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meet the patels soundtrack guardians

This time, it's the turn of Rosa Parks, who we meet during the civil rights The series' other BME writer is Vinay Patel, who has written episode six, . In actual music news, that stirring soundtrack at the end was Rise Up by. Ask year-old Dev Patel, lead actor in Slumdog Millionaire, clever nods to Bollywood classics and EastEnders and a soundtrack that. An Indian-American man who is about to turn 30 gets help from his parents and extended family to start looking for a wife in the traditional Indian way. Geeta Patel, Ravi Patel. Ravi Patel, Geeta Patel, Champa V. Patel.

While these stories and lessons can come with light moments, they usually play it pretty straight with their subjects.

meet the patels soundtrack guardians

That's what makes "Meet the Patels" PG, 1: Technically classified as a documentary and accomplishing many of the things that documentaries dothis movie is also a comedy and a romance.

The main character in this romantic comedy documentary is Ravi Patel.

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In real life, he's an actor and comedian in Los Angeles. Also in real life, he's had to deal with some of the same issues as many young men and women who have roots in India, yet grew up in the U.

His parents, Vasant and Champa, who emigrated from India inwant him to marry a nice Indian girl and give them nice Indian grandchildren.

meet the patels soundtrack guardians

Ravi isn't opposed to this, but isn't sure how to go about it in the modern world. As the film opens, he's just broken up with Ashley, his red-haired American girlfriend of two years, because he feels the need to commit to someone with whom he can more easily raise a family like he and his sister, Geeta, were raised.

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For the time being, Ravi and Geeta share a house and deal with their parents "encouraging" them to find spouses. Ravi is just under 30 and Geeta is just north of 30, making it a minor scandal within their family and circle of friends that neither of them is married.

This film chronicles Ravi's search, over the course of a year, to find a woman whom he and, hopefully, his parents, think would be a good match for him. Even though their own union is the product of a traditional Indian arranged marriage, Vasant and Champa have lived in the U. But that doesn't stop them from helping the process along. Early in the film, the family takes a trip to India during "wedding season", which they believe is a great opportunity for Ravi to find his bride.

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Ravi, however, prefers to find an Indian girl in the U. The problem, as Arsenio Hall's character says in the similarly-themed "Coming to America", is that "the land is so vast, the choices so infinite. And then suddenly I'm working with Danny Boyle and it was like "What? Escaping from the religious massacre at the slum he called home, Jamal and his brother Salim join forces with the orphaned slum girl Latika, a childhood union that results in a lifelong obsession for Jamal to be with the woman he loves.

In a needle and haystack attempt to locate the adult Latika Pinto among the Mumbai masses, Jamal eventually finds himself on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, in the hope that she'll see him, and the two can be reunited. If art imitates life, then Patel's recent catapult into an unfamiliar world of award shows and leading-man status is as highly unlikely as a boy from the slums ending up a viable contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire — a concept that even the most broad-minded India-lover will agree is an almost impossible dream.

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But it's happened before: It's not an insult to suggest that year-old model Freida Pinto's big break can, in part, be attributed to her painful good looks. With no previous acting experience, she earned her stripes through six months of tortuous auditions to play the beggar-turned-gangster's wife Latika.

Neither is it casting aspersions to suggest that Patel's luck was part zeitgeist, part aesthetic. As Boyle struggled to find an actor among the buff, beefy Bollywood wannabes who attended the India castings to accurately portray a kid born into abject poverty, it was eventually his daughter, an avid Skins fan, who suggested Patel. His only acting experience to date was as the two-dimensional character Anwar, a teenage Muslim whose obsessive desire to get laid played out a comedic dichotomy with his religious guilt, the denouement of which was losing his virginity to a married Russian while on a school trip; hardly the stuff that dreams — Bollywood or otherwise — are made of.

But it was the perfect fit: I think that's mind boggling," he says and a genuine, innocent charm, a trait that saved him from potential annihilation during a recent, unexpected appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman. Patel, a last-minute guest, held his own against Letterman's typical flow of admittedly mild barbed compliments "You're 18? You're just a kid!

meet the patels soundtrack guardians

Pinto, a former Elite model, is an altogether more polished product. But neither is anything less than giddy in expressing their gratitude and admiration for the man who handed them both a Millionaire-style lifeline.

The film itself is full of the kinds of gorgeously grotesque moments one expects from the man who created that toilet scene in Trainspotting recreated in Slumdog on an epic level and a fantastic example of how to get it right when embracing India-fever on screen.