Ghostfacers meet the facers conference

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ghostfacers meet the facers conference

Sep 14, The Ghostfacers was the name adopted by Harry Spengler and Ed strategy meeting with the team a la Ghost Hunters in Ed's parent's garage. Cas and the Ghostfacers>> I need an episode with the Ghistfacers back together and meeting Cas. Or just an episode with the Ghostfacers back together. Or just. Ghostfacers is a webseries spin-off of Supernatural featuring the Ghostfacer team led by Ed Zeddmore and Harry Meet The Facers actors A. J. Buckley and Travis Wester, and held a successful meeting with studio and network executives.

She is attacked by the ghost of Janet Myers and is scarred for life, leading her to quit her intership with the Ghostfacers. Sam and Dean work a case at the same place where the Ghostfacers are shooting the pilot for their reality show. Every leap year, beginning at midnight, a ghost who used to be a janitor at a local hospital kills people and keeps their corpses at the Morton House for company. Since the ghost hides the bodies of his victims, all the deaths were reported as missing persons cases.

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Their victims spirits remain trapped in the house in a death echo, reliving their deaths in a loop. Any living person in the house at midnight, which on that night happens to be Sam and Dean become trapped in the house for the ghost hunt one by one.

ghostfacers meet the facers conference

They see Sam and Dean roll by scoping out the place. The Ghostfacers search the house with their instruments, taking readings and run into Sam and Dean impersonating cops. Ed recognizes them from their earlier encounter in Texas.


Sam and Dean try to get them out of the house by showing them the missing persons reports, but Team 2 records a ghost reliving his horrible death.

He was a survivalist, and took corpses from the morgue to keep him company. After a large EMF surge Sam mysteriously vanishes. The ghost, Daggett, holds a birthday party in the house with three dead bodies he had stolen from the morgue before his death along with Corbett and Sam. Daggett slides a sharp metal spike through Corbett's neck killing him, and trapping his spirit in a death echo.

Dean figures out that a survivalist usually keeps a bomb shelter and heads for the basement, but the basement door locks behind him, separating him and Spruce from the others. The others meanwhile put themselves in a salt circle and see the ghost of Corbett reliving his death.

Dean finds the bomb shelter just before Sam gets his own spike through the neck. Ed talks to Corbett to get him out of his death echo and manages to get through just in time for Corbett to take on Daggett, who is tossing around Sam, Dean and Spruce in the basement.

ghostfacers meet the facers conference

Everyone minus Corbett leaves alive the next morning, taking Ed and Harry back to the fireplace to lament over the loss of their friend in a completely exploitative way, even showing the typical reality confessional moment. They show their pilot to Sam and Dean, who warn them that revealing such ghostly secrets usually land them in straitjackets or gets them a punch in the face or both.

Sam and Dean go but leave a bag behind, and Ed pulls out the large electromagnet, which erases all the hard drives including the Ghostfacers pilot.

Ironically all that they learn off the website they taught to the Ghostfacers themselves which Ed and Harry do credit, but refer to Sam and Dean repeatedly as "those Winchester douchnozzels. As the lights go out, she hides in her closet and calls While she is talking, a hand holding a knife appears behind her. Blood begins to pour through the closet doors. Sam is doing research in the library when Dean comes in and tells Sam that he will be back. When Sam questions him about his leaving, Dean says he found a case, but he wasn't going to take Sam because he doesn't know what Sam wants.

ghostfacers meet the facers conference

Sam wants to come along, so the boys head to Washington. The Ghostfacers, Harry and Ed, are sitting in a diner, and Harry is obsessing about his ex-girlfriend's Facebook page when Sam and Dean sit down with them. The boys exchange some witty banter with the Ghostfacers, and Sam and Dean warn them to leave town. In the meantime, the busboy gets in trouble with his manager for not doing his job properly. The boys return to the motel to research, and Sam checks the Ghostfacers website where they discover the Ghostfacers latest obsession: The boys argue about whether they are hunting a ghost or Thinman.

Meanwhile, Ed and Harry return to Casey's bedroom to record some footage for their fans. They continue to discuss Harry's ex-girlfriend. He comes clean about making up the Thinman to keep Harry from leaving Ghostfacers. Ed tries justifying his actions though admits to faking only one case before real ones started popping up.

Sam is especially upset about it, reiterating how "secrets ruin relationships," a reality he's feeling now.

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The trio gets on the road and comes across Harry, who has barely escaped his run-in with the Thinman. Ed also lets Harry in on the betrayal which strains their relationship. Though the Ghostfacers are captured, it gives Sam and Dean just enough time to escape. When they come back into the room with the Ghostfacers at gun and knife-point, the Winchesters jump them. Dean takes Roger out, while Harry shoots the deputy before he can take out Ed.

ghostfacers meet the facers conference

The Ghostfacers are breaking up for good as Harry just can't get over Ed's actions, confessing he can't forgive such selfish actions. Two years after hunting the Morton House, the Ghostfacers are still a team but haven't managed to find another real ghost since Freeman Daggett. They consider the Winchesters their rivals and douchenozzles for destroying their footage and have a new intern named Dave who according to Ed and Harry is good but "no Corbett" whose death still haunts Ed who now carries an extendable iron rod to defend himself from ghosts after what happened to Corbett.

The team decides to investigate a theater which is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of Janet Meyersan actress who was murdered by her ex-husband at the theater.

Before they can leave, a beautiful but not too bright girl named Ambyr arrives looking to become their intern and because of how beautiful she is, the guys immediately fire Dave and hire her. The team goes to the theater where they set up their equipment and start looking for Janet's ghost.