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geeta patel from meet the patels wikipedia

The media could not be played. Ravi and Geeta Patel on why Midterms Matter. The 'Meet The Patels' filmmakers want to guarantee equality for all Americans. In she was featured prominently in the documentary "Meet the Patels" which chronicled her romance at the time with comedian Ravi Patel. Ultimately they. Geeta V. Patel bio.

Hollywood is competitive and Geeta Patel has paved her way, in a profound way, by weaving in Indian American experiences into American movie screens—nationwide.

Ravi Patel (actor)

I was really lucky enough to snag an interview with Geeta. What got you into directing? When I started as an assistant over 15 years ago, I had no idea which job I was interested in or qualified to do. I just kept following my bliss and it was a long road that led into directing in a very unexpected way. My secret is focus on being thankful for every single moment of the experience and doing my best. I have learned to let go of fear and expectations and simply enjoy the freedom to actually tell stories whether I am getting paid to do it or not.

Which directors inspire you? Do you have any favorites? Can we see any of their influence in your recent or previous work? Anthony Minghella was a great inspiration, as was Sydney Pollack. They both had such an effervescence, such independent voices. They were very brave in their storytelling. With Anthony, I had the honor of spending time with him, and I was inspired by his approach to directing and working with his crew through kindness.

I really believe in being kind and loving as a director, and in any part of life.

geeta patel from meet the patels wikipedia

I also love the way Anthony incorporates music and gorgeous verse into his films… The English Patient was the film that knocked me out and made me want to work in film.

I love Almodovar as well.

Meet the Patels Interviews - Ravi Patel & Geeta Patel

The rich culture and intimacy in his films. Mira Nair and Satyijat Ray blow my mind. The seemingly verite quality of their films.

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What inspired you to film scenes in an impromptu, casual, style? I never wanted to make the film, let alone be in it! My brother made me do it and once I started filming, I realized the film needed to be made.

The inspiration for the film was the actual subject and story, and my amazing, magical brother. Is there any information on this that we should know about? I can tell you that we have spent more time snacking and making tea than writing….

How did it happen? What was it like working with Mindy Kaling? I absolutely loved directing on the Mindy Project. In general, I love working in comedy!

In Conversation with Ravi V. This particularly holds true for the Indian community that has settled in the West.

Geeta Patel - IMDb

We saw the film a few weeks ago and managed to catch up with the filmmakers themselves. What prompted you to make Meet the Patels and how did the idea evolve? I never wanted to make the film! It all started with the private home video of our family trip to India… I had always wanted to document the story through comedy and make something more journalistic with me as the host, but the home video was so hilarious and we knew in our guts that the personal story was the way to go.

Ravi is the storyteller while Geeta is the cinematographer, how did that work? Siblings working together, was there any tension or rivalry while filming?

Well there was that time I almost murdered Ravi, but other than that, things were very cool. Never work with your sister!

geeta patel from meet the patels wikipedia

Haha… making this film changed our lives in so many ways, however the greatest gift was my relationship with Ravi. We are such different people, and working together was a huge challenge. Halfway through making the film, we were fighting so much that we both sat in a room and started to cry. Geets, why do you have to always tell people that I cried. We just were not getting along and it was bad, like Trump being the Republican nominee-bad.

So we decided we had to try harder, love each other even more than we thought we could. Years later, we finished the film, we were best friends, and our relationship was greater than I could have ever dreamt. In the process of making a film about family, we learned how to truly be one.

They never bought the idea that we were making a film.