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Episode Guide · Meet Nat! Contact Us · Links · Home. Meet the Iconicles. Iconicles View Intro. Meet the Iconicles, Nat's friends from far-away worlds! The Water's. Catch up on Iconicles and watch full episodes. Series about explorer Nat, who uses his invention, the Iconi-Screen, to meet the animated Iconicles and. Watch Iconicles: The Surprise from Season 1 at Episodes · TV Listings · Cast · Back To:Episode Guide Boy Meets World.

Dozegury takes advantage of the dark by becoming invisible during Halloween and stealing people's candy boxes, leaving nothing for anyone but himself.

The Superbories, aswell as Lukybory and newly-introduced Pink-Aru, must follow his trail. Lunabory was told by her royal family,that her Wishland has finally come true,and made a shocking decision that she can't be part of the Super 7 due to this. Lukybory doesn't want that to happen so he covinces her and her family that Lunabory would stay in Toobalooba.

Lunabory's father,King Creasent,asks him why,and Lukybory admits that he is in love with Lunabory. One day, while Noonbory, Lukybory and the rest of the team is practicing Tai-Chi, Pink-Aru is playing around in the forest, and she meets Kikibory.

But as they met, they instantly began to argue and hate each other.

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Arrows the darts kind are raining down on Toobalooba. When it begins to not stop and start ruining property, the Super 7 need to figure out why this is happening. Kikibory picks up a large Vaccine near the center of Toobalooba's pond and injects the land, and it suddenly grows 2x larger!

She seeks help from the Super 7. Episode 8 one hour special: Toobalooba's Amazing Thanksgiving Festival: A Thanksgiving festival is going to happen today on Toobalooba! Rosygury is the host for it, but Wangury plans to mess up the whole festival, using some help from the newly introduced Arrowgury. A Date With Pink-Aru: When Totobory and Pink-Aru go on their date,Wangury tells Pink-Aru that she must challenge Totobory in a battle to see who is stronger when the battle is finished and it's a tie Pink-Aru and Totobory sit together near the forest and they kiss.

Episode 10 One Hour Special: But then she learns that she's hurting their feelings and apologizes to them after giving it up. Lunabory and Kikibory are playing together when Lunabory freezes the ball with icy eye beams. Lunabory now has a new power: The borys go off to practice their rainbow painting skills and Noonbory asks Pink-Aru to come too. But Pink-Aru tells Noonbory that she has a fear of heights and is scared to give it try.

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But Noonbory tells her not to worry and that he will hold her hand. Pink-Aru finally realizes that she knows a lot about everything everytime a question is asked,she will anwser it.

Lukybory and the Super 7: Noonbory and Mamby get a bad case of Tooba-Achoobas and Noonbory puts Lukybory in charge of the Super 7,but things start to get out of hand. Noonbory And The Fog: When Cozybory and Pongdybory get trapped in a fog, Noonbory sets off to find them,but he loses his sight because of the fog. When Jetybory gets borynapped by Wangury,Noonbory,Cozybory,and the gang has to rescue her.

A Valentine's Day Special: For The Love Of St. When Noonbory and Roseygury are shot by Cupid's arrows, they both start to fall in love with each other which causes a furious feud between Jetybory and Pongdybory and Wangury and Dozeygury and then they start a food fight.

Meet the iconicles

Lovebory Comes To Toobalooba: When Lunabory's flirtatious sister,Lovebory,comes to town,she starts flirting with the other boy borys,except Noonbory,which annoys Lunabory a lot. When Noonbory turns 12 on his birthday,he suddenly starts healing sick and injured Borys and also shooting bright yellow rays from his hands.

meet the iconicles episodes

Noonbory now has a new power: When Noonbory starts to have strange dreams,he learns that his dreams are telling him that he was not born on Earth like his friends,but in Heaven.

