Meet the fairy queen summoners war promo

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meet the fairy queen summoners war promo

We have a wide range of summoners war in Toys & Games in Singapore. [ End Year Promotion-Summoners War Crystals] Our Top 3 Bestselling summoners war play Monsters and records in pic (including light polar queen) ~ fodders monkey king/ and wind fairy king/panda/brandia/beast monk/water. ArtStation - Legacy of Discord promotional art, lucpinkey L. Queen by yuchenghong Featured on Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day . f Paladin Plate Armor Cloak Duel Swords battle Giant Eagle fire Eastern Border . Artist: Bogdan Marica aka BogdanMRK - Title: the fairy basic - Card: Iwona, Faithful Fairy. My best team now is 4 star Fairy Queen Awakened, 3 star Fairy (Water), 3 star Inferno Is it worth it if I spend $70 usd on this game? for buying the promotional gems and scrolls, wanna get mystical .. Nice meeting eveyone.

In most cases, follow the card. But there are a few rules that can't be broken unless a card explicitly says so. See Important Note 0. Can yadda-yadda be used to do yadda-yadda? It isn't in the rules or on the card, but it seems logical. If it's not in the rules, it doesn't matter how logical it is, unless you can talk the other players into it.

And if you can, go for it! Is yadda-yadda the same as yadda-yadda? Usually, no, but see Important Note 5. The rules say that the owner of the game has final say in disputes, and the guy who owns the game in our group screws up the rules and won't listen even when everyone else agrees he's wrong. It feels like he's cheating! What should I do? The "owner of the game" rule is meant to give groups a way to end arguments about the rules when they've gone on too long without reaching consensus.

It is not a license for anyone who buys a Munchkin game to apply their own interpretation of the rules if everyone else disagrees. Ultimately, if your friend won't accept when he's wrong or if he's deliberately cheating, which is worseyou may want to consider buying your own Munchkin game. Life's too short to play games with unpleasant people. But don't the rules say it's OK to cheat if you don't get caught?

Not anymore, and even when they did, it was a joke. If you want a game where cheating is in the spirit and the letter of the rules, try Illuminati. How long do I have to react to someone else's card before it takes effect?

ElSharion & Light Fairy Queen, What I Think (Summoners War)

Card effects happen as the cards are played, in the order they are played. Unless you have a card or an ability that says it can cancel another card or effect for instance, a Wishing Ring can cancel a Curse before it takes effectyou have to resolve every card, in the order it was played, before doing anything else.

If two players try to do things simultaneously, how do we determine which one happens first? If they were truly simultaneous and you can't agree on anything else, each player who wanted to do something should roll the die; high roll decides what order the cards happen. If that makes later cards moot, well, that's the way the game goes. This is a good reason not to announce your plays until you are ready to make them!

Everything here also applies to Traps and Disasters. Is there a limit to the number of Curses I can play on a turn?

Snow White

What about on a single player on a turn? You can play as many as you have in your hand. But so can everyone else. If a Curse could apply to more than one Item, who decides what it applies to? The victim of the Curse decides, unless a card says otherwise. It depends on the exact wording of the Curse. If it is "Lose One Armor," you would lose any single Armor card you had in play. And if it is just "Lose Your Armor," discard everything you have in play that is Armor.

As mentioned below, Cheated Armor is still Armor! I just kicked down a door and was hit by a Curse that will force me to get rid of an Item. Can I sell the Item for a level instead? You have to resolve the Curse before doing anything else. In Munchkin, things happen in the order that they happen. Certain cards are exceptions and can cancel previously played cards e. What happens when you die? Do Curses that persist go away? Not unless the Curse itself says so. Sucks to be cursed, but, well, you knew that.

Cards and Items Q. Some of my cards have weird symbols on the bottom. What do those mean? Those are set icons, designed to let you separate your expansions from your base games or to tell where a card comes from if you want to look at this FAQ or the errata page for that game. Click here to see a page showing all the icons in use.

If something tells me to draw a face-up card but the discard pile is empty, what should I do? You never draw from the discards unless you are specifically told to do so. A face-up draw means take the top card from the appropriate deck and turn it over for everyone to see.

A face-down draw means take the top card from the deck and put it in your hand, or play the card if it is legal to do so at that time. This says to pick a random card from my opponent's hand, but I can tell his Doors from his Treasures.

