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a handful of other documentaries on the subject of eating ethical and sustainable. That meat eaters just needed to be conscious, not completely abstinent. . confidently claim to be environmentally benign apart from freeganism. angry and nonsensical, that it felt a bit like how Scientology is described. Free Ride ( film) Free Ride is a American crime drama film produced by But Christina must meet the challenges of protecting and providing for her children, Writers Batmanglij and Marling spent two months in practicing freeganism and co-wrote a screenplay inspired by their American Scientologists. Did you watch Castaway and think the film would be better with Some critics have blamed Smith's rumored Scientologist beliefs for this sluggish piece of anti- entertainment. Fortunately, Eep meets Guy (v. (Freeganism is an anti- consumerist ideology practiced by reclaiming and eating discarded food.).

Tipis, water bags and drums made from the buffalo skin; the hide used for bedding, blankets, winter coat, and drums. The flesh used for food, the horns for spoons, knives and weapons. The sinew made bowstrings and thread, ribs fashioned into sledges for children and hoofs became rattles. We're so very far away from that culture, the one which followed a circular story of respect, and produced products which avoided harming the planet in its production, or its demise, where everything came from the earth and could return to the earth at the end of its lifecycle to biodegrade.

Leaving them with limited options for protein apart from meat and certain veggies and fruit. My mum, who was a vegetarian for nearly 40 years, recently was informed by her doctors she had to start eating meat because her muscles were breaking down.

So she did, because let's face it, she's done her part. There are also a lot of pluses to the vegetarian diet, for example, it is great because it has a higher content of fiber, folic acid, vitamins C and E, potassium, magnesium, and many phytochemicals and a fat content that is more unsaturated.

Same with vegan diets which in addition to having all the pluses of a Vegetarian diet, contain less saturated fat and cholesterol and more dietary fiber leading them to have lower serum cholesterol, and lower blood pressure, reducing their risk of heart disease, which is awesome. Much of the missing micronutrients from both diets, like vitamins B and D, calcium, and long-chain n-3 omega-3 fatty acids can be replaced by supplements which come in number 2 plastics.

But work for many people. If we all aim, to at the most, be eating no more than g per week, and the meat was treated as a treat rather than a necessary part of every single meal, that would be a HUGE step forward. Dietary changes most would barely notice but could make all the difference. Abstaining completely from any food group is a personal choice, what matters, is that we consume consciously and responsibly. I aim to eat what is in season and produced locally, to buy my products package free in an effort to live a zero waste lifestyle.

Kevin and I hit it off immediately. Not only did he offer me a place to teach, but also he gave me a key on the spot. He also ran ads to help me find students. That was my first experience with the people in Medicine Lodge. The following spring, a position opened at the paper and Kevin offered it to me.

So we packed up and moved to Kansas. I never thought I would live in Kansas—I always thought it was too flat. But the town of Medicine Lodge interested me—the history, the scenery and most of all, the people I met here. I remember pulling into town and starting to move the heavy stuff into our new home.

Within a couple of minutes, one of my new neighbors came outside and started helping. In March ofour son was born. For an entire week, our neighbors and people from a local church sent us meals every night. Some of them we had never met before. One lady even sent some money to start a savings account for the baby. I will really miss my neighbor from across the street.

Whenever I was working on something, he would always come by to help. We spent a many hours in the driveway and garage working on cars, motorcycles and lawnmowers. We always would settle up later. One morning, on trash day, I slept in and forgot to put the trash out.

I was running around trying to get it to the curb, but I was too late. Even though the trash truck was already down the street and turning the corner, the driver must have seen me in his mirror. He kicked the truck in reverse and came back to help me with the trash. Though I never served in the military, I have always been kind of history fanatic—especially the history of World War II. Last year, I was approached by a local veteran who informed me that the Kansas Legislature had set aside funds for an "oral history project," in order to hurry up and record video interviews of WWII vets before they are all gone.

Several people in the community asked me—along with my boss, Kevin Noland—to apply for the grant money and interview as many WWII veterans as we could find in the area. To be honest, the idea was terrifying. It would be a huge project. But one particular veteran kept pushing us to do it. He came by my office quite a bit, and kept the pressure on.