So Noonbory struggles to find out how he ended up on Earth and who his birthparents are. When Noonbory loses his temper,a demon-like ghoul shoots of his body like Bloom's Dragon Flame. Noonbory has gained a new but dangerous ability,"Satan's Anger! Michael,who is actually Noonbory's brother,sent him down to Earth when he was still a baby,just to keep him safe from Satan who wanted to invade Heaven and then steals it from him. So,when his archangel brother,St. Michael gives him more strength,Noonbory finally defeats the naughty Noonbory.

Taste Boy and Sight Girl: Totobory and Lunabory pretend they have secret identities and their names are Taste Boy and Sight Girl. Lunabory discovers that everything has been turned to ice so she sets to find who did this until then she finds the one who had done it Cozybory is sitting on an icy throne and is turning everything to icy statues.

Lunabory asks Cozybory why she is doing this and Cozybory says she is not Cozybory anymore she is now the ice princess. Lunabory,with the help of the Super Sensers,must find a way to get the ice tiara that is controlling Cozybory off of her head. Borys Of The Carribeane: Noonbory and Mamby are practicing Tai-Chi and they spot something in the sand. They dig it up and realize it's a treasure map and that the treasure in the Carribeane so they get Totobory, Lukybory,Pongdybory,Jetybory and Cozybory to come with them.

When Noonbory goes to Disney Junior Island on his spring break vacation to celebrate his 14th birthday,he meets Kwazii Cat,the Octonauts' lieutenent.

Meanwhile,Jake becomes jealous of Noonbory and starts playing mean pranks on him. Jetybory And The Sonic Rainboom: Totobory The Best Of All: Totobory thinks he is better than any of the Superborys. When Cozybory's friends throw her a surprise party for her birthday when she turns 14 years old, She starts to strech out really far and discovers that she now has a new power: There's A Monster Out There: After watching a scary film about a furious monster with her friends, Pink-Aru starts to worry about it, Keeps having nightmares and has a fear of monsters.

She's afraid to be alone and rushes off to sleep with Noonbory. She runs as fast as her little feet can take her until finally she reaches Noonbory's house and knocks on the door.

Noonbory switches on the light and goes to the door to find Pink-Aru standing in the door way. He asks her what the matter is and Pink-Aru says that she is afraid of the monster that attacked her while she was sleeping.

meet the iconicles episodes

Noonbory tells her there's no thing as monsters and let's her stay with him for the night. The next day Noonbory tells the gang that Pink-Aru is afraid of monsters. Cozybory says "Monsters are not real. That night Pink-Aru shakely opens one eye and sees a shadow on her bedroom wall. She thinks it's the monster and runs out of her house. The borys soon think of a way to help Pink-Aru overcome her fear of monsters. Lunabory's Super Bory Moto: One day Lunabory is playing with her friends and decides to make up a moto for their team her moto went like this: Lunabory And Rainbow Dash: Lunabory is wondering around in the forest and spots a flying horse named Rainbow Dash.

When Totobory runs into Tayo a little blue bus, they become very close friends but Cozybory thinks Totobory doesn't want to be her friend anymore and decides not to be his friend but she then learns that she has made a mistake and that Totobory is her true friend. The Bory Of The Year: When the rain from a storm makes a big muddy puddle in the middle of the path, Kikibory and Cozybory get stuck and Jetybory has to rescue them. Season 3 Edit Episode 1: When Wangury makes Noonbory unpolite to the other Superborys they start to battle Pongdybory soon makes Noonbory be polite to them again.

When Kikibory goes on a camping trip with her friends, Pink-Aru and Jetybory pretend to be ghosts and spook Kikibory. Jetybory and Kikibory think the flying machine Lukybory invented is an airplane and take it for a ride without asking but it goes out of control and Kikibory and Jetybory are trapped inside.

