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meet millie episodes of the office

"Chair Model" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of the American comedy television They arrange a meeting with the bosses of the office park, and are given the parking spots back. The spaces are retrieved, Kevin feels happy to. "The Meeting" was the second episode of Season 6 and the show's nd episode, overall. It was written by Aaron Shure, who also wrote the episode Two . Eleanour Donna "Nellie" Bertram is a fictional character on the U.S. comedy television series The Office. Initially a one-episode guest star, she was reportedly the top choice to replace Steve Carell, but was . Later, when Jim is keeping Dwight from attending the meeting, in hopes of keeping Dwight from getting fired.

Nellie first appeared in the seventh-season finale, where she interviewed for the Regional Manager position of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, the occupation that Michael Scott held for the majority of the series. She returns in the episode " Tallahassee ", as the President of Sabre's special projects.

She reveals that she reacted to being rejected for the Manager job by going on a destructive shopping spree she mentions that she purchased 13 pianos.

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But, she soon came up with the concept of the Sabre company opening up a chain of retail stores, an idea that Jo was ecstatic about, which resulted in her hiring Bertram to get that project underway. Nellie had long harbored a desire to adopt a child, and after being initially rejected by an adoption agency during season eight, finally achieves her wish in the series finale. Seasons 7—8[ edit ] Nellie made her debut in " Search Committee ", interviewing for the Regional Manager position at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, but proves herself to be woefully inept for the job.

However, in a talking-head interview, she expresses confidence that she will be chosen for it, due to her friendship and recommendation from Jo. In the episode, Dwight SchruteJimErin HannonStanley HudsonRyan Howardand Cathy, as well many employees at Sabre headquarters, attend her orientation meeting, where she explains how she obtained her occupation as President of Sabre's special projects, recalling how she interviewed for the Regional Manager position at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, but was not hired, because the search committee decided, as she pointedly reminds Jim, that she and the job were not "A good fit".

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However, she later thought of the concept of the Sabre company opening up a chain of retail stores, and called Jo to inform her of the idea. Jo was ecstatic about it, and hired Nellie to oversee it.

While she is initially impressed with Packer, and the two are even seen flirting with one another, she is soon impressed with Dwight, as well, who, despite being rushed into surgeryafter developing an appendicitisreturns three hours after his appendix is removed in order to impress her.

After nearly butchering a slide-show presentation, he finally impresses Nellie by telling the audience that the only element of marketing that matters is "Desire". Bertram subsequently invites Packer and Dwight to have breakfast with her the following day. For most of the night, Packer seems to be the more successful; but Dwight has Gabe spike Packer's beer with his asthma inhaler, which causes Packer to vomitand leaves Dwight alone with Nellie.

Dwight eventually succeeds in seducing her, and she asks for a key to his room. Dwight scratches off the magnetic strip on his hotel card before giving it to Nellie, stating the seduction was only to gain approval and doesn't intend to have sex with her.

She later shows up at his door, drunk, and unsuccessfully attempts to enter. Several things go awry; and after Ryan departs, Jim is forced to give the presentation, which, despite a rocky start, impresses the crowd. After the opening, Nellie names Dwight as Vice President. While Robert seems to take a liking to her, he reveals to Jim that he dislikes the business plan for the Sabre store, and that he only approved it because Jo Bennett wanted it.

He says that it is now evident that the store is a failure, so he plans to sandbag it at a high-level meeting.

meet millie episodes of the office

However, for this failure he plans to terminate Dwight, the Vice President of the project, instead of Nellie presumably because of her friendship with Jo. Later, when Jim is keeping Dwight from attending the meeting, in hopes of keeping Dwight from getting fired, Packer convinces Nellie to appoint him Vice President in Dwight's absence, which she does. During the meeting, Robert chastises Packer, pretending that the Sabre store was a brilliant concept, but that Packer simply botched it in execution.

Nellie then steps up, apparently defending Packer, as she tells the board not to blame Packer, but then states to simply blame his upbringing, and the society that "molded this idiotic creature". She says that, while they should fire Packer as an employee, they should not fire him as a man.

An infuriated Packer protests this, stating that it is actually Nellie's fault for her poor business plan.

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Yet, Robert still terminates him instead of Nellie, and it is implied that Robert was impressed at how Nellie manipulated the situation. Consider the plot, dialogue and details of one episode. In it, Millie and her beau Johnny are having a tiff over where to take a joint vacation. Johnny wants to go fishing but Millie and her mother are set on going to a nearby lodge. In order to ultimately get his way, the elder Mr. He has also planned a fancy dinner for later that night. You were supposed to say I could go fishing!

Sure, Dad said if I soft-soaped you— Millie: And I suppose these flowers were part of the soft soaping act too.

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Millie picks up the flowers. Well, you can soft soap the janitor with them! She tosses the flowers out the door. B-b-but, Miss Bronson, those were my flowers. I bought them for my wife. Covered in blooms, Mrs. Alone with the camera, Jim reveals that he was not joking and shows an engagement ring that he bought "the week after [they] started dating. When Pam stops and looks he says he has a question to ask her.

After a second or so of hesitation, he asks her if she will wait while he ties his shoes.

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She laughs and they continue walking hand in hand. At the end of the episode, Michael and Dwight are seen singing "American Pie" and dancing in the same cemetery at night, presumably having never left. Production[ edit ] "Chair Model" was the third episode of the series directed by Jeffrey Blitz. Blitz had previously directed " The Convict " and " The Negotiation ".

Novakwho plays temporary worker turned corporate manager Ryan Howard. For a while, "Parking" was going to be the title, but even that was decided against because that refers to the subplotand also because it was generic and boring even by the show's no-frills-titles standard.

Eventually, someone suggested "Chair Model", which was eventually kept as the name. As a group, the writers tried to think of a new idea for the plot; they considered having Pam move in with Jim, but they thought that first the two should be engaged. According to Novak, the chair model was supposed to be "pretty" and "perhaps even prettier than your average model", but more of just an "average single girl", because the episode is more about Michael wanting to start dating again than the model herself.

meet millie episodes of the office