Meet the coopers torrent

- The Westerner - Gary Cooper; Walter Brennan - video dailymotion

meet the coopers torrent

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meet the coopers torrent

Although some gang members escape, Quantrill is severely wounded andcaptured. He will eventually breathe his last in a Union hospital, andhe will not be seen in the picture again.

meet the coopers torrent

By the way, Quantrill diedin June Meanwhile two gang members are captured, partiallythrough the machinations of Montana Smith George Keymasa shady anddisloyal gang member who escapes the Federal grasp. But whenthey returned home at war's end they found that Carpetbaggers were incontrol. Since the two ex-troopers could not find work, they joinedQuantrill's outfit. Though the sympathy of both Andrews and thepresiding judge, the two receive lighter sentences than usual but stillget 20 years hard labor in prison.

Escaping from the Federal troops, both Montana and Brady MichaelDante have reformed the Quantrill gang and are running roughshod inArizona, where the post-Civil War law is not strong. Enter Andrewsagain, as he has been hired by the territorial governor to head up thenewly formed Arizona Rangers. Andrews' mission is to capture the gangand bring it to justice. As Andrews is impressed with Stewart andMartin's background he makes a risky bargain with them: To make the situation legitimate,Andrews arranges for a fake-prison escape.

meet the coopers torrent

The two ex-Rebels can fleeto Mexico, but better judgment prevails and they go to work againstMontana and Brady, who by this time have taken control of a YaquiIndian village. This rousing and colorful western features beautiful Arizona scenery. William Whitney directed a typical cowboy movie with some perkyshoot-outs and ornery villains, especially Keymas' sadistic and vileMontana By contrast, accomplice Brady is almost a church choirmember.

meet the coopers torrent

Fred Graham, who portrays Quantrill, was twice the age of thereal outlaw, but his work here is sound. Murphy of course fits in wellin a familiar role.

Also, westerns from Europe were making their arrivals in the USA. Thesefilms would alter the western and blur the distinction between the goodguys and the bad ones. They kept the guns of the good guy, but tookaway most of his moral code. Alas, they created the anti-hero, a majorinfluence of those westerns made in the late s, s, and s. See my review for the watershed western "Welcome to Hard Times" dated23 Nov He's offeringMurphy and Cooper a Dirty Dozen like mission, get them and there willbe a pardon awaiting.

What Crabbe doesn't know is that Murphy is bothone unreconstructed rebel and he's got a younger brother in the Rangersalready played by Ray Stricklyn. That fact cuts several ways before thefilm is over. Arizona Raiders is a decent enough western.

meet the coopers torrent

Murphy was still goingstrong in doing these second feature B films. But it was certainlynothing you couldn't see on television where westerns ruled at thattime on the small screen.

Spikeopath William Quantrell's raiders are cornered by Capt. Tom Andrews andQuantrell and a number of his men are killed. Two are captured whilstMontana Smith and the others escape to carry on their illegaloperations. Clint Stewart and Willie Martin are the two captives, whomuch to their surprise, are spared a death sentence on account of Capt.

Andrews vouching for them as soldiers of integrity and honour. Sentenced to 20 years hard labour, the guys are faced with aninteresting proposition when Andrews offers to break them out so asthey can join the Arizona Rangers. The plan being for them toinfiltrate the renegade Raiders and help to bring them down. With few votes and even less reviews of substance written, one could beforgiven for thinking that Arizona Raiders is barely worth the time.

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Anyone have a link to Bill Cooper's "Escapes" Torrent possibly? : bjj

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