May I use that information? If it's important to your group that choices be truly random, then either close your eyes when you pick a card, roll a die, or have the other player mix up the cards below the table and you tell him which number card you want.

What do you mean by cards in play? Do cards in my hand count? Cards that are in your hand are not in play and don't count as anything but cards until you play them. For instance, if you are told to lose your Armor and you have an Armor card in your hand, you can't lose that one. Your cards on the table are cards in play and these represent what they say they are.

For example, a Race card is a card and a Race. But if I have to discard a card, do I discard from my hand? If you have to discard and it doesn't specify from where e. Is an Item the same as a Treasure card?

See Important Note 5. If you have to lose Items, do you lose the ones from your hand, or just those on the table? Only those on the table. If you are meant to lose cards from your hand, this will be specified. Is stealing an Item from another munchkin the same as if he was giving me the Item?

The key difference is that the giver gets to choose what card to give you. What if a card forces another munchkin to give me an Item? It doesn't matter what reason compelled the munchkin to do it. When does a card move from play to discard? For example, if I use a one-shot Item during combat, is it in play during the entire combat or does it immediately move to the discards?

The one-shot card does not move to the discards until the battle is over. However, you no longer "own" that card, unless someone plays something to reboot the combat and return all cards to their owners, in which case you resume ownership.

Title System - Official PWpedia

On my turn, we played a bunch of cards into a fight, and the player to my left is a Cleric. He started to put the cards on the discard pile in the order he wanted — is that legal? The player whose turn it is discards everything. If the order is important, he sets that as well. If it's a liquid in a container, it can be considered a potion. But note that other types of one-shot Items, such as Grenades and Ichors, must include that specific word! Also note that Ichors aren't Potions and Potions aren't Ichors.

Must I put my "usable once only" Items on the table before using them? All one-shot Items those which say "usable once only" may be played directly from the hand or from the table unless the card says otherwise. Exactly what is a "weapon"? In a more rigorous game, we would have labeled all the swords, axes, etc.

As a general rule, any item that uses Hands and is not already labeled as something else can be considered a weapon, as can items like the Singing and Dancing Sword that are obviously weapons. Can you sell Items that total less than 1, Gold Pieces, just to get them out of circulation? If the Items aren't worth a total of at least 1, Gold Pieces, you can't sell them.

But "No Value" must appear on the card! If a card has nothing at all listed for a value, it is not an Item and cannot be sold.

The rules say that cards in play must be traded or discarded. When can I discard them? This depends on the type of card. First, it must be in play in front of you no discarding other people's cards, silly.

Race and Class cards including Half-Breed and Super Munchkinand other similar cards see Important Note 5can be discarded at any time, including to power a special ability, but not an ability for the discarded Race or Class unless the ability requires discarding that particular Race or Class. Curses that remain on the table in front of you cannot be discarded. Item cards are the only cards that can be traded, and, as long as they aren't prevented from being discarded say, by a Cursecan only be discarded in the following ways: When can I equip or unequip my Items?

You may change the status of your Items at any time that you are not in combat or otherwise engaged i. See Important Note 2. I heard some people talking about a "backpack," but I can't find that term in my rules. Are my rules out of date? Some experienced Munchkin players use the term "backpack" to talk about Items that you are carrying but not currently using, but that term is not found in any official rules and we discourage its use.

To add to the mess, there are a couple of Treasures that actually are Backpacks and mean something entirely different. Really, it's best not to use the term. I see cards with the same name, but different text, in different sets. That's not a question. It's a statement of fact. There ARE cards with the same name but different text in different sets.

This was sometimes on purpose, but not always. We don't think that it's a big problem, and we DO think that changing card names would cause more annoyance than it's worth. For your convenience, we offer a list of duplicate cards to keep them all straight. You should also be sure that you aren't mixing old and new sets. If you have a game published beforeyour cards are different from the ones in more recently published games.

The more recent sets are the "official" versions. I have a card that says it gives me an extra Hand, but it says "-1 Hand" at the bottom. If you add up the numbers of Hands on your cards in use, you're OK as long as you get 2 Hands or fewer — that's why cards that give you extra Hands are negative.

The card seems to say yes, but the other players said I couldn't play a Reloaded Die on my own roll. You can only play a Loaded Die on your own roll, not on someone else's roll.

