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Garrus: James told me there's an old saying here on Earth--may you be thing goes sideways and we both end up there--meet me at the bar. Follow/Fav Mass Effect: Meet Me At The Bar Garrus and FemShep say their last goodbyes. Enjoy! Then, he turns to me and doesn't say anything. The last Words like loyal, ruthless, and dedicated always came to mind. For Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic Legion: "This platform can be of some assistance Garrus Vakarian" "If this thing goes sideways and we both end up in heaven meet me at the bar.".

After the mission is complete she becomes even more distraught. Sheer curiosity alone would have probably been enough for most players to decide to keep the Geth on the Normandy instead of sell it to Cerberus. However, if Shepard does decide to sell or never activate Legion, it comes back to bite Shepard in the ass. This room in the Cerberus Headquaters can also carry another eerie reminder.

If Shepard waits too long to answer the distress call from Grissom Academy, Cerberus will capture Jack and her biotic students. Then when Shepard hits the Cerberus HQ, they can find audio files of Jack being tortured and reprogrammed.

And finally they will encounter Jack transformed into a Cerberus phantom. Both Jack and Legion will appear as enemies if the requisite choices are made for double the horror. Several resourceful ME 2 players on PC have discovered unused game assets if you can finagle the restricted squad mates onto your team earlier than the final product intended.

Tali will remark that she and Garrus bunkering down is just like old times. Also on Omega, you can get some humorous reactions to the alien plague from Tali. That means securing their loyalty to Shepard by completing their loyalty missions. Most of the missions are unaffected in how they play out if you postpone them.

With one huge exception. If Shepard has at least two other squad mates left after the suicide mission, Shepard can choose to leave Zaeed to die in the fire he started. Wrex could be leading the Krogan or Wreav. Eve could survive the production of the Genophage cure or not. And for most of the players, Mordin would sacrifice his life to administer the cure.

But his death in this moment is not inevitable. There is a way to save Mordin, but at a terrible cost. In all versions of the scene at the Shroud Tower, Mordin is determined to sacrifice himself to save the cure. Ordinarily, the only way to stop him is for Shepard to shoot Mordin in the back. I don't know if this in my power as Commander Shepard but, I hope you and the rest of the Alliance respects my wishes.

I leaving you the Normandy and the crew. I never thought anyone was more capable then you. I believe you will make a good Commander Vakarian.

Mass Effect Andromeda - Dad Ryder's Final Memory & Audio Logs (Mentions of Shepard, Garrus & Liara)

Please lead the crew in the finest path you can, believe in yourself and them. They'll look up to you as they did me. On a more personal note, I'm sorry.

I didn't want to leave you but, in a mess like this no choices are given. I know you are very upset with me right now and I get it. I would be too but, just remember I will always love you. I cleaned up for desk area so the letter was easily found if I do not return.

I was interrupted by the sound of my cabin doors sliding apart and closing. And there he was in his blue and black armour. The same one where no matter how many times I want to save the child I can't. He always, always get engulfed in those damn flames and I can't do anything about it. Cold chills filled my body. I looked over to the corner of my cabin there was Garrus probably doing some calibrations. I rose up and put my face in my hands, nothing could prepare me for what was about to come.

I met the crew who were all ready to face the battle field we once called home. I gathered everyone and told them my final words. I wouldn't be here without each and everyone of you guiding me and the others, I want you to have no regrets in this mission, treat it as any other.

We have a objective and let's get it done. Then, we are going to retire on a warm tropical island. Maybe even find out what a turian human baby looks like? I stood there taken back of that thought.

If I make it out that Garrus wants to start a family? Hmm, a family with Garrus Vakarian. The thought of a warm tropical place with the whole crew would be nice. I suppose I would be retired and have a lot of free time. I always did want to be a mom too. Hell yeah, let's do it. He needed me but, so did the rest of the galaxy. I chose my path into the alliance so now I must pay the consequences even if it for the greater good.

May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead. Not sure if our heavens are the same but, if this thing goes bad and they are the same meet me at the bar, I'm buying. And Shepard forgive me but, your boyfriend has a order for you. It would be a awful lonely galaxy without you. Garrus didn't deserve to be alone in the galaxy but, I did have a job to do.

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I couldn't promise him anything about what was going to happen but, I'd do my best to prevent the worst. Before I knew it I was on top of the Citadel when a familiar figure appeared. It was the child in my dreams who just kept running wanting no help at all. He explained to me how he was the Catalyst and how the Reapers were just taking part in the cycle.

They took all the older generations and leaving the younger to renew the cycle.

Garrus Vakarian

He then told me I had three choices. Destroy- I die but, the rest of the galaxy is free from the reapers. Control- I die but, I control the reapers and their cycles.

Synthesis- Give my power to Reapers and they spread it throughout the galaxy. I shot at the circuit. One bullet for Joker. Another for Admiral Anderson. And the final bullet for Garrus. Then, the whole structure blew to pieces. My final came through.

People cheered in the final stages of the Reaper war, Back on the Normandy "We can't save her, we need to go. The Normandy was trying to fly away from the wave.

Joker was hitting every button to save her but, the wave caught up and took down the Normandy. Joker emerged from the broken ship along with the rest of the crew. The planet they landed on was like no other, it was bursting with life. Waterfalls made the scenery even more beautiful.

While the rest of the crew was in disbelief, Garrus heard the sound of paper rattling in the wind. He ran over to it and saw it was addressed to him. He began to open the envelope and read the letter inside.