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Meet the Famous Faces at Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Meeting

meet the famous inc

When these four social entrepreneurs found the conditions they observed in the field to be unsatisfactory, they immediately took action. Wyoming is the nation's least populated state, but that doesn't mean it lacks well known residents. Famous actors, authors and athletes have all called Wyoming. ? Worst. Year. Ever. At least for Berkshire, the $ billion holding company. That won't stop some shareholders from trekking to.

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Aaaaand then the dream comes crashing down as you realize celebs tend to only fall for other celebs. How could we ever compete? Love knows no limits and there are actually plenty of famous people out there who ended up in long-term relationships with non-celebrity partners. Upon arrival at the bar, Damon noticed bartender Luciana Barroso, and it was love at first sight!

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Allegedly, Damon jumped behind the bar to get the attention of Barroso, who proceeded to shout at him for being where he shouldn't be. His cheeky actions certainly caught her attention though - just 2 years later, they were married. The bright lights and frivolous festival atmosphere must have got the couple in high spirits when they first met there in One year later, when the festival rolled around again, the two were reunited for another summer of music and love and they shared an intimate moment on the festival's iconic Ferris wheel — kissing as it arched in the sky, the festival's twinkling lights glowing below them.

Famed for his charm and good looks, he met his now-wife under slightly embarrassing circumstances, he admits in interviews.

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During the after-party for the show, his eyes met Bagshawe's, and they became instant friends, laughing at the circumstances under which they were meeting. The couple didn't go on their official first date which casually took place in Florence, Italy, by the way for another 12 years!

meet the famous inc

The rest is history. Volunteer work for charity.

meet the famous inc

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac These two lovebirds met after getting inked by the same tattoo artist. Art connects us all, and in this case, the artist himself played Cupid, creating a connection that has lasted. It totally works like that, right? Alasdair Harris Founder, Blue Ventures London, United Kingdom Blue Ventures organizes projects that rally coastal communities in the developing world around local conservation efforts.

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One of Harris's first demonstrations involved temporarily cordoning off an octopus-fishing area in Madagascar. By allowing the ecosystem to rebuild, octopi and other sea life flourished, leading to an increase in catch and profits.

Blue Ventures has since carried out similar projects in Fiji, Malaysia, and Belize. And our main way of doing this is to use transparency to promote public participation to drive change," says Ma Jun says of his nonprofit. The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs since has maintained a publicly accessible national pollution database, where the data is displayed on an interactive online map of China.

Users also can search individual companies' environmental supervision records. Jun was struck for the need for such a repository after traveling throughout his country, doing research for his book China's Water Crisis.

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He found that although national environmental standards existed, pollution was widespread. He was convinced that greater transparency could change industrial practices. Journalists, non-governmental organizations, and researchers were some of the first to use his database to advocate for change, Jun says. Jun says that the information it's provided has prompted 1, factories to change their processes.

meet the famous inc

First, to bring Indian girls who aren't in school into the education system.