You can only play a Reloaded Die on someone else's roll, not your own. Your friends are right; to change your roll back, you would have to use a second Loaded Die card. If I have Half-Breed and one other Race card, is my other half human? You get the "all the advantages, none of the disadvantages" benefit of Half-Breed for your other Race, but you can't use Human-only items or claim bonuses against monsters that have trouble fighting Humans. As a practical matter, there are very few of these, so this doesn't come up that often.

Note that this answer is specific to Race and Half-Breed. Unless you want to make it a house rule, of course. Munchkin 7 — Cheat With Both Hands has cards that allow you to have three or even more Classes or Races, among other crazy new overpowered cards you didn't realize you needed.

If you are a Super Warrior and have another Warrior card, you can not play it on yourself without discarding the Warrior card already in play.

You can turn from, e. The only sort of cards that can be played to the table but not used are Items and even then, there are restrictions; the number of Big items is the most common example.

How do I handle ties? Monsters win ties, unless at least one of the munchkins in the fight is a Warrior or you have some other card that says you do. When you are faced with two or more monsters, can you kill one and flee the other? If you have cards that let you abolish one entirely like Pollymorph Potion then you may do that, and fight the other one s.

You will have to win that fight before you can claim any treasure at all. But you can't fight one and flee the other. They fight you together. See Important Note 4. What happens when a Wandering Monster comes along that would ignore or befriend one player in a fight, but not the other?

For instance, when the Wandering Monster is an Amazon and one player is female? When one player helps another, the monsters do not fight the players separately. Remember that Treasures always go to the main fighter to distribute according to whatever agreement was reached. I'm at Level 2 and I encounter a Level 9 monster.

Another player Level 5 joins the combat. A third player wanders in a new monster that will not pursue Level 3 or below. We are now losing and have to run away. Does the wandered-in monster go after both of us? In combat, monsters fight side by side. But when it comes to pursue the fleeing munchkins, they act individually and munchkins must attempt to escape from each as normal.

So the wandered-in monster will not pursue you, but will pursue your helper. What about during the combat? You said they fight side by side.

A monster's immunity or weakness is given to all others in the fight. This does not include straight combat bonuses or penalties; if one monster gets a -2, that doesn't mean EVERY monster has a cumulative -2 — it's -2 for the monsters taken as a group. If it helps, think of the combat as a combined encounter, and the various immunities or weaknesses as conditions affecting the encounter.

Am I allowed to ask for help if I am currently winning the fight? The rules say I can ask for help if I'm losing, but nothing about if I'm winning. That's because if you're winning, you don't need help, and a true munchkin would never ask for help he doesn't need. Unless a card says otherwise and a couple do, for their own weird reasonsyou may not ask for help if you are winning a combat. Unless it says otherwise on the card itself, monster combat bonuses do stack. This was originally ruled the other way, but this IS the official ruling henceforth.

Yes, this rule can be used to the player's advantage. If you use a one-shot Item during combat and someone tries to make it disappear through Curse or Theft, do you get the bonus? Theft doesn't work while you are in combat. Use of a Curse could destroy an Item as you try to use it, but once you play the Item into the fight, it's not yours to be Cursed anymore. Some cards say they automatically kill a certain type of Monster like the Potion of Halitosis and the Floating Nose, or the Churninator and Level 1 monsters.

Can anyone interfere with this? Can anyone play a Wandering Monster? As of Julyremoving the final monster from a combat ends the combat immediately. One of my opponents added a Wandering Monster that has a "before combat" effect e. Since I'm already in combat, do I still have to do it? You lucked out this time. We reeeeeeally wanted to say yes, because we're munchkins, too, but that leads to timing issues.

However, rules that say "When this monster enters combat" do take effect. My friends start counting 2. That's not even enough time to read the card! The rule says you must get "a reasonable time" to respond when another player is winning a fight.

What your friends are doing is not reasonable; you should be able to read the card to determine what, if anything, you want to do. On the other hand, you cannot take time during a fight to read every card on the table, contemplate your many or few options, or use a card to "Dumpster dive," hoping to find something you can use in the fight.

Does the "reasonable time rule" apply to defeating a monster without killing it, or just to killing it? Any sort of defeat. If you defeat it without killing it, other players still have a reasonable time to play an applicable card to frustrate you. However, if you removed the only monster from the fight with Magic Lamp, for instancethey cannot play Monster Enhancers or other similar cards that affect a specific monster, because there isn't one there to fight, and they can't use any special rules for bringing in monsters such as the Shark rules from Munchkin Booty that depend on having a monster in the fight.