Noonbory, Cozybory, Pongdybory,Totobory, Lunabory, Lukybory and Pink-Aru rescue them and Jetybory and Kikibory learn they shouldn't take things without asking and know they should've asked Lukybory before taking his flying machine. Lukybory And Lunabory's Love: When Lukybory and Lunabory fall in love, the borys throw them a wedding and Lukybory becomes Lunabory's husband and Lunabory becomes Lukybory's wife. But when Lukybory wakes up,he learns that it was only a dream.

Luna To The Rescue: When one of Hanubi's spells causes a fire,Lunabory uses her magic powers to put the fire out. The Brave Little Jety: She transforms into The Brave Little Jety. Jetybory and Pink-Aru are walking together in the forest when Jetybory finds a flower-shaped ruby on the ground and suddenly starts controling music and seeing music notes.

Jetybory has now gained a new power: After Jetybory gains her new power,she must keep it safe from the wrong hands. When Cozybory eats too many Bory Berries,she gets some serious hiccups and can't get rid of them. Can Noonbory and friends cure Cozybory before it's too late? Pongdy's Trip To The Stars: Pongdybory dreams of one day going on a trip to the stars and Cozybory takes him to them in the B1 the spacecraft they built to go to the moon. Robocar Poli Comes To Town: When Poli a robopolice car comes to Toobalooba,he falls in love with Cozybory which annoys Pongdybory a lot.

Pongdybory accidently drinks some sparkling and magical water which is actually a magic potion that makes him bend and shift water. Pongdybory has now gained a new power: Emily Windsnap and Pongdybory: While Pongdybory is at the beach,he finds a magical aqua pearl necklace that helps him breath under water and there he meets a semi-maid named Emily Windsnap.

meet the iconicles episodes

A half-human,half mermaid girl. Lunabory discovers a hidden doorway that leads to the magical land of North of North where she meets Sara,the goddess of horses,Bella and other magical horses,and some strange but cute creatures called "Magical Friends. The Danger Rangers come to Toobalooba to teach everyone about safety and Noonbory becomes the honorable member of the team. The Power Rangers come to Toobalooba and make Cozybory a member of their team. Cozybory finally becomes a Power Ranger.

Lunabory's Pet Pocket Keiju Kissa: When Lunabory strolls into the forest,she befriends and adopts a magical kitten-like creature called a Pocket Keiju Kissa and takes it home. When the Borys lose Mambys favourite ball, It bounces into Ghostygury woods so they go off to search for it but Cozybory gets trapped in one of the Ghostygury's traps and the Borys rescue her until they find Mamby's ball.

Pongdy Uses His Power: When the Gloom Miester Austin appears in Toobalooba and attacks people with his shadows, Pongdybory uses his new power Water Power to wash him away. Hanubi makes him the Water Bender. When Coldygury throws his snowballs into spring, Noonbory and the Super 7, including Pink-Aru, must throw them back into winter before they start to melt. When the Borys and Gurys start a battle, Cozybory, Pongdybory, Lunabory, Noonbory and Totobory must use their new powers to save the day.

While Jetybory is asleep, Roseygury steals Wangurys cloning machine to bring Jetybory's evil copy back to life so she can make more mischief. A Bory of Kindness: This episode introduces a new Superbory to the team who looks simular to Cozybory.

But she has yet to discover her super power. Her name is Unibory and her symbol is a creasent moon. Pink-Aru And The Skunk: Pink-Aru is stinkifide when a Skunk sprays her with green smoke. Lukybory's Super Special Gift: When Christmas day comes, Lukybory gives Lunabory a heart necklace he made. Pongdybory's long lost brother Thinkbory comes to Toobalooba. Lunabory is happy as she pets her Kitten-like creature. Pondyborys Show Of Bravery: When Cozybory is trapped in Ghostygury woods, Pongdybory must go and save her but he is too scared to go in himself.

Lunabory goes in with him and they rescue Cozybory. Chopper In A Popper: When Jetyborys Chopper phone rings she anwsers it with her friends and sees that her little chopper friend Budgie is in the sea. Jetybory puts on a headset so she can talk to Budgie she asks him what the problem is and Budgie says he got trapped in the sea when he ran out of fuel and asks Jetybory to come and rescue him so it all choppers to the rescue. While Noonbory is walking in the forest he meets a timetravle pokemon named Celebi.

