Meet the plug doe bay

meet the plug doe bay

Doe Bay Wine Company Shop the Rock Deal! . a warm place for people to meet and gather, share resources, plug in cell-phones and other. The city's asking you to stay out of the ocean and off the beach at Pokai Bay this week, while it's doing some cleanup and maintenance. Doe Bay Fest Just Named One of North America's Best Festivals This Year! . have dozens of multiple-year volunteers returning again and again to plug in behind .. but also because of the many people they met and the bonds they created!.

This is in caps because it is very important that we respect our early diners whose dining experiences may be made less enjoyable with a sound check going on and may have no interest in live music while they dine.

This means that an early ferry ride is in order. Please remember that you should be IN the ferry line at least 1 hour before it is scheduled to depart and that once you get to the island it still takes about 40 minutes to get to Doe Bay.

If there is any fear of missing it, you should be in line more than one hour in advance.

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Failure to arrive before this time will result in a breach in the agreement, and the second night will be full price instead of free.

The cabin that is offered to musicians is Lower Ananda, which sleeps up to 5 people. Photos and a description of cabins can be found on www. Upon confirmation the band will get a phone call from their Doe Bay host. You will need to provide your contact info, date of arrival and departure, and a credit card to keep on file you will not be charged unless damages are incurred in order to secure your cabin reservation.

Upon confirmation you will also need to send a bio and picture via email as soon as possible. They will be used to promote your event on island. Doe Bay will purchase up to five CD's at half the suggested retail to sell in our General store.

Details of your performance: We do have a P.

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It includes the following equipment: The equipment is not phantom powered. If your band requires more than this you will need to provide it.

Seattle is great and so is the fair city of Tacoma, to the south.

meet the plug doe bay

I plan on driving: It will take at about two hours to drive there from Seattle in good traffic. You need to know a few things about the ferry crossing: Ferry tolls depend on the number of people in the car. You pay them going into the island but not leaving. I plan on taking a charter plane.

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Once you arrive at Eastsound, taxis are available to take you to Doe Bay. Advance reservations are required.

meet the plug doe bay

When you add up hotels and car rentals and the ferry toll, you may find this a better option. The descriptions on the website are pretty accurate.

meet the plug doe bay

Imagine a big vacation house: It will be fun. Quiet hours are from There are plenty of places to socialize after hours at the resort, but for the comfort of all participants, we ask that quiet hours be observed by all. Smoking is not allowed in any of the cabins or common areas or within 50 feet of any entrance.

meet the plug doe bay

Should you require you own lodging, please inquire about reserving your private accommodation for an additional fee. This option is most often used for nursing mothers who are bringing their infants, children or families to the retreat and who require a more flexible, quiet space.

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Write does not discount the cost of participation if you book private accommodation. Expect wind, rain and sun. Bring sturdy shoes and err on the side of needing warmth and rain protection.