God is dead so meet the kids tab

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god is dead so meet the kids tab

We wore surgical gloves and masks so the acid wouldn't get into our mouths The acid was kicking in and I began the ultimate ego death trip. Browse Songs on Chordie - Guitar Chords, Guitar Tabs and Lyrics. A (Very) Little Respect (Silence 4) A Celebration for the Death of Man'€¦ (Agalloch). Song: God is Dead, Meet the Kids Artist: British India Album: Thieves [] by Chris The tuning is half a step down, every song on the album is and no one has .

He got up and absent-mindedly turned the fan in the direction of the table and the pile of acid. The White Lightening immediately became a psychedelic dust storm spinning toward my face and into my mouth and eyes. I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like Marcel Marceau. This was several thousand micrograms of high grade LSD. I started splashing my face with water, irrigating my eyes and washing out my mouth.

The acid was kicking in and I began the ultimate ego death trip. I was passing through dimensions not even Rod Serling could imagine. Walls shimmered and breathed, rainbows everywhere, mandalas spinning like heavenly roulette wheels… I was so fucking high! I was so overwhelmed that my ego made no attempt to resist.

I was without fear. I felt at one with everything: But there were twice as many people in that band—Comfort Food is especially notable, I think, in feeling just as wild and unrestrained, while obviously having to do a lot more up-front compositional planning to make these arrangements possible with two people.

And I love it. Is that … a gh-gh-gh-ghost? I may need help — someone summon a Mystery Machine and a stoned semi-talking dog so we can do this properly. And Deluca shoots more for gentleness and ethereality than despondence or even nostalgia?

god is dead so meet the kids tab

This is really as reflective as it gets — Deluca even says so herself: Let the light, the spirit flow through body and bloodstream and guide you to greater understanding. And I feel like I have to beg forgiveness for making a Scooby-Doo reference while reviewing a serious tape. Edition of available from ACR! Or, uh, 19 now.

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I know I am not alone on this. There are so many people that live life by what they are taught and not by what they discover on their own.

He was also convinced an angel had given him golden tablets that contained the word of god in an unknown language. Armed with magic crystals, he was the only man able to translate the text into English.

Over pages later we now know this text from golden tablets and magic crystals as the Book of Mormon.

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Mormons believe that Joseph Smith started the church as a restoration of original Christianity and that Smith was a prophet sent by god, in fact they consider their top leaders to be prophets and apostles. They think god was a real man with flesh and blood who impregnated Mary giving the world Jesus Christ. They think the promise land is in Missouri and jesus was American.

They believe that when you die you are sent to the spirit world where you will await final judgment by God, Jesus, and yes Joseph Smith. They believe that Jesus will establish a new kingdom consisting of three levels: Polygamy is proper, magic underwear are necessary, and black people are cursed. The list of silly things they believe goes on and on. Today there are more than 14 million Mormons in the world who believe this stuff to be of absolute FACT, not fiction.

The thing that gets me every time about Mormonism is the golden tablet story. Golden tablets written in an unknown language that could only be translated by a guy who was known for telling tall tales?

Just because something sounds like a good idea and tons of people believe it, does not make it the truth. Now if you are a Christian and believe that the bible is the word of god then you know in your heart that all of the above is absolute bullshit. There are no three levels of heaven in the afterlife. There are only two places you go after death: You believe that god created the earth in six days and on the seventh he rested, that the world is around five thousand years old and started with a man whom god created from dust and a woman from one of his ribs.

You think that people used to live to be eight and nine hundred years old. You think that Jesus Christ was an actual man, born to a virgin named Mary, who later became a preacher, had twelve disciples, who walked the earth two thousand years ago, performing miracles, was persecuted and crucified on a cross by the Jews, then woke up three days later and ascended into heaven the savior of all mankind. When you were young did you ever played the game telephone?

The teacher gets upset because someone said shit and the game ends with everyone slightly mystified in the retelling of a story over the course of a 5 minute game in a classroom filled with 8 year olds.

Imagine that game played for two thousand years and manhandled by fallible human beings.

GOD IS DEAD MEET THE KIDS TAB by British India @ catchsomeair.us

Ask yourself why you believe in god, mohammad, heaven, hell and jesus. Is it because you have done the research to prove their existence? Are you afraid what might transpire in afterlife? I know scores of people who believe in fairy tales simply based from fear of where they are going when they die.

I had to catch my own food to eat, and bathe myself in a river or a lake. Do you think that I could depict his life with any sort of accuracy? From his writings of poetry and prose, his thoughts on life, down to whom he loved and fucked?

god is dead so meet the kids tab

It would be a story that I came up with in my own head because I am a man with thoughts of my own. Fear of hell and the promise of heaven is not a good reason for choosing to do the right over the wrong thing. In my mind, the god idea should be eradicated from this world if we expect to survive. There is a mountain of debate on this topic and an even greater ocean of information available to support it.

All you have to do is look. Open your eyes, do some research. How many people are killed in the name of God? What kind of God would even want that? Why is god a jealous god?

god is dead so meet the kids tab

If he is omnipotent and all seeing, caring and loving, why does he have one of the pettiest of emotions? Why do we put all of our faith in jesus when there multiple deities that PRE DATE the story christ and share an exuberant amount of similarities? Virgin birth, carpenter, 12 disciples, crucified, rose 3 days later. Why do we still believe in religion when it was created solely to keep people ignorant, in fear and feeling guilty?

Why do we support the catholic church when they place the prevention of contraceptives ahead of the prevention of priests fucking children. Why is religion the biggest culprit of human suffering in this world?

LSD and a terrifying fling with 'ego death' nearly ruined a Sydney teen's life

You can have spirituality without religion if you so choose. You can feel a connection to nature, to the earth, to music, to love, to other human beings without the fear of burning for all of eternity. All you have to do is wake up, think freely, doubt the powers of the unknown and reach out for something tangible.

According to the latest pew forum survey, That is a HUGE percentage of people in this country. The silence has to end. Religion is destroying the fucking world.