Meet the guvnors 2014 impala

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meet the guvnors 2014 impala

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I do not believe this concern is valid. Council services cost money. The proposal to offset the cost by diminishing the resource is foolish and counter productive. Changing the zoning to allow non-Residential one development on this last open space in Ponsonby is short sighted and borders on madness.

Hemming this space in with retail, glass box cafes and high -rise developments would diminish the resource. It would also short change the Ponsonby community and the many visitors who flock here to enjoy the ambience of the special characteristics and qualities of the streetscape of this historic suburb.

The last three years have been challenging for the new Super City but led by an energetic and visionary mayor we have achieved something which should not be taken for granted and which many thought impossible three years ago - a cohesive, unified Auckland which is going forward. I have served in local government for 18 years now - most of that time as member of the Auckland Regional Council - and from to as its last chairman. We delivered a public transport system in renaissance, including hard-won approval from first the Labour then National-led government for the electrification of Auckland rail - and laid the groundwork for City Rail Link project.

Loads of our fabulous regulars will be showcasing their classes and workshops, you will be amazed at the quality and variety on offer for both children and adults. The Grey Lynn Farmers Market will also be on hand to provide much needed refreshments throughout the day and for those keen on a spot of shopping Kraftbomb will have a mini market set up and a fabulous selection of craft items available for purchase.

To achieve this vision for Auckland requires unity of purpose, and a shared determination to stay the course. That is why I am seeking your support as councillor for Waitemata and Gulf for three more years.

I have mentioned the achievements of the recent past, but the achievements over the next three years can be truly transformational. Powerful, fast, quiet, new electric trains are now arriving in Auckland and will be in service early next year. We will be getting a completely reorganised frequent bus system - to get people where they want to go.

I will also be pushing hard for new light rail, extending the Wynyard Quarter tramway across the bridge to Britomart making feasible a light rail option for inner city Auckland.

To achieve these goals, just as I will be supporting the mayor, we need a local board working supportively with the ward councillor. It has been a pleasure to work with Shale Chambers and his City Vision local board members these past three years. Shale, Pippa, Tricia and Chris are hard-working, dedicated, and eager to serve this community.

They deserve to be re-elected along with Vernon, Deborah and Russell - please vote for the whole City Vision team.

The next three years will be absolutely critical for Auckland and so now the spotlight turns to you the voter. Auckland is poised as if at a threshold - with the promise of a truly great city almost within our grasp. But it is decision time and we must not falter. If we do we will slide back to the same-old, same-old, fractious Auckland local body politics as usual. Around our neighbourhoods the berms grass verges are looking either very shabby or immaculately well kept.

The details are on the Auckland Transport website. It is also an opportunity to meet neighbours and look out for elderly residents. A few years ago Grey Lynn started a project to create bio-corridors on the berms.

Meet the Governors

We think the new mowing arrangements are a perfect opportunity to revive this project for the benefit of the environment and our community. The goal is to create a beautiful and diverse urban landscape that supports a rich mix of flora and fauna; where nature is visible and celebrated; with streets where people, plants, birds, bees and insects flourish.

Berms that are planted with suitable species support local pollination and bird life, reduce storm water runoff and soil erosion, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If residents start taking responsibility for planting and maintaining the berm outside their own house it is hoped that over time gardens will form a continuous corridor in any street. In the same way as the Franklin Road Christmas lights, each house will have a different garden but together they will form a congruous whole.

The gardens combined will be visually stunning and create a cohesive landscape that is pleasant to walk and play in.

Meet the Governors | Bassett Green Primary School

Grey Lynn encourages you to only plant what you are willing to take responsibility for and to avoid trees and structures. Ideal plants include hardy, low maintenance, flowering perennials and small shrubs. Native plants provide habitat and food for native flora and fauna.

All year round flowering plants are ideal for bees. For example; lavender, hebe, native grasses, pohuehue muehlenbeckia manuka, swan plants, wild flowers, borage, nasturtium and comfrey. If in doubt, contact Auckland Transport and stick to the following guidelines for planting on berms: This should not impede pedestrians, restrict visibility or create a safety hazard for motorists or cyclists.

While there is some effort involved to start, once established planted berms will be low maintenance and much less work than lawns! We look forward to seeing a whole new urban landscape flourish. Customs officers are trained to recognise criminals, explosives and other prohibited items. We like our officers to be nosy. Prohibitions - drugs, weapons and firearms - are the lifeblood at the border. Every item back to the time of the Pharoahs. As well as operating at airports every ship and yacht entering the country is checked.

Wherever there is export or import activity there is a customs presence. Today there are tariffs on almost every natural and manufactured item you can think of. The history of customs and excise goes back to the pharaohs of Egypt, with revenue gathering providing money for infrastructure, temples, pyramids and roads.

The Romans had a sophisticated revenue gathering service and used the money for roads, aquaducts, infrastructure and coliseums. Mr Adams outlined the colourful history of revenue collecting throughout the ages in England and then turned to New Zealand, where revenue collection began at Russell in the Bay of Islands.

/ Football Match Reports | Bassett Green Primary School

Today there are about 1, customs officers in New Zealand and Andrew Adams believes that they give good value for money with the multitude of tasks undertaken and revenue collected. The minute speaker was U3A member and former district commander of police for Auckland Norman Stanhope, who spoke about his early days in the police force, with links to the local area. It was the job of constables to see that the patrons from the notorious hotels in the areas got on their way home without incident.