Lunabory finds a magical jewel called a Prism Piece and finds out that is part of a floating gem called the Sky Prism on a floating rock called the Sky Pallivon. When the horse race comes to Toobalooba,Noonbory and Sumatra,who has now learned a new power that turns her into a regular sized horse and they compete in it.

The Sky Prism Restores: Lukybory and Jetybory On Mount Everest: Lukybory and Jetybory climb Mount Everest.

Iconicles - The Whoo Wack - EP20

Jetybory must run and rescue her friends when they get into trouble. Speeder Comes To Toobalooba: Speeder a very fast cheater visits Lunabory. Lunabory is given the super sense of touch by Hanubi but it starts to grow out of controle. Noonbory finally recovers his memories and learns that he is the second son of God,the Creator of Heaven and Earth,and also learns that he is the guardian angel of both Heaven and Earth.

Now he must use his powers to defend both worlds from Satan and his devil army. Lunabory meets Pororo a little blue penguin. The little cars come to Toobalooba and Tony Tudanado falls in love with Roseygury. Noonbory and Kwazii are invited to enroll a special school in Dreamland called Angelic Academy for guardian angels in training from both heaven and earth. But Kwazii starts to have trouble in his new school when he comes face-to-face with snooty angels with shiny halos and so-called better powers who are picking on him and making God,the principal,blame on him,angelic tasks and tests,and has trouble working on his healing powers and fears that he won't become a true guardian angel in Gratuduation Day.

So Noonbory encourages him and tells him that being a guardian angel means working hard and never giving up. Season 4 Episode 1: Cozybory is in the snowy mountains and hears a voice she thinks she has a new friend. Lunabory and The Dotories: Lunabory is forced to look after Jetyborys stray Dotories. On Pongdybory's special day, he gets to do anything he wants.

First he wants to drive a big red fire engine and lead the fire engine sqaud, Second he wants to be a Superhero and rescue Borys in danger and Third he wants to be a gymnast and do gymnastics but the one thing he wants to do than anything more on his special day is to ride on the Big Bory Ferris Wheel that his mother is building as a big surprise for him.

meet the iconicles episodes

Jetybory And The Iconicles: When Jetybory discovers a secret passage way she enters the magical world of the Iconicles. Cozybory In Rainbow Land: Cozybory is sitting on the front porch of her house and spots a rainbow bending into her back garden. Apple Tree House - Unanico - 30 x Kiva Can Do - Kavaleer - 52 x Pablo - Paper Owl Films - 52 x Lili - Dansk Tegnefilm - 7 x 3: It was first shown at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, France. Footy Pups - Dot to Dot Productions - 30 x Bean - The Animated Series was made back in traditionally by drawing on paper, the second series has been animated using CelAction2D.

This is the first use of our Vectrinsic technology, allowing advanced vector animation techniques to revolutionise the way traditional-looking animation is made. It premiered on Channel 5 on August 30th Boj - Pesky - 52 x It premiered on CBeebies on May 19th Lily's Driftwood Bay - SixteenSouth - 52 x 7: It premiered on Nick Jr.

meet the iconicles episodes

The characters are made out of photographs of objects found at the beach. It premiered on CBeebies on 18th February Series 2 began broadcasting in August Abadas - Dinamo Productions - 52 x Iconicles - Dinamo Productions - 26 x Poppy Cat - King Rollo Films - 52 x Humf - King Rollo Films - 78 x 7: Bookaboo - Happy Films - 26 x Best Mixed Media Children's Series - BAA This is a mixed media show, with children's books being brought to life in animation while being read by a celebrity.

Fun With Claude - Dinamo - 52 x It was first shown at the Cartoon Forum in Kolding, Denmark.