Meet the heavy pootis guy williams

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meet the heavy pootis guy williams

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There are no immediate fireworks between these two. Rated M for a reason in later chapters. Learning to Live--with Snape by ArabellaFaith reviews Sparks fly when Hermione and her ex potions professor are forced together. A Marriage Law fic, mature readers please! She will be the mother to the next generation of Malfoys.

meet the heavy pootis guy williams

Lucius must now deal with what he sees happening. How will this bride affect his life? Thorfinn was easy to ignore as a criminal from a past most were eager to forget. When their paths cross years after the war and he's accused of a terrible crime she knows he didn't commit, she will risk everything to keep an innocent man out of Azkaban.

meet the heavy pootis guy williams

Hermione must learn to deal with her new husband, Rabastan Lestrange. The Death Eaters didn't anticipate how persuasive Hermione can be. Beetlejuice by P3aceTrain reviews She knows it's wrong, she knows there are devastating consequences but yet, the young teenage girl continues to find herself strangely attracted to the most awful being ever conceived; just harmless kissing and some language; you can also read on my Archiveofourown profile!

T - English - Friendship - Chapters: M - English - Romance - Chapters: The girl's fascination with demons peaks Claude's interest. Claude x Reader, includes mature content. M - English - Chapters: After coming out to the older woman Hermione struggles to control her growing feelings towards the older woman.

Will her love be unrequited or is there just maybe a chance for both women to find happiness in each other? M for later chapters. Hooch - Complete Distractions by vault of glass reviews Charon has always been a source of comfort for her. Now she's looking for comfort of a different kind. Smutty one-shot for the kinkmeme.

meet the heavy pootis guy williams

Could it be Stockholm Syndrome? It could have been necessity, I mean I was abandoned by Harry and I felt alone. That must be it. Reader is stressed about finals and working at Oswald's so the boss tries to help.

Zsasz - Complete Alternative Medicine by sleepersamizdat reviews Ever love Red Oktoberfest so much you wanna get in the mix? Now's your chance to join the fun girls. Reader Porn Team Fortress 2 - Rated: Short smut drabble Gotham - Rated: Hermione is getting ten. Thank you very much, Voldemort. Marriage Law meets Harem! Rated M for touching. Rise of the Guardians - Rated: It's not a slow burn, but I tried to make the progression natural. Rated M, of course. What will happen to Severus Snape, who has no family?

Hermione Granger has a notion of what can be done. And a Medic using drastic methods, is a Medic to steer clean of! Fortunately for Hermione, it's a price she is more than willing to pay.

Includes character bashing Ron and lemons. M - English - Drama - Chapters: But the words burned unsaid on her tongue. But Medic is appointed with that task when he has to go away for a day. And Medic can't control anything, least of all himself.! This is a teamfotress 2 non-canon Experimental story, i may do more in the future. Depending on what type of response i get. Thank you for clicking on this and i hope you enjoy! Her final year at Hogwarts is not turning out as she had planned Luckily help comes from an unexpected source.

And gets a little more than what he bargained for, when Medic decides to have some fun, twice. Rated for torture, gore and adult language. However, it hadn't taken long nor was it hard to figure out what kind of kissers her boys and how she liked calling them "hers" were after a bit of practice. However, it was also how he first met Mami Tomoe, so it wasn't completely for nothing.

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Sees Shikamaru as a kindred spirit in lounging around, and the two can occasionally be found playing shogi whenever they're not just sleeping in the same room.

Beware those who think he's just a pushover: While he may not like fighting muchhe can and will show you why he became the strongest member of Aizen's mortal army if you push him, often by firing Ceros.

Speaking of Aizen, he has severed ties with him ever since he learned exactly what he did to Tia Harribel. Despite his title, most will note that he doesn't have much in terms of accuracy. Then again, when you fire giant beams of energyyou don't have to be that accurate.

Detests Terumi, as the snake once attempted to interrupt his rest. Starrk would have let it slide had Terumi not insulted Lilynette in the process.

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Next thing anyone knew, a bright blue beam shot out of the roof of his temple, carrying Terumi all the way back to the House of Hatred. Gets along rather well with Princess Luna, as they both know what it feels like to consumed with loneliness and the desire to find companions. Has formed a strong friendship with Mami Tomoe, noting their similarities in fighting style and desire for companions. Her Afternoon Tea Parties are one of the few occasions that Starrk will happily leave his temple.

He has also taken to training both her and Noel Vermillion in taking the art of Gun Kata to the next level.

Meet the Heavy Pootis Guy

Many a god fears what will happen when he teaches them their own versions of Cero Metralleta Also formed a friendship with Teddie for a similar desire for friends as well. Though, he does get annoyed somewhat at the constant bear puns Was extremely pleased to see that his former High Priestess, Teana Lanster, ascended under her own title, though also slightly miffed he no longer has a ready successor to his first title if he decides to someday give it up.

Like Noel and Mami, she too has joined his training. Has mixed opinions about Lucifer. While they can easily have a civilized conversation and he doesn't see the Lightbringer as a necessarily bad person, he disagrees with his philosophy that power is everything in the world, pointing out that it was his own great power that lead him to being alone.

Lucifer agreed that was indeed the case, but then noted that Starrk once said if being weak was impossible, he wanted allies just as strong as he was. As it happens, there IS an organization with members who have more than enough power to handle Starrk's presence.

More than that, it's one that's rather informal, all things considered; Starrk would have plenty of time to laze around. After a long pause, Starrk said he'd consider it.

Sometime afterwards, he was reportedly seen among the members of GUAC, lounging about at meetings.