Meet the mormons ed weekly

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meet the mormons ed weekly

Meet the Mormons,” directed by Blair Treu, explores stereotypes about a religion with a global focus. He has also taught at the Indiana University and Stanford University LDS Institutes of Religion, Education Week, and BYU Aspen Grove. Education: BA in. BYU Campus Education Week - E University Pkwy, Provo, Utah - Rated 5 based on 43 Reviews "Wear comfy shoes and thick socks. Wear sunscreen.

Carri Jenkins Shining a Light in the Darkness: In a world of tragedy, deception and selfishness, how can we be uplifting and positive in our communication, while at the same time being accurate, candid and truthful. In essence, how can we avoid being labeled as Pollyannish? This session will look at why, even when so much depressing news surrounds us, we can stand on the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to share a message of joy without being accused of being illogically optimistic.

For 12 years, she served as the associate editor of BYU Magazine. She also has been an instructor in the BYU Communications Department, a university speech writer and a publicity director. Carri is currently serving as the second counselor in the Highland Central Stake Relief Society presidency.

She and her husband, Paul, have two children and two grandchildren. Entertainment, Meaning, and Message Session Description: Stories are powerful and influential when well written and excellently produced. Robert Hatch is a film director, writer, and producer. He served a mission in Australia, graduated from BYU in film production, and taught film production courses at BYU as an adjunct professor.

meet the mormons ed weekly

He has produced 56 television programs for the Church and has directed seven productions for the BBC. His films have received nearly film festival honors. Trends and Innovations Session Description: He was born in Richmond, Virginia, and raised in southern Texas. While you can influence in many ways, the most effective and enduring are through thoughtful acts of service.

meet the mormons ed weekly

This session will explore how to use public relations and media to increase your ability to influence and uplift many. Camille Matthews is the founder of one of the top talent agent, celebrity management, and PR firms in the country Selective Artists Agency and Promotemedia1representing some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

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She excels at bringing highly successful, inspired, and motivated people together to serve the community and the world. She is the daughter of Robert J. Marj Desius is a singer, actress, and model who was born and raised in Haiti. She owns Marj Voice and Performance Coaching.

Camlyn Giddins grew up in a home centered on God, the arts, and social work. With a degree in media arts, she has experience as a producer, cinematographer, editor, community gatherer, and teacher. Splitting the Sky is an online documentary series featuring the spiritual journeys of Latter-day Saint and other women. Jesse Ranney is a film producer, director, and writer.

meet the mormons ed weekly

He grew up on a pig farm, where he learned the value of hard work. While his work in advertising keeps him busy, what he really loves are feature films. His feature-length thriller, Behind You, is currently in post production. Marianna Richardson and her students at BYU will share their journey into podcasting and making YouTube videos, along with ideas for social media advertising.

Marianna Richardson received her M. She has published three books and many scholarly journal articles. She is also the mother of 12 children. In this session, Alla Volkova will provide strategies for reaching your target audience through authenticity and truth. She worked as an editor and producer for many years and then transitioned to directing.

Justin Cook True Story: Originally from New Mexico, Justin Cook grew up with a passion for theatre and classic cinema. His adventures in media began as a performer and local DJ for public radio. His favorite pastime is reading stories to his four sons. This session focuses on how Cedar Fort Publishing and Media markets and sells its books and other media products to distributors, retail chains, and consumers.

meet the mormons ed weekly

However, there are also teenage youth participants with some lectures aimed specifically at teenagers and even dances for the youth.

The minimum age for participation is Over 1, classes are offered. The program started inoriginally as a leadership week. In it moved to the summer and in the name was changed to Education Week.

Many of these are short summer programs aimed at improving the skills of specific groups such as adults, professionals, and youth. It is open to women and men, ages 16 and older.

Both days of the conference begin and end with a general session in the Marriott Centerwhere all participants meet together. Between the general sessions there are three one-hour concurrent sessions, with up to 16 sessions to choose from each hour. Topics, centered on the annual theme, include home, family, marriage, service, gospel scripture, doctrineand other topics such as missionary work and education—all discussed from a gospel perspective and directed toward women.

BYU Division of Continuing Education

Especially for Youth[ edit ] Main article: Especially for Youth Especially for Youth is a program run through BYU's DCE for youth ages 14—18 with the goal of helping the central mission statement to "help them come unto Christ".

It seeks to emphasize physical, spiritual, intellectual and social growth. The program is mainly run on university campuses. They are grouped under four general course headings: The program is headquartered in the George Q.

He began as a contracted guide working for other LDS travel agencies while owning an export clothing business used and vintage clothing. He enjoyed the vintage clothing business.

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It was kind of like prospecting for gold, only looking for old clothes. As the vintage clothing business declined, he moved into travel full time with the opening Bountiful Travel.

His qualifications for religious teaching began as a missionary when he felt his soul enlarge in the words of Alma as he heard a master teacher of the scriptures. He wanted to be able to help others feel the same way through his teaching. He studies looking for unique insights into the scriptures and has worked hard at learning how to teach those insights in an interesting manner.

His background in Mesoamerican studies and Ancient Near Eastern studies lends to unique insights into the scriptures. He is laid-back and loves to have fun. He loves teaching and being with people. So for him this is the ultimate job. He hopes that his love for the scriptures is contagious as he teaches.

He is the author of more than two dozen books and CDs many of which, he says, are effective non-prescription sleep-aids. He loves to golf, write, read, and play the banjo and guitar. Hank is a master teacher. He is super fun and engaging.

He grew up in St. Hank is currently Ph. In addition to his work in consulting with companies and families, Hank has presented at nationwide Best of Especially for Youth, Retreat for Girls, Time to Blossom, and Time Out for Girls programs, several University Education Weeks, public school assemblies, and various forums around the country.