Meet the happy hollisters

The Meet the Happy Hollisters! quiz: 10 questions by Elaine Hollister

meet the happy hollisters

Feb 28, Explore Beverly Lett's board "The Happy Hollisters (1)" on Pinterest. The minutes for the first meeting of the ELJA Club on September 21, -. In the s, The Happy Hollisters was the best-selling series in the U.S. for “I was never fortunate enough to actually meet Andrew Svenson in real life. Rare painted dustjacket with vignettes of Hollisters on rear ("Meet the Happy Hollisters"). Ownership stamp on ffep, edgewear on dustjacket, primarily to top of .

Even the dog and cat had real counterparts; "White Nose" was really the family cat, Mickey, and collie "Zip" was real border collie Lassie. Joey Brill was based on a real person as well, although everyone claims to have forgotten his real name.

meet the happy hollisters

Jane Svenson Kossmann recounts that her father placed other real characters in this series, including her social studies teacher Mrs. She also relates that some of the stories in the books were based on stories from her Girl Scout Camp and her brother's Boy Scout Camp escapades. Writing and editing[ edit ] Svenson had his children, and later his grandchildren, review and "edit" his books.

Jane remembers getting to the end of a chapter in an early rough draft of one book and realized she could not read on since the book was unfinished. After begging her father to tell her how the book ended, she was irritated by his response — that he didn't know how it ended since he hadn't written it yet!

Jane also recalls that while her friends at school knew that The Happy Hollisters were based on her family; no one thought it was "any kind of a big deal.

meet the happy hollisters

It was just another job to them — although they thought it was strange that my father worked from home sometimes, and sometimes all night and weekend. When he "locked himself in his office to write", no one was allowed to disturb him.

The Happy Hollisters

She reports that he took breaks from writing to swim at the local YMCA, ride his racing bicycle, or punch a boxer's punching bag he had set up at home. Cultural reference[ edit ] The Happy Hollisters was referenced indirectly in the cartoon series Arthur. In an attempt to get their friend Buster Baxter to read, Arthur and Francine suggested several simple books, one of them being The Jolly Jollisters.

He also has his sibling protagonists Jake and Luke Bixby utter "Crickets!

meet the happy hollisters

Translations[ edit ] Twelve of the books have been translated into Swedish. The whole series was translated into Spanish, and sold in Spain and several Latin American countries under the title "Los Hollister".

The Happy Hollisters (Happy Hollisters, #1) by Jerry West

The whole series was also translated into Norwegianas Lykkebarna. The Hollister Family Properties Trust thehappyhollisters.

So they chase the dog. My father used to take us on picnics, and he would barbecue steaks. I loved his basting sauce and have the recipe. We parked on a hill and had to walk down a steep path and then walked along a creek to get to the picnic tables.

After our picnic, we headed out, but when we passed the creek again there was a cow standing it in drinking water.

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My dad had us all climb this large boulder that was in the creek in oder to protect us from the cow. After the cow left, we got down; Dad grabbed the box of picnic supplies and walked ahead of us. I guess he wanted to hurry to the car before the cow returned. After walking some distance, we saw that the picnic box had been left behind and our dad was nowhere in sight. Mom picked up the box and when we got back to the car our dad was sitting inside. He had seen the cow again and thought it best to run.

My mother was a fearless Texan. Back to the Hollisters.

meet the happy hollisters

Then the kids decide to have an animal parade.