grate falls allowing you to walk out onto it. You can scan two new things from here: The are a couple of things you can disassemble in the short vent but nothing of real interest. Repeat with the next grate, the vent behind also holds nothing of interest. Drop onto the pipes and sidle to the ladder. Climb down the ladder. Ignore the door here for now and go to the other side of the room.

meet the robinsons part 2 of 140000

Either zap the power switch with the charge glove to form a temporary walkway or simply jump the gap. Deal with the camera bot and the robot sentry it summons. Disassemble the water dispenser and go through the door the maintenance bot comes from I've seen it glitch and not open, try saving and loading if it does this. Disassemble the fan to get to a Disassemble Chest 1, which contains the blue print for the bowler hat cheat. Go back the way you came and return to the door I told you to ignore earlier.

Disassemble the cover on the power box and charge it up with the charge glove. Deal with the two camera bots that come out of the door when it opens as well as the two robot sentry that they summon. Go through the door that they came from to take a lift down Deal with the two camera bots in the area the lift takes you to. You'll need to it with the disassemble first to destroy its armor and finish it of with four charge glove shots.

Dismiss the reminder about the disassembler long shot Go out onto the platform jutting out into the room. Use the disassembler's long shot to get rid of the cover on the power box below the laser emitter.

Meet the Robinsons | part 2 | script | pictures

The hit it with a shot from the charge glove to turn off the lasers. Go to where the lasers were and short the power switch to activate the walkways. Run around the force field that forms. Deal with the camera bot and the armored sentry robot it summons.

Heal up at the aid station. Activate the power switch and run out on the force field. Shoot the rotation power switch to reinforce the field. You'll need to use alternate mode to hit the power switch not the turn switch ahead at to the left to continue.

You can run onto the platform with the camera bot and deal with in and the armored security bot. Shoot power switch and get onto the force field. Shoot the turn switch twice, shooting power switch at the same time as the second shot.

meet the robinsons part 2 of 140000

Shot both switch ahead to the right for the next segment. Run ahead and left to where a camera bot guards a disassemble chest 1. Deal with the camera bot and the armored sentry bot it summons.

The chest only contains components. Zap the power switch and run to the other side. Deal with two camera bots, a robot sentry, and an armored robot sentry. Before getting on the lift, scan the crates: Push the single crate beside the stacked crates. Climb up the crates, disassemble the fan and go into the vent. You'll need another carrying capacity upgrade before you can even think of making this. Return to the room and take the lift to the next section of the room.

Deal with 2 camera bots and 2 armored robot sentries at the top of the lift. There are more crates here. Push the single one up to the double and climb up the crates. Disassemble the fan and jump into the vent. You'll find a disassembler chest 1 in the vent which contains nothing but components. Hit the turn switch three times and the power switch once. Run onto the force field and turn left onto the next section. While on this section target both the power and turn switch by the camera bot and allowing you continue on toward the next section.

Target the turn and power switches ahead to the left to turn the next section into place. Run across it and deal with the camera bot and the armored security bot that it summons.

There's a disassembler chest 1 here containing Uncle Art's VR disc. While you're here target the power box across the gap with the disassembler in alternate mode.

Charge it up with the charge glove to disable the laser. Shoot the power switch beside you and run back to the beginning of the section.

meet the robinsons part 2 of 140000

If you want, rotate the section on the way back and deal with the camera bots and the armored sentries that they summon. When on the initial segment, target both the power and turn switches twice and run onto the final segment. Take the branch to the right and follow the ledge at the end to find a disassembler chest 1. It contains the Health Level 2 upgrade. Back track and shoot the switch. Run across the force field and turn right to the end of the force fields.

Use the aid station here if you need to. Follow the path and deal with the camera bot and the armored sentry it summons. Go through the door and follow the tunnel to the next room.

Here you'll need to dispose of 2 camera bots, 2 armored sentries, 2 more camera, and 2 more sentries. Go through the door after defeating them to the next level. Go ahead into the room. Make the second health upgrade at the tranmogrifier if you can afford it.

Scan one of the half spheres on the floor here. Also scan the door between them. Go through the door to the left of the maintenance door. Enter targeting mode and start dodging to the other side of the room to get under the lasers. Charge the power box on the other side and go through the door that opens. In the next room deal with the 3 camera bots, 2 sentries and 1 armored sentry in the room.

Scan the object in the center of the room: Fire the charge glove at it to charge up the left side of the maintenance door. Use the transport tube in this are to get back to the maintenance door.

Go through the right door this time. Dodge through this room like on the other side, but keep to the right to avoid the lev turret and be in position to charge up the power box on the other side. Deal with 2 camera bots, 2 lev turrets, and 2 armored sentries. Shoot the charge glove at the generator lens in the center to power up the other side of the maintenance door which will open it.

Meet the Robinsons Walkthrough Part 2 - Robinson House

The first order of business is to scan it. There are three stages to the fight. Start by firing the charge glove at one of the generator lenses here.

Wait for the guardian to finish discharging the energy to the remaining lens. Charge up one activator switch on each side of the room, making sure the colors match and shoot the generator lens that gets powered up. It helps to be targeting one while the robot is doing the discharge Repeat for the last lens.

While you're doing this you'll need to avoid the guardian's laser, just keep moving and you should be fire. The only differences in the second phase is that the lens are not charged to begin with and the robot fires missiles in addition to the laser.