They can play Wandering Monster to bring in an entirely new monster, but they must do it at once. If a card that affects "your next combat" is played on you during a combat, does it affect THAT combat, or the next one you're in? If the combat is still unresolved and obviously it is, because people are still playing cards on you for itthen that combat is the "next" one.

Most Munchkin games say this explicitly in the rules, but it's true even if we left it out by mistake. I'm going to have to attempt to Run Away from a monster. Can I Curse other munchkins before I roll the die? Even though curses can be played at any time, you'll have to honor the die roll before doing anything else. After that, you can resume Cursing as normal. I'm fighting a monster that says "Will not pursue anyone of Level X or below.

You certainly can fight the monster. If you do not win the combat and have to Run Away, you escape automatically no roll required. If a low-Level munchkin encounters a monster that won't chase him, does the munchkin get the treasure? The munchkin must still try to defeat the monster.

But if he cannot defeat it, he automatically escapes without rolling to Run Away, suffering no Bad Stuff. He doesn't get any rewards for failing to defeat the monster! See Important Note 3. I have a card that lets me Run Away from a combat automatically. But I'm facing a monster that says escape is impossible. Can I Run Away or not? You cannot use your automatic Run Away ability, because you never even get a chance to try. You can Run Away automatically from any other monsters, even in the same combat, that do not have that restriction.

We have not ruled this consistently in the past, but this is the official answer going forward. Can I play Go Up a Level cards on another player — for instance, to make him go up to a level so that a monster that would previously ignore him will now chase him? This is not the original intent of Go Up a Level cards GUALsbut it is such a munchkinly and vile idea that we liked it too much to say no. But just as when playing a GUAL on yourself, the munchkin must legally be able to gain that level.

You cannot play a GUAL card, even one with a secondary effect, on a munchkin who has to kill a monster to gain that level, and you cannot force another player to do something he doesn't want to do e. Do I have to kill a monster? Even if I'm winning, can I just choose to Run Away? You can't Run Away if you are winning with what you have in play. However, you are not required to exert your full effort to beat a monster, even if you could win handily by playing one-shots or using other cards or abilities.

So, in that sense, you would be able to choose to Run Away. Do I have to Run Away? Your character does not want to die. If you want to die, hope for a bad die roll. Exactly when do you die, and how long do you stay dead? You die when you get Bad Stuff that says you're dead.

A very few other cards can cause Death as well. If you still need to Run Away from other monsters, you are excused from their Bad Stuff, because you're dead. While you are dead, you cannot receive cards for any reason, and you cannot level up. You STAY dead only until the next person's turn starts.

Your new character appears at that point and may join normally in the combat, though you will get no new cards until someone gives you charity, you get cards as payment for helping in a combat, or your next turn starts. Fortunately, death is temporary. I tried to play another card that took Hands and my friend said that I couldn't because the Cheat!

The easiest way to think about Cheat! If you have the Cheat! Once you perform the initial cheat, the card cannot be moved to another Item. So if something happens to make the cheated Item legal for you. You can't transfer your Cheat! Can I use the Cheat! Get Destined Sword by digging one of the swords in the same location. Only one random sword in the area is diggable, hover your cursor over each sword until you find it.

Kill Ghost after digging Seal: Tai Chi Shore Ghost. Next, kill Chaos after digging Seal: Tai Chi Shore Chaos. Talk to the Spirit in Treetop in the same location. Kill 20 'Giant Piranha' and turn in to the Tearful Ghost at - at the bottom of the ocean. Kill 20 'Wheeping Sealurker' and turn in to the Crying Ghost at - at the bottom of the ocean.

Kill 10 'Echomaid' and turn in to Insomnia Ghost at - at the bottom of the ocean. The NPCs only spawn during Dig the 5 Alter Debris: Obtain the 'Gratitude from Soul' by digging the 'Place of Alter' near the same location. Kill Soul of Castellan of Misfortune after digging Seal: Misfortune City in the same location. The boss can get stuck easily, kill him from close range so he doesn't reset. Snake Isle is located to obtain Seal: A quest will pop up and your Thousand-Year Lees will disappear.

