Jap 2 meet the parents

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jap 2 meet the parents

Meeting your Japanese Boyfriend's / Girlfriend's Parents: Safe Topics to Talk About. Posted on 4 July, .. 2 Trackbacks & Pingbacks. Advice for. So in two weeks is Obon and I 'finally' get to drive through half of Japan to meet my girlfriends parents. Well, actually, it's the parents and. I obsessed over my outfit, practiced my keigo, read lots of blog posts about how to meet your Japanese boyfriend's parents, and made sure I.

Looking for love: Meeting the Parents

My girlfriend invited me to stay at a ryokan in Gunma with them. I actually met the whole extended family which was a bit of a surprise. I met them by accident a few months after we started dating. We came to his house to pick up something when the whole family unexpectedly turned up.

They were quite shocked, as was I, and we sort of stood around awkwardly until going to hide in his room. Like Emily, we met by accident.

jap 2 meet the parents

We ran into his parents in the neighborhood and it was quite obvious we were dating. They looked surprised too, but they soon invited me to come to dinner. How did the meeting go?

jap 2 meet the parents

The second time we met went over really well. I was a bit nervous around them because of the way we met, but they turned out to be really nice. I think it was more my own awkwardness that I had to get over if anything.

It was a bit awkward. What Japanese food do you like? Can you use chopsticks? That kind of stuff. After the initial shock, it went over well. His parents were very accepting of our relationship.

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How is your relationship with them now? I have met her parents only once since the ryokan, but I often hang out with her brother. I lived with them for a few months and they really made me feel welcome. It is not clear how much influence students themselves have on educational decisions, in particular whether or not they decide to participate in shadow education.

Students who play an active or dominant part in the decision-making process describe a different cause for educational decisions than originally assumed. Shadow Education and Decision-Making in Japan 2. However, the Japanese school system is highly stratified, especially at the high school level.

jap 2 meet the parents

Although the university entrance examination system has been criticized for decades because of the extraordinarily intense competition it produces, none of the reforms initiated in higher education show satisfying results yet Kariya a. Hence, general high academic standing in school and intense preparation before the transition to high school and university are essential for gaining entry into prestigious schools.

Consequently, in addition to enrolment in the regular schooling system, Japanese students of all ages are extensively involved in out-of-school educational activities. Juku are generally divided into two types: Non-academic juku are related to school subjects in the arts, sports or other non-academic fields naraigoto. In this paper only academic juku are considered.

Attending classes at juku has become very popular among students ever since the great juku-boom in the s Rohlen Because the Japanese government failed to aptly respond to the extraordinary increase of educational aspirations in the process of educational expansion, private operators offered educational support Haasch As a result, the supplementary education industry has expanded continuously.

jap 2 meet the parents

Even though the overall yearly income of this industry decreased slightly in the s, a further increase can be seen since Hence, the juku-industry is an influential economic and educational factor in Japanese society. According to MEXT data, participation in one of the three described shadow education types varies according to whether students attend public or private schools.

Concerning public schools, in These rates are generally higher for private school students, except for those in middle school primary school: In the case of correspondence courses and private tutors, the combined participation rates are generally lower and do not show very big differences for public primary school: This might be due to the high costs associated with this particular type of shadow education.

Hence, correspondence courses seem to provide a comparably cheap alternative to juku and private tutors. Parents of private high school students, in particular, reported much higher costs MEXTa fact supported by my fieldwork.

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Kataoka ; Konakayama and Matsui ; Tomura, Nishimaru and Oda and found generally positive effects of shadow education on academic achievement e. Seiyama and Noguchi ; Kataoka ; Kita ; Mimizuka ; Konakayama and Matsui ; Yamamoto and Brinton ; Entrichand has thus strengthened the belief that shadow education contributes to social reproduction. However, variations in the choice to invest in shadow education have been found according to gender e.

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Seiyama and Noguchinumber of siblings e. Tomura, Nishimaru and Odagrade and school type e.

jap 2 meet the parents

Kataoka ; Konakayama and Matsui ; Tomura, Nishimaru and Odaranking of high schools e. Konakayama and Matsui