Inside out meet the emotions sadness

inside out meet the emotions sadness

Pixar's new film Inside Out personifies the five major emotions — Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust — residing in the mind of a preteen. Inside Out: Meet Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness! The emotions who live in her mind's Headquarters work with Riley to help her cope. Meet Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear from Disney/Pixar's Inside Out in this glittery board book! Disney/Pixar's Academy Award-winning Inside Out takes .

It has moved viewers young and old to take a look inside their own minds. As you likely know by now, much of the film takes place in the head of an year-old girl named Riley, with five emotions—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust—embodied by characters who help Riley navigate her world.

But they are conveyed strongly enough to provide a foundation for discussion among kids and adults alike. Some of the most memorable scenes in the film double as teachable moments for the classroom or dinner table. So for parents and teachers who want to discuss Inside Out with children, here we have distilled four of its main insights into our emotional lives, along with some of the research that backs them up.

And a warning, lest we rouse your Anger: There are a number of spoilers below.

inside out meet the emotions sadness

But by the end of the film, Joy—like Riley, and the audience—learns that there is much, much more to being happy than boundless positivity. This reflects the way that a lot of leading emotion researchers see happiness.

The authors of this study suggest that feeling a variety of specific emotions may give a person more detailed information about a particular situation, thus resulting in better behavioral choices—and potentially greater happiness.

For example, in a pivotal moment in the film, Riley allows herself to feel sadness, in addition to fear and anger, about her idea of running away from home; as a result, she decides not to go through with her plan.

And all the research and press about the importance of happiness in recent years can make this message that much more potent. Thank goodness emotion researcher June Gruber and her colleagues started looking at the nuances of happiness and its pursuit. For example, their research suggests that making happiness an explicit goal in life can actually make us miserable.

In fact, not only does that strategy fail to bring her happiness, it also seems to make her feel isolated and angry with her parents, which factors into her decision to run away from home. But critically, prioritizing positivity does not require avoiding or denying negative feelings or the situations that cause them—the kind of single-minded pursuit of happiness that can be counter-productive.

Inside Out: Meet Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness!

Anger Anger is red-furred, with short, squat, boxy physique. He's very businesslike, always dressed in shirt, slacks and tie, and usually with his arms crossed.

Anger can fly off the handle at any moment, and isn't open to new ideas.

inside out meet the emotions sadness

When Riley has to move because of her dad's new job, Anger is quick to point the blame at others. He's aptly voiced by comedian Lewis Black, who's well known for his exasperated rants. Disgust Disgust is fierce!

She's got pale green skin and blushed cheeks, sports long emerald hair and lashes, and wears a green patterned dress and leggings to match, with fuchsia heels and scarf for contrast. Disgust has a bit of an ego, with a distaste for anything that doesn't meet her standards, which is most things.

She's wonderfully voiced by one of our girl power icons, Mindy Kaling! Sadness Sadness is timid and petite, which big, rounded spectacles that give her a very circular look.

inside out meet the emotions sadness

Sadness is always feeling blue, which is reflecting in her blue skin and hair. She wears a big fluffy turtleneck sweater and usually has a frown on her face, looking a little lost in thought.

Sadness is voiced by The Office's Phyllis Smith, giving her a wonderfully melancholy tone.

Four Lessons from “Inside Out” to Discuss With

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