Charge up the first lens like the last two in the previous stage. Stay out of the circles on the ground to avoid the missile. For the final stage you'll need to disassemble the covers from the three lenses first. After that it is just like the second stage. The mission is complete after firing the last lens. Wilbur Robinson Unstoppable Movie Unlocked: In making Elvis part of the story, though, the filmmakers ran into a roadblock: They had done all four.

Disney went to the Elvis estate, screened the film for them and got permission to use him and his music in the movie. Originally this chase was supposed to be between a and a spaceship, and was set in town.

meet the robinsons part 2 of 140000

After the events of September 11,the filmmakers said the scene they once found funny was no longer funny, and quickly changed the crafts and settings of the chase. The spaceship was colored red, white and blue in memory of the events of Treasure Planet Screenshot Patrick McGoohan, the voice of Billy Bones, had a very bad cold when he recorded his lines, which turned out to be perfect for his phlgemy, coughing character.

Treasure Planet Screenshots John Silver's striped pants were such a pain to animate that the people in charge of cleaning up the drawings begged for a costume change.

50 things you might not know about your favorite Disney films, 1998-2013 edition

They got the desired change about halfway through the movie. Pirates were killed off in order of how difficult they were to draw. Treasure Planet Screenshot "Treasure Planet" was released inbut it was originally pitched at the same meeting where "The Little Mermaid" was pitched — clear back in The filmmakers said it was actually good that it took so long to make the film because it allowed real-world technology to develop into what the story really needed.

His character was a rival inventor who, desperate to beat Cornelius Robinson, traveled back in time to ruin Lewis' science fair. In the finished film, his storyline is quite different. The villain wore a bowler hat in early versions of the story, and its arbitrariness irked writer Don Hall enough that he wrote an explanation for it, thus creating the character of the evil bowler hat Doris.

Doris began life as a sidekick, but script changes soon promoted her to the true villain of the movie. Meet the Robinsons Screenshot While Wilbur flies Lewis through the future city, look for Disneyland's Space Mountain located in Tomorrowland and the modernized sign in front of it.

Meet the Robinsons Screenshot Casting younger actors in an animated film is always a race against nature, and in "Meet the Robinsons," the filmmakers lost — twice.

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Daniel Hansen was cast as the original voice of Lewis, but nature required the filmmakers to find another Lewis. Jordan Fry took over and matched so well that there are lines in the movie that are half Daniel and half Jordan. Wesley Singerman was cast as Wilbur, but again, nature took over and the filmmakers had to search for a second voice that could match what he had recorded for the character.

When they couldn't find a voice to match year-old Wesley, they re-recorded all of his dialogue with a year-old Wesley. Meet the Robinsons Screenshot The film sequence introducing the Robinson family includes a Tom Selleck joke, and filmmakers were required to get permission to use his image. It made sense, then, to also get Tom Selleck to do the voice of the character who was purported to resemble him, which is exactly what Disney did.

Meet the Robinsons Screenshot The theme of the Robinson family is "keep moving forward. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious. Musker was determined to put an A in "The Princess and the Frog," and managed to do so on the New Orleans streetcars.

Tiana's dimples were also modeled after Rose's dimples. The Princess and the Frog Screenshot In early versions of "The Princess and the Frog," Louis, the trumpet-playing alligator, was a human who lacked any musical ability. After striking a deal with the villain Dr. Facilier, Louis gained the ability to play the trumpet but was turned into an alligator.

The storyline was eventually cut because it was too complicated. The Princess and the Frog Screenshot Randy Newman, who wrote the music for "The Princess and the Frog," recorded voices several times for different characters because each time he voiced a character, that character was either cut an otter or the lines were dropped a turtle. Newman made it in — and stayed in — as the firefly Cousin Randy. The Princess and the Frog Screenshot During the Mardi Gras parade scene, watch for floats that pay homage to Disney — there's a mermaid float, an Arabian knights float, a Greek mythology float and a pirate float.

Tangled Screenshot The look of "Tangled" hero Eugene Fitzherbert aka Flynn Rider was decided through what filmmakers called, "the hot man meeting. Using those notes, filmmakers were then able to develop the final design.

Tangled Screenshot On the day the chameleon in "Tangled" was due to be named, animation artist Kellie Lewis bought a chameleon and named it Pascal. The filmmakers liked the name so much that they asked if they could use it, and Lewis said yes. These were the real-life babies of the real-life Pascal born during production of the film.

Tangled "Tangled" by the numbers: It took the title from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The films they included in this count were in order of release: Flynn's fortune said that, "A symbol of untold wealth and beauty will be attained and then slip from his grasp. Although the monkey didn't make it into the final film, he still appears in the credits. For a long time, though, Fix-It Felix was the protagonist and Ralph then named Wendell Grubble was just a guy who lived in the dirt and threw trash around.

Wreck-It Ralph Screenshot In "Wreck-It Ralph," the characters travel from game to game through Game Central Station, which resides in the power strip connecting all the games together. In writing the film, Rich Moore and Phil Johnston said they once planned to have the characters travel from game to game through a magical vortex Felix found in his toilet, but then they "realized that was really stupid. The 8-bit world of Ralph and Felix was built around squares, from the dust to the trees.

Even characters except for Ralph don't move diagonally. In the game, "Hero's Duty," the world was built around triangles and filmmakers sought to give it the gritty feel of "Saving Private Ryan" and "Alien.