Meet the mormons in nashville tn

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meet the mormons in nashville tn

I'm from Sandy, UT. I love basketball. I served a mission in Nashville, TN. I'm a student at Utah Valley University. I'm a Mormon. The city of Nashville, Tennessee, is best known as Music City or the “Music He has worked with LDS artists Michael McLean, Kenneth Cope, Hilary Kelsi ( Osborn) Simpson of SHeDAISY, commented, “We've met some. I'm now living about miles south of Nashville with my friend Living in a non-LDS area, I met my wife on LDSPlanet about ten years ago.

Some girls that were driving by had their windows down so they shouted and hooted at me as they drove by. I caught up to my companion up the road and he was disappointed that he missed the whole thing!

meet the mormons in nashville tn

Matthew Once when we were tracting, we met a man who had a very thick accent. My companion was pretty new and she was NOT able to understand what he was saying at all. After about 5 times of him saying his name and her still not understanding, thinking his name was arrow.

meet the mormons in nashville tn

Maren Driving through the country getting lost looking for less actives. And he slammed the door on me and me and my companion just laughed hard. Juvenal Huge flood in May in most of TN. Another experience was, we shipped some stuff to the mission home prior to our arrival, and left for the MTC before it arrived. We forgot to take the battery out of the alarm radio, so the mission president had to rip open a few boxes when the ringing drove he and his wife crazy.

John Going caving in one of the areas and seeing a fellow Elder in water up to his chest, while the rest were in it waist high. Ronnie Falling on ice. Keith What was a crazy experience? In rural areas, tracting at night can be pretty sketchy. When we got back to our car to head home it was dark but there was a car parked right behind us, maybe 2 inches back from us. There were 2 people on the car but it was dark and we were a little crept out by them so we just waved and got in our car quick to head home.

As we pulled out they began following us. We decided to not go home and to try to lose them. Then we went and parked in the corner of the police station parking lot until we saw them pass.

Maren Visiting an investigator and her drunk son was leering at us and harassing us. Ryceejo Riding my bike down highway 96 in Dickson, TN with no back break it was rubbing against the tire so we turned it offand falling off and breaking my left wrist and elbow.

Juvenal We were assigned as employment missionaries. Career workshops were sometimes pretty funny. John Someone I know pointing a gun at me. Ronnie Driving down the road and swerving to miss hitting a dog, or while driving in the snow our car started to slide towards a steep part of a hill that led down into a creek. Nathan Guns pulled on us. Keith What was a spiritual experience? Some want to Bible bash, but many are open to hear our message and it always invites the spirit at lessons.

Matthew A member we met with decided she wanted to get married in the temple so she set up an appointment for us to meet her boyfriend and teach him. As we taught him the lesson of the Restoration of the Gospel he began to cry. Wanting to teach him of the Spirit we asked him how he felt. He went on to say how upset he was with his parents for never teaching him any of this because from the moment we started talking he knew what we had to say was true.

Maren Teaching investigators the first lesson about the Restoration through the means a tour of the church. Committing an investigator to baptism after the tour and he is still active in the church. Ryceejo The baptism before the bicycle accident. Angela With Luis, in Clarksville we told him we would kneel and pray with him until we got an answer about baptism and we were kneeling for like 40 minutes.

Juvenal Participating in zone conferences with the young missionaries. John Too many to mention and remember.

Mormon Artists Taking Nashville Tennessee by Storm

Ronnie Giving a blessing and having no memory of what was said after it was over while everyone is in tears around you. Nathan Baptizing families who went to temple while was still serving on my mission. Latter-day Saints have actually been present in Tennessee since the early days of the church. Matthew There were a lot more small towns than I thought with the call to Nashville.

It covers 5 states. Southern hospitality is real. TNM has a reputation for obedience. Maren We were one of the pilot missions to try Facebook before it became regular. Juvenal Our assignment covered about 10 stakes, so sometimes we had to, with permission from the Mission President, stay overnight outside the mission area. We drove about 28, miles during our mission.

We were able to help a couple of people with Aspergers get their first full-time employment. John It was part of the Southern States Mission a long time ago. Ronnie It has 2 of the oldest churches east of the Mississippi. Keith What was the weather like? Tennessee has four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and muggy. Winters are short, cold and dry but it snows once or twice. Spring and fall are actually long and pleasant with lots of rain and small risk of tornados.

Also be prepared for allergies. Matthew Not too much different than Utah. I was expecting it to be so different but the hot is just a little more hot and the cold is a little more cold because of the humidity. Humidity has a bad rep though, I found out I love it! Maren Really hot and humid in the summer! And really cold and icy in the winter but it never snows. Ryceejo Really hot in the summer, freezing in the winter.

When it rained the humidity felt worse. Angela Super humid and hot or super cold and icy. Juvenal Tennessee is pretty temperate. John Schizophrenicone minute nice and sunny, the next minute, pouring down rain. Ronnie Cold in winters hot and muggy in summers. The Spanish-speaking people of Nashville are so kind and humble. They will feed you and feed you until you are full even though it seems like they barely have enough for themselves. People will take very good care of you whether they know you or not.

Matthew They genuinely care about you and they all just want to be disciples of Jesus Christ. They speak of Him openly and they love Him. There is so much nature and beautiful trees and flowers.

Maren Everyone is friendly with everyone. We served among so many Christians and people loved God through their own faith. People who read the Book of Mormon loved it!! Ryceejo Southern hospitality is true. One can go up to a stranger, ask them about Jesus, and have a long, deep conversation. Angela I love everything about them. Enough that we moved here from NJ when we were released.

John Very humble and caring people. Among those who come to Nashville to write songs and to perform on stage are many Mormon artists such as American Idol alumni, David Archuleta. One of his songs was recorded by Country music legend, George Strait.

meet the mormons in nashville tn

Soon after, Martin made the decision to pack up and move to Nashville, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today he is one of the top songwriters in Nashville. He also has 15 number-one hits to his credit. Deere has had the opportunity to be a recording star himself but has chosen to work behind the scenes. He was also instrumental in helping three young Mormon sisters — Kristyn, Kelsi, and Kassidy Osborn — collectively known as SHeDaisy fulfill their dreams and achieve success.

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They have also performed for three U. One of my biggest goals in school was to learn how to write really great songs, so I went to Nashville on a regular basis to immerse myself in a great songwriting education.

The best songwriters and performers in the world are here. Dan Truman of the music group Diamond Rio recalls when they were signed with a Christian record label. So, they asked us not to talk about anything Mormon and not to mention that I was a Mormon.

They thought I would be a blemish on the band. We parted ways with that music label after the first album. But Tony [Martin] and Dan [Truman] kind of plowed the road for me.