Special interest groups are the lifeblood of U3A - groups of people coming together to learn from one another. A wide range of topics are covered, some recreational. As well as the opportunity to learn, many firm friendships are forged. Always popular are day trips around the Auckland area.

In September there was a trip to Morris and James Pottery at Matakana, where members were shown the pottery making process. On the way there was a stop at the honey shop and on the way back a chance to stock up at the Puhoi cheese factory. A trip to the Auckland Botanic Gardens is planned for late October. Guests and new members are welcome at meetings held on the second Friday of the month. Friday, 11 October9. He recalls the boys were kept firmly to task.

Parents welcomed that, and valued the tone and pastoral care that the Marist ethos promoted. Changes are now being driven with a strong, commercially focussed and committed Board of Trustees chaired by Denis Woods. With such an excellent location and large grounds, the potential is huge. Rick Johnston is confident about the future.

Class Pages

With more business support, money can be raised. A new charitable trust has been set up to raise funds. A major development plan will be released in October.

Ponsonby News will publicise that plan. Where else can you go to have small class sizes, excellent pastoral care, and a fantastic Marist education? Rick Johnston is full of enthusiasm for the task ahead, and is particularly confident when he sees so many old boys and local business people keen to put up their hands to help. Thank you Rick and your team for your enthusiastic input. The Auckland Heritage Festival is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate and remember our past and discover our heritage.

meet the guvnors 2014 impala

Events this year include heritage walks, talks and tours, specials events and exhibitions. There are also a range of family-friendly events to keep you occupied during the school holidays. Visit the Auckland Heritage Festival website www. Booking is recommended for these popular events. Please contact the Ponsonby Business Association on T: Inside the Victorian villa Wednesday 2 October, 6.

Presented by Edward Bennett. Exterior design of Victorian houses Thursday 3 October, 6. Join us on a guided tour and discover more about its history. Heritage and planning in Ponsonby - information evening Tuesday 8 October, 7pm - 8.

An informative presentation that home owners will find useful. The Victorian gardens Wednesday 9 October, 6. Post-Victorian gardens Thursday 10 October, 6. Visit the Auckland Libraries website www. Completed quests go in the draw for a prize. The real Dr Seuss visited the Leys Institute Library many years ago and we still have his signature on our wall!

Traditional games Thursday 3 October, 10am - 12pm Travel back to when the Leys Institute first opened and enjoy a morning of games the children of Ponsonby would have played in Stories from the future Tuesday 8 October Thursday 10 October, 10am - 12pm Travel back to when the Leys Institute first opened and enjoy a morning of games the children of Ponsonby would have played in The lane is a European inspired cobbled way with small individual buildings either side, and a central private courtyard garden for the residents use.

All buildings are architecturally designed and each must be unique to ensure an exciting architectural variety to the precinct. Buildings will comprise a mix of retail, office and residential uses. Shoji apartments is situated at the heart of the new Vinegar Lane, with a wide north facing frontage to the lane being perfect for apartment living and will be the only development of its kind on the lane.

The building has a total of 12 apartments, all with two double bedrooms and two bathrooms. Secure covered parking is also available to the owners in the basement of the adjacent Cider building, giving residents the buzz of Ponsonby lifestyle with the convenience of secure car parking to drive to work or escape to the beach.

A premium interior fit-out completes the perfect city pad for the lucky few! Each apartment has full width living and decks facing north into the lane to enjoy sun and the lane-side activity.

All bedrooms are situated at the rear of the apartments looking into the private courtyard garden. Conditions were perfect, the scale of the exercise diminished proportionally with the process. Looking at the contractor strategically below the pinnacle during the moment of topping the crown and the resultant sway, respect was all I could think of as he was way up there.

Not quite oxygen level but not far from it. It is always a mixed emotion when something so established is removed, but I think in view of the potential catastrophic harm to others it was sensible and the right thing to do. Under our new city plan there will be unprecedented potential development where we could easily find a proposed multi-storied building on our boundary ruining our views and light. There is nothing a freehold neighbour can do about such development apart from objecting to the resource consent application if there is onewith no guarantee of success.

Cross leases control development of other cross leases on the title. Generally no alteration or construction can take place, even if it has resource consent and a building consent, without the written consent of the other owner s. A lessee owns a share of all the freehold and the lease protects the owner as regards other lessees, with rights and obligations that are not easily available between freehold neighbours. These include quiet enjoyment, control of development, control of pets, prohibiting home businesses, maintenance requirements, and can be enforced by the courts.

Some of the older cross leases do not have exclusive occupation areas like a designated backyardbut more recent cross leases do, and in that respect differ little in practice from a freehold title. Real People, Flirty Chat.

Meet singles right now! Nicole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes play Catherine and Matthew Parker, a couple already dealing with a divide in their marriage and alarmingly provocative behavior from their year-old daughter. After the disappearance, a local policeman Hugo Weaving leads the search as an epic dust storm swallows the town. Kidman does a great job maneuvering the heavy emotions set on her character.

meet the guvnors 2014 impala

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This somehow makes people nostalgic for the last batch of brutes who used violence and intimidation to rule the neighborhood. Please go to our website at www. Or email Kelly Bartus Kal at kellybartuskal me. Physicals 16 North Main St. Furniture, TV Stands; dishes, clothes etc. We do house calls. A company you can trust. We can take care of any problem. Over 24 years experience. Registered partners with Dell.