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meet the peeples dvd release

Peeples () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Germany, 22 January , (DVD premiere) USA (working title) (English title), We the Peeples. Movies & DVDs Top DVD & Streaming · New Releases · Coming Soon to DVD . Critics Consensus: Peeples is a warm, amiable farce that offers a few . Of course, what Peeples has over Meet the Parents is that David. Available in: DVD. Original Release: . Though there's precious little in Chism's paint-by-numbers script that we haven't seen in countless domestic.

It's not the only first-run release to come out this week, but it is by far the biggest.

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Season Two, which is a contender for Pick of the Week. However, the screener is on its way, so I'm going to hold off on that declaration. Instead, that honor goes to Castle: Star Trek into Darkness did open in first place with a very healthy 4-day total, but it opened below its predecessor and not a lot of people were predicting that. The overall box office fell 2.

On the other hand, this was 7. It's going to take a lot more than one good weekend to turn things around.

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May 16th, The second big summer release comes out this week, Star Trek into Darkness. The film has already opened internationally and has proven to be a bigger hit than its predecessor was, which is good news for its opening weekend. Iron Man 3 will likely take a pretty big hit due to the direct competition, while The Great Gatsby is a bit of a wild card. Star Trek into Darkness should easily make more than that combined.

Peeples (9/11) Movie CLIP - Moby Dick Day (2013) HD

However, The Avengers still dominated the chart last year and it will be that film that will be the biggest challenge in the year-over-year competition.

Does this mean ended its losing streak? Iron Man 3 missed expectations by a couple of million dollars, while Peeples bombed utterly.

meet the peeples dvd release

Hopefully Star Trek into Darkness will help end this losing streak next weekend. It's also Leonardo DiCaprio 's second-best weekend, behind Inception. Chris shows up unexpectedly to "help" Wade propose.

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Because of Chris's borrowed Gamma Phi sweater, Virgil thinks they are fraternity brothers and invites him to stay. Chris makes advances towards Gloria, angering Meg.

Peeples (2013)

Back home, Daphne discovers her expensive earrings have been stolen. Virgil believes Wade is the thief. Wade and Chris are at the bar, where they see Simon talking to an uninterested woman.

They follow him into the bathroom and pretend to be thugs, but then tell him to return his mother's earrings and stop stealing.

meet the peeples dvd release

Chris returns to the guest house to find Gloria, while Wade finds Virgil in a sweat tent and tries to bear it for Grace's hand in marriage.

Wade ends up burning the tent down. At the Moby Dick Day celebration, Grace tells Wade he looks terrible and offers him a drink from a thermos with a mushroom drawn on it. The mayor confronts Wade.

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While Virgil is giving a rendition of Captain Ahab, Wade hallucinates that Virgil is talking to him and charges at him with a harpoon. Wade is knocked unconscious. Wade wakes up and is insulted by Virgil. Wade and Chris leave.

meet the peeples dvd release

After the brothers depart, Virgil admits he has been swimming with the Humpback Whale non-sexually, Gloria and Meg tell everyone about their relationship, Simon admits to his stealing, and Daphne admits she put mushrooms in her drinks. The dog returns Wade's wallet, and Simon takes Wade's engagement ring out of his pocket. Grace falls into her mother's arms, realizing Wade was telling the truth.

meet the peeples dvd release