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meet the faukers dvd

It's good! It's funny! But you'll still be slipping your Meet The Parents disc into you DVD player more often! Meet The Fockers R1 DVD () Information Hub. Now that Greg Focker is. Theaters; DVD & Streaming; TV . But that's before Pam's parents meet Greg's parents, Bernie and Roz Focker. Domestic disaster looms for male nurse Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) when his straight-laced, ex-CIA father-in-law (Robert De Niro) asks to meet his wildly.

Meet the Fockers Movie

Fockers' Family Portrait gives an inside look at the Fockers' funny family dynamics and contains interviews with all the main cast members. Inside the Litterbox is a short documentary from the perspective of Jinx the cat. Although filmed as a spoof it isn't particularly that interesting or entertaining but is still a nice filler and worth a one-off watch.

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The Manary Gland is a behind-the-scenes with the prop master who developed the prop that Robert De Niro so deftly performed with. The Adventures of a Baby Wrangler is another short detailing the trials of working with children on the set.

The usual commentary is here also with the director and editor. Then there is also a myriad of deleted scenes and bloopers. Also included as an extra is the choice of watching the movie with the extra scenes inserted back into the movie. I chose this option to watch the movie and was quite impressed with this feature and hope more distributors adopt this method. Just before an extra scene appeared in the film a symbol would pop up in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to pre-empt the viewer that this was about to happen.

A good set of extras but I would have liked to see a dedicated Behind-The-Scenes documentary with the director as opposed to the other shorts. This is only a minor bugbear and of course is only reflective of the extras that I prefer.

Verdict A nicely put together disc with a great transfer both audibly and visually.

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They were a great choice to parent Stiller, but in this movie, the choices are even better, calling in two screen legends in Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand. With Jack and Greg on better terms at the end of the first film, the second film had to find a way to make them adversaries again if this movie was going to work.

Meet the Fockers DVD Release Date August 22,

What better way to do that then to introduce Jack's opposite, in the form of Greg's dad, Bernie Focker Hoffman a retired attorney who is something of a beach bum hipper. Bernie is the polar opposite of Jack, and as Greg is still trying to get in good with Jack, Bernie becomes a source of embarrassment for him.

It's not an easy situation for a father to have to compete with another father for the affection of his son, but Hoffman is quite good at making the conflict very real.

meet the faukers dvd

Equally good is Streisand, who, as Roz Focker, plays a spiritual sex therapist, who just loves her son, and wants to help her son's potential in-laws deal with their problems. Of course, this leads to more embarrassment for Greg. He can't catch a break, but at the same time, no one could possibly fault the Fockers, as they simply want people to be happy. As with the first film, the troubles Greg and Pam face snowball, and just get more and more outlandish.

If it were a real family, no one would fault them for breaking up.

meet the faukers dvd

They simply have no luck together. It is a comedy after all. As Stiller says in one of the featurettes, you know it's safe and no one is going to die in a Meet the Parents movie.

If this had been any other movie, with another cast, it would be seen as an amazingly funny film. But with the expectations brought on by the success of the first film and the big names in the cast, the film is far from overwhelming.

In fact, it's almost a disappointment.

Meet the Fockers (DVD, 2005, Widescreen)

The saving grace is how deeply Hoffman and Streisand embraced their roles. They are so lovable and fun that it makes the movie great. There's also a couple of cameos that pay off very well, that should bring a smile to the face of any fan of the first film.

It's that sense of experience-based comedy that makes this movie a fun time. The disc features an animated main menu and transitions to the other screens. The main menu has the options to play the movie, view scene selections, check out bonus features and adjust the languages.

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The scene selection menus feature still previews and titles for each chapter, while language options include English, Spanish and French 5.

The Quality The anamorphic widescreen video is excellent, from the level of fine detail to the beautiful color to the outstanding skin tones. There are some minor issues that won't be obvious to the casual viewer, but for the most part, this is a gorgeous transfer, without a sign of dirt or damage. The audio is presented in Dolby 5. Like most dialogue-driven comedies, the surrounds are utilized for background sounds, to pump up the music and provide some directionality in certain scenes.

For what it does, the track is good, presenting the dialogue cleanly.