Talk to the Foreign Monk and give himcoins. You will need to have the coins in your inventory to be able to complete the quest.

Kill 25 'Overclocked Mechrab' and 25 'Giant Chisler'. Don't travel very far from where you received the quest when killing monsters as it is very easy to fail the quest.

If you fail the quest you will have to start over. Kill the Cenminator in the same location. Right-click the item to receive a quest, then go to - on the ground to spawn the boss. You will be turned into a dragon which will wear off after a short time. Snake Isle in the same location to break the seal. Heaven' in the same location. Earth' in the same location.

Human' in the same location. Kill 30 'Bloodthirsty Hexweb King'. Find Duke Blacke, found wandering around Archosaur. Talk to the Elder of the Streams at Kill Wraith Vanguard after digging the lantern on top of the structure.

It will run away from you. Make sure that it does not wander too far off from the structure or it will reset. Talk to the Messenger of Time in the same location. Kill Wraith Underlings after digging an Ant Claw at 4 possible locations: Only one of them will work, hover over each one until you find it. Dig the Scarecrow at Then, dig the Wood Plank at Then, dig the Logs at You may have to rotate or zoom the camera to get the angle to dig out the quest items.

If you have trouble getting the quest, huddle next to the pole and it should pop up. You will receive a quest to kill one of these 4 mobs at random, which can be summoned by digging the Eerie Stone at their location: TsehMeiyWaenLoen Hill of the Swarm near the same location to break the seal. Originia River[ edit edit source ] Recommended Level: Kill 20 'Mutant Whirler Turtle'. Talk to the Chief's Grave at Talk to the Tan Box near the same location.

Go to the top of the tower not on the roof to complete the quest. Get 10 Infernal Snakescales by killing the Native Vipions up in the air. Dig the Antidote Placement Point at Kill the Flaming Dark Beast near the same location. Originia River at at the bottom of the river to break the seal. Shining Tidewood[ edit edit source ] Recommended Level: Talk to the Grave of a Lady near the same location. Kill 'Bloodraged Cadaver' which wanders slowly around the Tomb of Heroes area. Kill 'Dismal Shade' inside the Secret Passage.

If you are a lower level, help from another player or a healer may be required. Talk to Fang the Scholar in the same location. Go to to complete the quest. Kill Farng to the east of same location. Shining Tidewood in the same location, up in the air 36to break the seal.

Dragon Gulf[ edit edit source ] Note: You will go through multiple quests to receive the titles for this seal. Pick up the first quest at to obtain Seal: Pick up the next quest at the same location or at Talk to Imperial General Wu near the same location.

Kill 15 Barnacles, attached to the undersides of the ship. Dig the Kerosene Lantern at 3 times - the other one is very difficult to dig. To do this, walk into the hut, then fly so you can reach the lantern.

Talk to the Crippled Soldier in the same location. He will ask you "Do you know what attaches themselves to the bottom of the ships and follows them wherever they go? Choose the "Barnacle" option to proceed. Emerald Dragon Gulf in the same location, at the bottom of the water, to break the seal. Widow's Coast[ edit edit source ] Note: Pick up the first quest at Allies Camp Dig the Suspicious Bucket near the same location.

Right-click the Suspicious Parcel in your inventory to obtain Seal: Pick up the next quest from the same location or at Talk to Old Man Lin near the same location.

Kill 25 'Skelevizen Sailor'. Get 2 Pearls from the Suspicious Hole near the same location. You may have a chance of getting Dirty Mud instead of a Pearl. If you run out of shovels and don't get 2 Pearls, you can pick up the quest again. The quest fails automatically after 30 seconds. Dig the Prayer Lantern athanging from the top of the building.

meet the fairy queen summoners war promo

Widow's Coast near the same location, at the very top of the mountain, to break the seal. Silk Ridge[ edit edit source ] Pick up the first quest at to obtain Seal: Go toon the ground. Dig the Strange Fur around the back of the house Talk to Summonobot XXL at Dig the Splintered Chest at Careful not to go inside the dungeon when picking up this quest. Silk Ridge at on top of the rocky arch to break the seal. Stairway to Heaven[ edit edit source ] Pick up the first quest at the Gate of Antiquity to obtain Seal: Talk to Kid Kuang in Gate of Antiquity.

