Meet the cast of workaholics

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meet the cast of workaholics

The guys behind Workaholics, a team of four best friends, created, write, direct, [ ] Kyle and Blake, how did you guys meet? . It's just us talking to each other, not necessarily actors acting, that's an important part of how the. Stars Blake Anderson and Anders Holm and writer-director Kyle Newacheck of the Comedy Central show “Workaholics” sat down to have a. Find out how you can meet the cast of #Workaholics and get into a big invite-only @vicemag & @sxsw party using @SCVNGR.

He's held down, stripped of his pants … and then has Mountain Dew because of course poured inside his butt. Then a dog licks it up. So you can kind of understand where the Coast Guard was coming from when complaining about the show. And they were not happy. Their statement read, "Sexual assault is a crime. It's not humorous and it's not funny.

That said, we're kinda with the Coast Guard on this one—that actually is a pretty intense joke. Maybe Workaholics should've put "sexual assault jokes" on their banned list too? Griping about "note to self" is pretty small potatoes in comparison, you know? One of the actors almost got hit by a drunk heckler Getty Images Yeah, this was an incredibly weird and awkward episode, the video is really tough to watch, and we don't recommend you do so … Here's a link. Basically, a female heckler got mad at Erik Griffin for telling Erik Griffin-esque jokes.

He responded by egging her on in the most offensive ways possible. He called her the r-word, the b-word, and a couple of other no-no naughty words. Finally, she gets to angry, she takes a swing at him and … misses by about a mile. Yep, Griffin didn't actually get hit by the heckler—see, most hecklers are very drunk, and if you add that to the fact that the person they're heckling is normally on a stage several feet above them, it makes it a little difficult for them to actually get a swing in.

But at least she tried, because seriously? It's constantly called an "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" rip-off A show about a bunch of terrible people doing horrible things? Of course it's called an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia rip-off. Of course, it's been called that since before it even aired.

Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck Talk WORKAHOLICS and Tease New Episodes

By the creators, to boot. Even better, they said it straight to the Sunny people's faces. Yep, before the show even aired, the cast of Workaholics drunkenly rushed up to the cast of Sunny to tell them that their upcoming show was basically a rip-off.

meet the cast of workaholics

For what it's worth, the Sunny crew reacted positively, even recently posting a tweet saying " crossover? Despite the fact that it's admitted to being a rip-off and that the show that it ripped off is cool with them, there are still Sunny fans who complain online about it, and even refuse to watch Workaholics because it's a " rip-off.

Yep, we said it. And with that, we've nailed our last banned-cliche joke of the article, thereby guaranteeing Workaholics will never want to work with us. The wizard rap thing is real The Season 1 episode "Muscle I'd Like to Flex" begins with a stylishly shot rap video sequence in which the Workaholics guys perform a song about being wizards while dressed in long robes, beards, and floppy hats.

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In the plot of the show, it's for a performance at a Renaissance fair, but the wizard rap schtick is something the trio had been pursuing for a while. Under the name the Wizards, they recorded and released a full album of wizard rap called Purple Magic in So what are you guys doing on your Xbox Ones these days? That takes up most of my time. I always keep up with the NBA games, too.

meet the cast of workaholics

A lot of Netflix too. The user interface on that thing is off the hook though. What sort of media have you been consuming?

meet the cast of workaholics

You know, renting movies and going online and stuff. You mean the Playoff Face Off? When you game, what are your favorite genres? So when did you know that you wanted to do comedy for a living? He was kind of like my Obi-Wan of comedy writing.

He sat me down and showed me a few rules. So shout-out to Ders for being my inspirational English teacher of comedy writing. Kyle is just a pro. He knows how to get us loose on set, but we do have a pretty strict script, too.

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Does one person come up with the story or is it mostly collaborative? Somebody will come up with a little nugget of an idea, and we all sit around the table and talk about the story. Then, Anders and Kevin take it to the computer and write the script.

Is this making fun of a nine-to-five job? Of course a lot of the jobs you first get when you start out are not careers for the rest of your life. Like, before I was doing this, I was a pizza deliverer.

meet the cast of workaholics

I mean, it would be cool to have three kids and be a pizza guy. Who have been your influences in terms of comedy? I like anything that uses imagination and creativity.

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What has your worst job or work experience been? It was kind of cool. Are you guys anything like your characters?

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Yeah, we are like our characters, except the ones you see on TV are our amplified versions. The verdict is still out on that. It opens doors and opportunities to meet cool people and that only leads to bigger, better things. You have people who tend to want to work with you.