Letterheads meet the spartans

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Committee of Spartan Motors, Inc. (the "Company") and has been approved by the The Committee shall meet at least twice annually and more frequently as. Occasionally, type will be set within a Spartan shield graphic to communicate . of each subject to meet the specifications of various types of communications. The City of Sparta Parks & Recreation Department is committed to provide a quality, diverse program that .. advanced classes will meet on Monday evenings at the Sparta From Letterheads & Business Cards to 4-Color.

In photos with light backgrounds, the MSU green gradient may be adjusted from 70 percent to as little as 50 percent opacity, depending on the photo, to achieve a balance between contrast and transparency.

letterheads meet the spartans

In photos with dark backgrounds, a white gradient fill of 70 percent to 50 percent opacity may be used. The graphic should be used in connection with a single Spartan subject.

The graphic should be sized according to the size of the subject in the image.

Знакомство со спартанцами

The graphic must always face right, just as the Spartan helmet mark does. Do not flip the helmet to face left, and never use on a subject who is facing left.

letterheads meet the spartans

In the rare circumstance that it would be necessary or desirable to flip the helmet, approval from CABS is required. The subject of the photograph must be facing as noted: When is the Plume graphic used? Use the plume graphic sparingly and selectively for maximum impact.

letterheads meet the spartans

In a video, use only on an individual subject in the end frame as a signature. On a website, use only on an individual subject in an image on the home page, not throughout the site.

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Do not use the graphic on multiple subjects in one image. Do not substitute the block S for the Michigan State University wordmark, which should appear on all external MSU publications, websites, and other visual communications.

letterheads meet the spartans

The block S is not a substitute for the Spartan helmet. Use only approved, unaltered versions of the block S.

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Do not recreate the block S. Do not use the block S to replace a letterform in any name or word.

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Do not combine the block S with or place within any other marks, graphic elements, or words. Do not alter the block S except to enlarge or reduce proportionally. The block S may be used on give-away promotional items such as T-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc.

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Use The combination mark may be used on all external communications, unless otherwise specified, including print and online publications, advertising, and licensed merchandise. The combination should be used for outdoor signage identifying MSU locations off campus.

letterheads meet the spartans

Contact CABS for more information.