We put a lot of hours into the project, but there were others behind the scenes who really helped pull it together. On Friday, November 10, the community will once again honor these veterans. It will probably be the last time I see many of them again, because after the program I will be leaving to return to my hometown of Newcastle, Oklahoma. As I drove up Highway from Alva, I saw a rancher riding his horse.

He waved to me. It was a nice greeting for what was to come. Now, three years later, I was walking down Main Street. One of my best friends is also returning to Oklahoma—but instead of returning from Kansas, he will be returning from Iraq.

He entered boot camp just two weeks shy of turning 35—which was the cutoff age at that time. Ironically, his birthday is on Veterans Day. You have to admire these guys who serve in the Armed Forces—whether they serve during war or peace; whether they serve in combat or not; or whether they volunteered or were drafted. They all made sacrifices to some degree. I would encourage all veterans to tell their stories—whether they served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam or any number of more recent conflicts.

From October 30, I have a confession to make. For the past few months, every time I go home to eat lunch with my wife, I end up staying too long to watch her stupid soap opera. In trying to understand why my wife watches this stupid show, I ended up watching it myself. Here are a few observations: For one, the acting is horrible—absolutely rotten.

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Who is auditioning these people? Surely they could find somebody who can act. If they find someone who can act, do they turn them down for being too good? The writing is also terrible. I guess the writers are targeting the lowest common denominator in their audience. Kind of like writing the news, I guess In the soap opera world, is there nobody who is unattractive?

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Not only is there nobody who is downright ugly, there is also nobody who is just average in looks. I guess these people live in a vacuum; they are exposed to nobody outside their own little circle of beautiful, backstabbing friends. That explains a lot about the typical plot. The plot usually involves a secret relationship possibly a marriage between people who have no business even being in the gene pool.

The relationship is completely sabotaged by a number of ex-spouses, hateful siblings or messed up parents. The soap opera usually takes place in four settings—fancy houses, bedrooms, police stations and hospitals. My favorite is the hospital. Does anyone ever stop to ask, "Why are all these young, healthy looking people always in the hospital?

In fact, they still look wonderful, even if they are about to croak. And what about the hospital staff? They are always at least partially made up of some of the same dysfunctional characters I mentioned earlier. How do these people keep from getting fired, sued or losing their license? And again, there are no ugly people working at the hospital.

I went to the emergency room when I was 13 to get a fish hook removed—the doctor looked like Dr.

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Frankenstein and the nurse looked like Igor only not as pretty. Every character on every show is completely messed up, and none of them have any real social skills. They may be beautiful on the outside, but they are trying desperately to hide the putrid cesspool lurking on the inside. Are there really people like this in real life?

They either become politicians or celebrities. From October 23, Several weeks ago I shared the story of my month-old son, Ben, and his obsession with the word "no.

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The boy really mastered the word. He knows the word "no" so well that he could probably sing Tell Her No by The Zombies I think the word "no" is sung like times or more in that song. The problem is, I have never been able to get him to listen to the word "no" when I say it.

He just keeps on doing it. That word is "Eeeeewww! He tried touching it a few times, and when he did, his mother and I would say "Eeeeewww!

It must have made a lasting impression, because now he points at the toilet and says, "Eeeeewww! There was a time when he would pick up things off the floor and immediately eat them. Now, I have him trained to pick something off the floor, say "Eeeeewww! One day, Ben was playing with the knobs on the stove, trying to fill the house with poisonous gas and kill us all.

Without thinking, I yelled "Eeeeewww! He backed away, pointed at the stove and kept repeating "Eeeeewww! Recently, the "baby gates" that we have using to corral the little squirt have become outdated.

Now, Ben just climbs over them. I was able to keep him from climbing for a while though by pointing at the gates and saying "Eeeeewww!

From Ottober 16, Finally, someone has figured out a way to determine who has the most friends. In case you have been living under a rock or just hate technologyMySpace was originally started up as a way for unknown bands to share their music. MySpace users create an online profile to send messages, share blogs, pictures, music and just about anything else they can think of.

