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That's the idea behind "The Croods," the sweet, animated film about a What Grug sees as safe and under control, Eep sees as boring and. The Croods () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, Eep (voice) Benjamin A. Burtt assistant sound editor (as Benny Burtt). Ugga Crood (aka née Stonewell) is a character in The Croods. She is a cavewoman who is Grug's wife, the daughter of Gran, and the mother of Eep, Thunk, and.

She no longer wants to sleep in the family huddle, where they all pile on top of each other for warmth, like the wuzzles in Where the Wild Things Are.

Ugga Crood

She wants her own ledge, the same way other girls want a private bedroom. Despite the exotic, Croodaceous era setting, The Croods is an allegory for all too tiresomely familiar family dysfunction. She has the arm reach of a gibbon but the broad chest and heavy thighs of a lowland mountain gorilla.

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Eep too wants to break free from her restrictive existence and expand her horizons. Phonetically, Eep is meant to sound like Eve, original woman. With fire, man no longer has to live in the darkness of ignorance and superstition. Preventing him from being preyed upon by predators, such as those shearing-beaked piranha pelicans it wards off, fire allows man to rise to the top of the food chain.

meet the croods eep edit

Like Eep, Guy, whose generic name similarly designates him as original man, hates the dark and has discovered fire to vanquish it at will. Under his tutelage they can evolve into modern man and one half expects to see a thought balloon pop up above their heads every time the light bulb goes off. Guy initially appears in full animal skin, a horned warthog mask, to frighten Eep away.

Streamlined and aerodynamic, Guy is downright dainty compared to the sturdily built, thickly boned Croods, who are squarer, squatter and move on all fours or swing through the trees with the graceful ease of great apes. So when Grug meets that tribe of punch monkeys after the film has drawn our attention to the similarity between ape and man, we wait for the big punchline, but the movie just leaves us hanging.

Guy is the man of tomorrow today, a visionary. But Belt, a koala-like sloth, earns his keep.

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Guy displays taste, etiquette and civilized good manners when he eats, complete with a knife and fork, wiping his mouth with a leaf. For the little kids in the audience the movie seeks to serve a subliminal purpose, showing them how preferable being neat and tidy is to messy and unmannered. According to The Croods, the precedent was played out all the way back in prehistoric times.

meet the croods eep edit

All I have is my strength. Grug gets into a bitch slapping contest with those combative punch monkeys, for instance, whereas Guy wins them over by offering them bananas, placating them without ever throwing a punch.

This fear of being made redundant by such a polar shift in the family dynamic is set against a backdrop in which geologic and temperate changes threaten to make this caveman extinct in a much more literal sense. In order to evolve with the changing times, Grug must suppress his savagery, the dim light of understanding beginning to flicker in the back of his mind as he starts relying on his brain rather than his brawn for the first time in his life.

Yet its climax is a variation on the biblical story of Noah. But the movie picks and chooses in an upsetting manner. Or that quadruped Owl Bear or the blue punch monkeys? This is an oddly selective ark.

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Moreover, were there no other people on that plateau? One would think Guy and the Croods were the only human beings left in the world.

The Croods cook the bird, and Guy is tied up with a root chain on his right leg. After dinner, Grug tells them a story, which is based on a true story, about a tiger who is similar to Eep and embarrasses Eep. Guy also tells them stories of "Tomorrow", a heaven of safety where he is headed and in which curiosity is not deadly as Grug has claimed. Outrunning the destruction, Guy is trusted enough to be let out of the log, and he gives the Croods rudimentary shoes to walk over the harsh landscape as he leads them to a mountain in which he says will be safe.

After the family is split up in a labyrinth of tunnels, all but Grug manage to escape by coming up with ideas of overcoming obstacles in their paths. At his treetop home, Grug sees the impression Guy is leaving on his family, and he becomes jealous, especially when he realizes that Eep has fallen in love with Guy.

Attempting to invent things like Guy, Grug only further embarrasses himself and drives his family further away from him.

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Reaching the mountain, Grug tries to force his family to hide out in a cave, but they resist, telling him that they can't live in caves anymore, that they don't want to survive but to live. This enrages Grug, who attacks Guy and both of them end up in a tar flow where Grug learns that Guy's family had perished in one.

Realizing that Guy's method of survival is better for his family, Grug works with him, and they lure Chunky into a trap to free themselves. The family reunites, then flees a massive cataclysm as the land begins to violently rip apart.

meet the croods eep edit

The family is cut off from their destination by a continental split, but Grug, realizing the errors of his ways, decides to throw his family to safety. He shares an invention he calls a "hug" with Eep, briefly before sending her across as well.

Cut off from his family, Grug finds a cave for safety, where he encounters Chunky, who is truly a frightened and sweet feline, and he comes up with an idea to getting them across the chasm. Using a ribcage and the Piranhakeets to fashion a simple airship, Grug manages to send themselves, and several animals the family had encountered during their journey, across the chasm, reuniting with his family once again.

He apologizes to them all and promises to never be so overbearing again. Later, the Croods have settled on a vast beach, where every day they can follow the light to "Tomorrow".

meet the croods eep edit

Cast[ edit ] Nicolas Cage as Grug Crood, a caveman who is the well-meaning, but overprotective and old-fashioned patriarch of the Croods family.

He is accompanied by a sloth named Belt. She is more open-minded than Grug, but also finds it difficult to keep her family safe. Thunk is the nine year old middle child, who is not bright and has bad coordination, but has a good heart.

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Cloris Leachman as Gran, an old and ferocious cavewoman who is the mother in law of Grug, the mother of Ugga, and the grandmother of Eep, Thunk, and Sandy. Thom created her voice with creature noises.

meet the croods eep edit

The film was announced in Mayunder the working title Crood Awakening, [15] originally a stop motion film being made by Aardman Animations [16] as a part of a "five film deal" with DreamWorks Animation.

John Cleese and Kirk DeMicco had been working together on a feature based on Roald Dahl 's story The Twits[17] a project that never went into production.