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meet the hutterites controversy dress

The controversy led Hutterite bishops to issue their first-ever press The episode “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites” follows the 59 the Amish, Hutterites are known for their traditional language, clothing, and beliefs. The King Colony, the subject of the series “American Colony: Meet the of Meet the Hutterites, and by the National Geographic Society,” Mr. Hofer wrote. a lot of further information through daily posts about the controversy. We love the way our dresses look and we will not wear ourselves another way. The controversy led Hutterite bishops to issue their first-ever press release, " Meet the Hutterites," is a National Geographic documentary series about Hutterites are known for their traditional language, clothing and beliefs.

meet the hutterites controversy dress

She said they rejected some ideas but went along with others. We just fell for it," she said. Hofer said the elders from Canada told them they wanted the colony members to tell the truth. But Hofer said she also feared that she would be punished after the show followed her and her daughter Claudia looking at a college in Great Falls.


She said she is fighting for a full education for her children, while the elders believe in an eighth-grade education for most colony members, she said. The ed "We're just waiting to see what will happen, it's just day to day," she said.

meet the hutterites controversy dress

Colony spokeswoman Mary-Ann Kirkby said the levels of Hutterite education differ by colony and by sect. In general, she said, the elders are not against education but are concerned that young Hutterites who leave for public school may never return to the colony. Claudia Hofer wrote in a statement released by the Hutterite colony through a spokeswoman that most of the scenes she was in were staged and scripted. Another colony member, Wesley Hofer, said in another statement released by the colony that an episode in which he was rushed to a hospital for what was believed to be a heart attack was staged.

An interesting running commentary on all this is provided by Alan Mairson, a journalist and former National Geographic staff member. Among the many documents that Mr. Mairson has posted in his blog are copies of statements written by members of the King Colony themselves. Outsiders may not be in a position of making firm judgments on this matter, but the 20 signed statementstaken as a whole, present a powerful indictment of the NGC. A few of them can be quoted briefly to indicate the depth of anger at the colony.

We love the way our dresses look and we will not wear ourselves another way. Several of the letters expressed regret about going to a bar in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Another Hutterite, Pamela Hofer, expressed her regret at participating at all in the series.

The Las Vegas Badger: American Colony: Meet The Hutterites: Another Fake Show?

She writes that she was asked to leave her normal working duties to be a part of staged scenes. Kristie Hofer was most disappointed by her perception that the show neglected the real daily lives of the Hutterites.

Monday, July 2, American Colony: Of all shows, I would not have thought American Colony: Meet the Huetterites would be a fake show, but it is quite clear, that at the very least, they use reenactments.

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First, this past week's show, it had 2 fight scenes, including one that was in school. A cameraman just happened to be at the fight but yet no teachers or staff? Besides, the fighting looked more fake than WWE wrestling matches.

Then you have the deer jerky run competition in which 1 Hutterite sabotaged another's jerky by supposedly putting air freshener on the guy's jerky when it was baking in the oven. Except the air freshener came from the spice cabinet and looked awfully looked like Pam, the cooking spray. And then the victim of the so called sabotaged threw away his jerky and then make a new batch.

Well, you just don't throw jerky in the over and bake it. It has to go through a marinading process and then you have to dry the jerky. It takes about days to make jerky, a lot shorter than what the show showed. In another scene, when a girl was acting as a server, it showed that she fell down while delivering food.

American Colony: Meet The Hutterites - Jeff Collins Interview