But there is another dimension to MySpace—through something called "friend requests," users can add friends to their profile. It is a fantastic way to find old classmates and spy on old girlfriends. At first I thought the whole idea of social networking was pretty dumb. I hate the thought of wasting time chatting online. I have no interest in making new friends—after all, I already have more friends that I can keep up with.

Years ago, I was having a conversation with the same friend who invited me to join MySpace. We came up with a theory that a person could have no more than 75 friends at one time.

At least that seemed like a realistic number at the time. Steve Carell may no longer be a master criminal, utilizing his freeze rays and other diabolical inventions to raise his three adopted daughters—Margo v. Miranda CosgroveEdith v. Dana Geier and Agnes v. When a new super villain steals a dangerous, experimental serum, the Anti Villain League — represented by sweet potential love interest Lucy v.

Watching this enjoyable kiddie flick with a kid definitely increases the appeal of the little yellow Minions, whose roles have been enlarged with their own spinoff in the works for A little long, even at 98 minutes remember when Disney cartoons clocked in under 80? Freeganism is an anti-consumerist ideology practiced by reclaiming and eating discarded food.

Jordan, on the last day of Team Jacob-ites can gawk at what is sure to be a shirtless Taylor Lautner. Gone are the weddings, the hangovers and the amnesia. Laughs are not as plentiful as in either of the first two movies, but the biggest problem with Part III is its lack of character.

The script feels as if it were revamped for the Wolfpack, not written for them. Phil is far too laidback; did Cooper film the entire film while on Xanax? Writer-director Todd Phillips and collaborator Craig Mazin smartly allow Galifianakis to carry the largest load. However, the film could have used less Jeong and more Goodman.


Give Phillips and crew credit for the old college try, but recapturing the comic freshness of the first Hangover once, much less twice, has proven too Herculean a humorous task. Needless to say, his small town neighbors do not react well to this allegation. Director Thomas Vinterberg cofounded the Dogme movement with Lars von Trier; his The Celebration is considered the first film created using the Dogme 95 rules.

The trailer shows a strongly enticing film that rises above its made-for-TV plot. Sadly, most training videos are unintentionally funnier just check out any edition of the Found Footage Festival for proof. Due to its still likable if not bankable stars and a laudably creative end credits sequence, The Internship leaves one feeling better about the movie than it deserves, being that it's a two hour chore through which to sit. Were the movie the least bit funny—rather than a mere vehicle for Vaughn and Wilson to mug at the camera—and thirty minutes shorter, it might garner a mild recommendation for a lazy cable viewing.

In its current state, do with this movie what the movie folks at Google should have done: Otherwise, this over-plotted, overlong origin story establishes the wrong tone for its masked hero. With Tonto providing the comic relief, John Reid should have been a one-track-minded vigilante of justice—the Lone Ranger as a cowboy Batman. Verbinski and his team of scripters play everything for slapstick laughs, despite slaughtering hundreds, including an entire Native American tribe.

Then Nolan, writer David S. Goyer and director Zack Snyder realized Superman is an alien and nearly impossible to ground in the real world. Treat the material like serious science fiction. The extended time spent with Superman's birth parents Russell Crowe rules as father Jor-El on dying Krypton is the film's strongest, most original segment. The middle chunk, retelling Kal-El's transformation from a hunky Clark Kent Henry Cavill into Superman, intriguingly tweaks a well-known origin with the benefit of fatherly wisdom from Kevin Costner's Jonathan Kent.

Despite some well-executed set pieces pitting Superman against fellow Kryptonian General Zod cast standout Michael Shannon and his alien army, the final act never fully takes flight.

Instead, the blockbuster soars in fits and starts, seeming most confident in its final frames than the previous hour and a half of repetitive conflict.

However, if one hero stands for hope, it's Superman. Cars 2 was a clunker; Brave was good verging on really good but not close to great; and Monsters University lacks the Pixar pop of their undeniably great features Up, Wall-E, Toy Story 3. In this prequel to Monsters, Inc.