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30 Asshole Parents Who Ruined Their Children's Lives Funny Fails, Funny .. Collage Maker, App Store, Itunes, Grid, Apps, Android, App YOU: *White guy blinking meme* .. I'm a bit weird but I loved boy meets world I had to see it lol. Explore and share the best Asshole GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. Raise Your Hand If You're A Little Bit Of An Asshole In The Morning - Funny Memes. Next Meme» UPLOADED BY meme · 5 months ago When Your Mate Offers You Some Alcohol In Front Of Your Parents When Your Co Worker Asks A Question That Makes The Meeting Go On For 25 More Minutes .

While he did write classic peace songs like "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance," keep in mind that he also wrote "I Am the Walrus," so he did not possess the soundest of minds.

Little Jack (asshole scene from Meet The Fockers)

Lennon admitted in a Playboy interview that when he was younger, he basically went around punching women: I couldn't express myself and I hit. I fought men and I hit women.

People gave Ono a lot of shit for following Lennon to band practices a taboo in the music world known as "being a Yoko Ono"but Ono only did that because Lennon demanded that she come out of fear she would leave him. He even made her go into the bathroom with him, afraid someone would snatch her away while she waited in the lobby.

At the same time, he was openly unfaithful to her, just as he was to his first wife. In the end, though, the biggest target of Lennon's cruelty was his son Julian. Lennon was absent for most of Julian's life, and the time he spent with him often led to yelling, insults, and very uncomfortable situations.

That's how influential the guy is -- 25 percent of our population has their young minds at least partially shaped by this kind, wise doctor with a magical name. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement Sure, he wasn't a real doctor not even in literaturenor was his last name Seuss his real name was Theodor Geisel; the "doctor" was just a jokebut who cares?

His easy rhyming style, simple vocabulary, and playful characters were embraced by children worldwide.


Having written so many successful books for children proves that Dr. Seuss must have had a truly uncanny connection to the young rascals, right? Seuss not only never liked children, but was actually scared of them. He never had children of his own, and according to his widow, the reason he didn't like them was that he never knew what their weird child brains would make them do next. I cannot stand this uncertainty anymore.

That came about more or less by accident.

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By the '50s, Dr. And I knew that, at a certain point in the writing of the screenplay, that I wanted to take the movie in a wildly different direction because I was, myself, angry with the characters and at the world. I had a movie that had the texture of an upper-class Manhattan comedy of manners in the vein of Whit Stillman or Lena Dunham. Which was not really the film I wanted to make. The only way I could reconcile continuing this screenplay, was by giving it a B-movie treatment, and taking it to an underground, extreme piece.

And so that was sort of the balance of ideas when I was writing and making the movie, and actors are involved in locations.

It sort of becomes an amalgam of the ideas you had writing and the ideas of the actors and your other collaborators. Did it give you a sense of what can you get away with, what the actors were comfortable with, and what locations can you use? | Funnies | Pinterest | Funny, Bridesmaids movie and Movies

I mean, the fun and the joy of filmmaking, for me, is the collaboration with the other artists on set. When a film is going well, it is because it is a total collaboration.

As a director, you go in with an almost dictatorial idea of what you want. But unlike a dictator, you have to be fluid. Being open to whatever they might want, and curious about what they want, and knowing when to allow for certain things to happen and when to disallow others. I think of my collaborators on Assholes: All these people I mentioned are true artists with so many of the ideas. When I watched the film, every single one of my favorite moments was not my idea. The moments may have been based on something I wrote, but It became a complete reinterpretation by the artist doing it.

You mentioned your cast. Specifically, your leads, I think really saved the film. As bad as they are, we do get a sense that they are in love, and that they are real people with real problems. Well, thank you for mentioning that. To say that it was a paramount concern is almost not even strong enough language. For me, in making any film, the very first layer of soil needs to be performances that are believable. Without that, truly nothing cool or interesting or fun or surprising can grow. And yes, the actors that are in the movie are brilliant.

We were not thinking that we were making a movie that was really absurd or gross. We were just genuine. We were going for, each day on set, truthful moments and creating real people in heightened, absurd, bizarre, scary, self-destructive situations. What was it like putting the movie together creatively? Imagine the very first sentence out of my mouth in a pitch meeting to investors. I would imagine it would go something like this. I say this to say no one would have given me the money but myself.

I would prefer to have a film instead. And that is… knock on wood… I manage to keep myself afloat with acting gigs. I see it as a great privilege that I was able to fund this movie myself, and I also hope that this movie is something of a critique of privilege. It was all from you, or was there like a Kickstarter or a crowdsourcing?

In the end, we attached to a couple of small investors, and also Kickstarter.