Meet the robinsons message

Keeping it Reel: Meet the Robinsons

meet the robinsons message

This is pure Disney from start to finish and, as in most all Disney animated features from the past, “Meet The Robinsons” contains a slew of positive messages. Disney's latest animated adventure tells the tale of an orphan thrust into the arms of a wild future—and an eccentric but loving family—in a charming story with. Meet the Robinsons illustrates one of the most inspiring messages for the current generation, but the implied message of there always being a.

It's about an orphan named Lewis who's a genius inventor on a quest to find his birth mother, who's whisked away in a time machine by a mysterious kid named Wilbur Robinson who needs him to save the future from a strange Bowler Hat Guy.

meet the robinsons message

Director Steve Anderson had to find the balance between a realistic and a cartoony kind of human. He realized that the trick was to make choices that would never pull the audience out of the movie and distance them from the characters.

We worked with Bill [Joyce, who served as an exec producer] with designing all the elements from the very beginning," Anderson confirms.

We knew we had such a range of emotion after boarding our movie and the dynamics we'd have to achieve with our acting, so we kept pushing to find the balance between a realistic and cartoony kind of human. The trick for me was that the choices we made could never pull the audience out of the movie and distance them from the characters.

That was the journey that we had from the very beginning. I'm really pleased with what we came up with because there's a very simple graphic language with a real appeal to their faces.

But you feel the flesh, you feel the muscles, you feel the chins and knees. They referred to Disney animation from the 50s as the present while in the future things zip around like Warner Bros. After six months of boarding the movie and putting them up on reels, production began in with a crew of Given Joyce's retro style -- influenced by everything from Technicolor movies to '40s architectural design -- Anderson and his design team looked for dramatic contrasts to depict the present and future.

According to art director Robh Ruppel, who studied, among other things, the way cinematographers Vittorio Storaro Reds and Caleb Deschanel The Natural handle period looks, the philosophy could be summed up thusly: Every time he thinks about the past, every time he gets further from his answer, we pull more color out. Every time we go into the past, we pull most of the blues and the higher saturated colors out.

The present is in between those worlds, color wise: In the shape design, we tried to keep the present day very boxy and square.

meet the robinsons message

Everything's on a grid, everything's a little repetitive, everything's a little busy. So that when you go to the future, the view is unobstructed, the building shapes are very curved. There's pleasantness to it. It's just one big giant factory. We talked a lot about Apple products: Soft, happy, puffy clouds, blue skies and bubbles.

The Incredibles was a definite inspiration for this.

Meet the Robinsons probably has the best message of any disney movie.

It was eye-popping to me, and certainly part of my education in 3D and how to do character animation with all of its subtleties. We looked at a lot of Warner Bros. Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Peter Pan were Disney inspirations as far as combining believable characters with much more caricatured ones in the same scenes.

In the future, things move a little bit faster and are quirkier and more off beat, with characters that can zip around like Warner Bros. There are two forces at work behind the scenes in the form of time travelers who have come to contact Lewis, both for two polar opposite reasons! Wilbur Robinson Wesley Singerman is a mysterious stranger not much older than Lewis, who has come to whisk Lewis away to his future.

It seems that Lewis is the secret ingredient the future needs in order to save it! Lewis sees the future as we all would want it to be.

Lewis is then surrounded by a group of people far more eccentric than he ever imagined himself to be. Yet, he somehow feels drawn to them as there is a quirkiness about them that he definitely relates to. The Robinsons believe that if you have a dream, you should go for it no matter how outlandish it may seem.

That failure is needed for it leads to success in the future.

'Meet The Robinsons': Keep Moving Forward at Disney | Animation World Network

So, to make those dreams come true, if you feel the need to wear your clothes backwards or invent a thing-a-ma-jig that squirts peanut butter and jelly then go for it! Although the pluses far out weigh the minus points, here are some things which might need attention: One character does have a black eye and refers to being beat up. The scenes which are few but may be dark and scary to some small children occur in the alternate future that Bowler Hat Guy unknowingly concocts.

Not moving forward from failure or giving up totally on a project or a relationship is seen as the easiest solution. Maybe because we are hurt or tired we just want to fail, but Lewis learns from his future family to accept failure as a step towards something better. Lewis had given up on finding a family that loved him and inventing something that worked.

'Meet The Robinsons': Keep Moving Forward at Disney

He had to go to the future to learn that his life would be better than he imagined. Going to the future and the past to fix mistakes, Lewis and Wilbur indicate that there is always time to fix mistakes.

I think that is an unrealistic ideal to teach children. Also to build character, people should understand that mistakes are imminent and to be learned from but not necessarily meant to be fixed.

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