Speak to Keman the Wealthy at and pick up the quest again in the same spot. There will be two options here - you can only get 1 of the titles: Rubberbanding is very bad near the waterwheel so move with caution.

meet the fairy queen summoners war promo

Kill 7 Torgirn Warriors. Dig 5 Heavenly Herbs around the area at Dig 5 Chistream Crystals. Speak to Mo Tien at Dig the seal at Speak to Errant Knight Fei at Kill 5 Hens at Once completed, return to Fei's Brother inside the house at Kill 10 Shrunchkin Sharpshooters in the area. Dig 5 Jade Vase Shards in the surrounding area.

Talk to Errant Knight Fei at Swamp of the Wraiths[ edit edit source ] Recommended Level: Swamp of the Wraiths. Kill Resentful Heathens and Ravaging Yayan in the surrounding area until you collect 10 of each drop. Speak to the Celestial Scholar on top of the Altar of Disbelief. Go to and wait 30 seconds for the timer to run out to receive the Sealing Energy. Right click one of the items in your inventory to combine them. The quest received is random from the 2 options below; only 1 of the titles can be obtained.

Players can abandon the title quest and challenge it again if they want the other title. Speak to Lady Mu in Sanctuary. Speak to Peach Fairy at Kill Celestial Hexocs until you get 15 Carrots. Speak to Lustrous Rabbit at Kill Huggy Hares until you get 10 Queen's Treasure. Dig 3 Transformation Stones underwater. Speak to the Queen in Sanctuary at You will be unable to speak to her if the transformation runs out but you can abandon and re-pick the quest at Go to and dig the Wounded Woman.

Speak to Shuang in Hidden Orchid. Speak to Chuko Junior at Kill 10 Abyssal Mystery in the river. Hand in the quest to Butterfly in Hidden Orchid Kill 10 Undine Princess in the river.

Players can only get 1 of the following titles depending on their character's gender.

meet the fairy queen summoners war promo

Dive in the river to dig: Essence Fragments female characters. Use the Kiss action to complete it. These tomes offer hints to help the player complete the title quest chain, however these hints are usually vague. Tomes can be sold to NPCs at any time and do not affect the title quests in any way. They are not necessary for completing title quests.

meet the fairy queen summoners war promo

Etherblade City[ edit edit source ] Pick up the first quest at Talk to the Elder of Etherblade City near the same location. Dig the Red Lantern hanging from the arch of the gate.

You will also receive the Etherblade Tome. Dig the Pile o' Junk in the same location. Dig the Strange Jar nearby at Dig the Dye Vat in the same location. Talk to Blacksmith Pei in the same location. A popup will appear when you enter the waterfall - do not click confirm or you will be teleported away. Dig the Etherblade Seal in the same location to break the seal. Broken Plains[ edit edit source ] Recommended Level: Kill 10 'Senile Weezbloom'.

Kill 5 'Feligar Minion' and 5 'Feligar Bowman'. Dig the Broken Plains Seal in the same location to break the seal. Boundless Grasslands[ edit edit source ] Note: Although a tome exists for Boundless Grasslands, it cannot be obtained. Pick up the first quest at Talk to the Ancient Wall Commandant Dig the Loose Rocks just outside Camp of the Intrepid Turn in the quest to Konsun Tann at Camp of the Intrepid Collect 3 Warm Furs from killing 'Chipmunq Glutton'.

Talk to Konsun Tann at Camp of the Intrepid Talk to the Scarecrow at to complete the quest and receive Iron Jade's Letter. Collect 10 Green Fragments from 'Ossein Soulbasher'.

Go back to the Scarecrow and take its quest. The Golden Stone Guards disappear after 5 minutes. You can retake the quest from the Scarecrow to summon them again. Dig the Boundless Grasslands Seal to break the seal. Ancient Wall[ edit edit source ] Note: You may go through multiple quests to receive certain titles for this tome.

Kill 15 'Resentful Towerling'. Turn in the quest to the Ancient Wall Capt. Talk to Apothecary Hsiao Talk to Cho Cho near the same location Talk to Taoist Ching near the same location. Kill 15 'Undine Mystic' and turn in the quest to Daggan on the boat Stand close to him so he doesn't reset.

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Dig the Ancient Wall Seal at to break the seal. Talk to Ching Yin Talk to Taoist Kai near the same location. If you cannot get this quest to pop up, proceed to the next step then come back to this step and follow through all following steps as usual.

Talk to Ching Yin again