Meet the candidates 2017

meet the candidates 2017

Every year Britain's brightest business minds battle it to win Lord Sugar's £ business investment on The Apprentice. Get to know Lord Sugar's newest batch of candidates, set to be put through their paces for the coveted £, investment. FIRED IN WEEK EIGHT. Matt Edmondson has mocked The Apprentice candidates in a hilarious ' Meet the Candidates' video for the new series.

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Surrey Bushra is owner and designer of her own modest fashion label, creating luxury apparel for Muslim women. Manchester Charles has his fingers in many business pies, including a management consultancy, a watch trading company and a comparison website.

meet the candidates 2017

Owner, Online Retail Store Lives: He runs an e-retail cosmetic business but admits to being disorganised and regularly leaving things to the last minute. He prides himself on being straightforward and honest, but can sometimes rub people up the wrong way "because the truth is hard to hear". Owner, Florist Chain Lives: Nottinghamshire Elizabeth describes herself as a "slightly bonkers country girl" and has a love of dogs and horses.

meet the candidates 2017

She is a hands on practical person and will have a go at doing any job. Owner Legal Firm Lives: He believes "what you see is what you get" with him, and he aims to band together with who he thinks are the stronger candidates early on to secure his place in the final.

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London Harrison started his own landscaping business aged 19 and is currently working on a number of business ventures including property development, a healthy eating brand and a streetwear brand. Fully aware that he must work hard to be successful, Harrison genuinely believes he has exactly what is needed to make this happen.

meet the candidates 2017

She thinks her greatest business skills are her creativity and passion. Owner, Recruitment Firm Lives: Birmingham James runs his own IT recruitment business and considers his drive and ambition to be his best qualities - he believes no one has ambition like him.

meet the candidates 2017

Maybe he can motivationally talk his way to the top, though. She also says she has a "hot head", which may make life difficult for the idiots on the series. A year-old law graduate from London Kurran doesn't cite showbiz entrepreneurs as his inspiration, but his father, who started his own airline.

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He's definitely not just the privileged son of a successful businessman, though: A year-old quality controller from Lancashire Rick prides himself on being able to separate business from pleasure, but warns that he's a "wolf in sheep's clothing", and is up for making duplicitous friendships with his fellow apprentices. Sabrina owns a tennis events company. She's 22 and from Middlesex. Sabrina's business role models are either fictional or not actually business leaders.

The year-old owner of a children's acting academy from Manchester Given her profession, one might imagine Byrne's experience around entitled children may bode well for her time on The Apprentice.

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A year-old solicitor from Teesside In spite of the worrying news that solicitor Sarah says she struggles with timekeeping and organisation, she does say she's charming enough to beat her competitors. She also likes to make up bad strap lines about herself: A Leeds-based swimwear brand owner.

meet the candidates 2017

Sian identifies with Coco Chanel's rags-to-riches narrative and prides herself on being ruthless.