Meet the labels banjarmasin

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meet the labels banjarmasin

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You will ride on the speedboat in the river before Arut change Lamandau River. In trip you will pass several villages along the river Lamanadau, and several logging companies Rapids.

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Stop in the village for lunch. After arriving in the village about 4 hours Bokunsu speedboat ride, check-in at home as long accommodation.

meet the labels banjarmasin

After dinner they'll call one of the musical instrument to gather the community for our party called the "Hornbill Dance" a lot of people will join the party and will welcome you as like a King and Queen. You will be happy to sit on the gong, and two people sitting next to you and provide scarifies has been prepared on antique plates and some other things as a sacrifice for the sacramental ceremony.

After the ritual ceremony conducted by the Dayak two men and two women, who wear uniforms. They come to all who are in the ceremony to shake hands as they need such as permission to start to dance. While people danced, someone brought a cup of sake they offer you to drink it. Loksado actually gets a sizeable write-up in the Lonely Planet guidebooks and it is clear that locals are used to a regular trickle of foreigners.

To reach the peak takes about hours and coming down. Most hikers camp at Penyawungan which is about an hour before the summit. The locals sit out on their wooden porches, preparing kayu manis cinnamon.

The trail begins here approx m above sea level and follows a river upstream. After a kilometre you will reach a hut and after a further metres or so along the trail you will cross over the river after one hour total. This is the final reliable water source on the hike so stock up here if you need to. After crossing the river m elevation the trail ascends more steeply to a wooden lookout hut on stilts m elevation.

This marks the beginning of the forest. There is a nice view to the right from here over to a shapely nearby peak known as Gunung Batudari. You can climb the rotten steps of the hut but take care as it is falling down. After this hut, there is a final hut which is almost completely rotten.

The next landmark is a large rock m which marks the beginning of a rockier section of the trail. Watch out here for leeches and mosquitoes and take care as there are a few places where you could have a nasty fall here. At 1,m the trail reaches what feels like a ridge. This room is behind the Panampik Kecil and it is wider.

The floor is wider than the floor of the Panampik Kecil. The front floor of this room is called the Watun Jajakan.

meet the labels banjarmasin

Panampik Besar or Ambin Sayup. The floor is higher than the floor of the Panampik Tengah. The front floor of this room is called the Watun Jajakan, the same term used in the Panampik Tengah.

meet the labels banjarmasin

This room is 7 by 5 meters. Palindangan or Ambin Dalam. This room is behind the Panampik Besar. The floor has the same level as that of Panamik Besar there are some that have higher floors than those of Panamik Besar. Since the frame of the door does nothave the same level as the floor of the Palindangan, they call it Watun Langkahan one has to step over it to enter.

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The room is 7 by 7 meters. The capitals are called Tihang Pitugur or Tihang Guru.

meet the labels banjarmasin

Panampik Dalam or Panampik Bawah. A wide room in which the floor is lower than the Palindang, but it is the same level as the Panampik Tengah. The front floor of this room is called Watun Jajakan.

The room is 7 by 5 meters.

meet the labels banjarmasin

This is the last room of the main house which floor is lower than Panampik Bawah. The front floor of this room is called the Watun Juntaian. Sometimes the Watun Juntaian is high enough to step on so that they need a ladder to enter.