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Greek Life at Kean University empowers members of the Greek-letter Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) Amy Vojta Impact Award: Public. First and foremost, academics are the student's primary responsibility when attending a university and, therefore, the Office of Greek Life is establishing a minimum Grade Point For the first year (August – May ) the minimum will be a , in the second year Montclair, NJ · · Campus Map. The Fall Meet the Greeks will be held on Wednesday, September 14, , Meet the Greeks is FREE! for Kean University students with a valid Kean.

Therefore, any member who falls between a 2. The student will be required to have monthly check-in meetings with the Coordinator of Greek Life to discuss goal setting and time management as it relates to being a member of a Greek organization. These conversations can include but are not limited to reviewing grades on weekly assignments, tests, midterm progress and final exams. While on Greek academic probation, current members will be permitted to attend Greek-wide and chapter events.

During the probation period, members must demonstrate academic progress. If their GPA decreases while on probation, they will be made inactive for the following semester.

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To continue to promote academic success within the Greek community, over the next three years we will implement a higher minimum GPA requirement for current members and those who wish to join Greek Life this is in addition to the 2. For the first year August — May the minimum will be a 2. Please note that as the minimum requirement changes each year, every current Greek member will need to meet that new minimum requirement in addition to anyone wishing to join the Greek community.

This information will be made available to the organizations and advisors through email along with being posted in the Greek Life portal on HawkSync.

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By implementing this, organizations will be able to view their academics publically along with those wishing to join a Greek organization. The Office of Greek Life has the responsibility to challenge and support all current and prospective members to achieve academic success. I am one of the people for those who need someone to listen to. I am not above or below anyone. I believe that everyone can have a voice, but the thing is, I try to use that as a stepping stone for other people.

I try to preach what I teach, meaning that I attempt to do what I say to others," Nakhla commented. For Nakhla, the lessons learned from being in his Greek organization have also assisted him in keeping a strong work ethic. The senior admits that his experiences in school have given him the utmost important tools that go into preparation throughout his journey as an undergraduate. It is easier to be a non-brother than be a brother or a sister of a fraternity or sorority because it comes with a lot of responsibilities.

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There are not a lot of people who wish to wake up early in the morning on the weekend to go clean up a park. As a fraternity or sorority member, you have to go and do it. It comes with the responsibility," Nakhla commented. Other than just volunteer work, if you have a program, you have to work for that program.

You have to submit it, do the paperwork, set up, clean up, host it.

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It is not like you just join a Greek organization where everything is going to be smooth sailing. The sky does not serve as a realistic limit for the senior. Not everyone is going to like them, and there are going to be some decisions that people will disagree with, but sometimes the decisions that you make that meet disagreement may not always be the correct choice," Nakhla said.

If I am going to be a leader, I am willing to learn how to push myself to take that risk.