Captain planet never the twain shall meet

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captain planet never the twain shall meet

Captain Planet and the Planeteers S6 Never the Twain Shall Meet Saturday, 10th February · David Coburn Captain Planet. LeVar Burton Kwame. Never the twain shall meet [Closed:Gholgoth] . “Captain, we have the coordinates of the rendezvous, the two Subjugators are to “Aye Captain, at once” We were going to wipe the Reich off the face of this very planet. Meets. West. Puzzled by a reference in a Japanese manga? Sometimes there's a fantasy is fantasy, reality is reality, and never the twain shall meet (Drazen ). The more remote the setting (nineteenth-cen- tury Europe, a distant planet), a heroine and her loyal captain of arms as a woman in disguise, all the better.

This was so because at the beginning of time the sun used to rise in the west and set in the east. But for some unknown reason God saw fit to change this order of things, and to make the sun rise and set in the quarters it now does. Such is the tradition. Given his learning, he may have been familiar with the classical enunciations cited above, but his failure to spell out the analogy suggests his oblivion to them.

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What to make of such traditions, other than a swift knee-jerk dismissal? Most ancient Greeks and Romans viewed the sun as one of the planets orbiting around the earth. An event of this kind would also account for traditions of an inversion of sky and earth, toppling of the earth or fall of the sky.

In addition, a rollover would make sense of the common mythological association of such events with the deluge, similar to the Jewish testimony cited above. Nevertheless, other possibilities remain. An example is this tale from the Wailaki northern California: It was not really light.

Coyote went to the west to find out about this condition. He found the sun in a sweat-house, hanging in a burden-basket and covered with a tray basket. I am going to have the sun rise in the east and set in the west every day.

Occasionally the sun attempted to rise over the rim of the horizon, and the rays of a would-be dawn lightened the world enough for people to move about.

But soon the sun was forced to retreat below the horizon, and the world was enveloped once again in its primordial darkness.

captain planet never the twain shall meet

Then he used to turn back home, but the mirror reflected his light, and it appeared as though he was continuing his journey. Lara Jarasa found herself in the Chamber of Gothic Lords, hearing…listening…chafing. She found her companions odd, strange even, though she herself was anything but ordinary. Lara Jarasa was a scion of one of the greatest, most ancient and most powerful houses in Gholghant, House Jarasa.

They ruled over the province that bore their name, on the south side of the Strait of Jarasa that separated Gholghant from the mainland, where New Jagada was set up after the Kravenites drove the Jagadans from their homeland, across the sea to the west. Jarasa was a land rich with mineral wealth from the mountains in the southern parts of the province and from maritime trade in the strait.

She was no slouch herself. Lara was hardly in any position to not accept such a honor, so she went without protest. The Lords of Gholgoth had not been summoned, and those that were there consisted of various ambassadorial staff from one Gothic nation or another. The thrones of the chamber sat empty as the assembled diplomats took their seats at the various tables arrayed elsewhere in the room. In her mind she stood out as a lady of great beauty and poise.

Lara had soft lilac eyes like members of House Jarasa often did, along with thick, shiny dirty blond hair that tumbled around her shoulders in luxurious strands. She had sharp eyebrows and a petulant mouth framed by her round face that made her appear harsher than she actually was. Wide hipped, buxom with long legs and slender shoulders, wrapped in a grand chiffon robe of blue and red accented with white, the colors of House Jarasa.

Her robe dragged behind her across the floor as she walked, supported by a pair of young ladies-in-waiting from lesser houses sworn to House Jarasa. They helped her along as she walked proud and dignified to her table, her chin raised high and her lilac eyes scanning the room under her furrowed brow.

It was during her walk from the chamber entrance to her table that a Skyan she knew to be Atticus began to speak. This Chamber alleging to be the seat of the Great Gothic Alliance.

The Alliance of the Gothic Lords… A group of nations so feared that no navy or army dare enter our territory without fear of total and complete decimation.

Of late, it would seem as though our own nations need fear total and complete decimation… She was, like many of her countrymen, feeling salty over Kravenite atrocities in Vetalia and over the Scandie attack on Havensky. Lara was Gothic born and raised, in a nation that had existed for thousands of years.

With that conceded, she was more afraid of nations within Gholgoth then she was nations from beyond that part of the world. Then he looked at the empty seat of Damian Dreadfire. It had made us weaker. We tear at each other and in our anemic state the fiction that is the security of the region is unraveled. What was once unthinkable has now become reality. The region is faced with both civil war and an invading foreign force.

Lara was from Gholghant, a nation not known for its strength at arms or for its political might. It was a nation that endured as long as it had because it avoided drawing attention to itself, in spite of being roughly halfway between both the Kraven Reich and the Scandinvan Empire. Gholghant chomped at the bit to be in the alliance if only for wanting to feel a sense of self-security.

Sometimes I wonder if Vetalia and Havensky thought the same thing… Atticus continued, saying that. Havensky had proved good allies and useful partners in Gothic affairs, though they, and Jessica especially, had a penchant for finding trouble. They funded rebels, pirates and slavers on the very doorstep of a nation who opposes them - a nation with substantial military might and global prestige.

What was this slaver lord thinking? The Golden Throne had come to Gaztelua and treated with Uncle Henoor, she knew, and there were some things discussed between them that Lara became privy too. Indeed, that's exactly what we tried to do.

Joey Dedio: Wheeler

We are allied with the Golden Throne. In theory, we are allied with the slaver lord. We were in a good position to mediate. An unprovoked attack on non-military targets that was completely unjustified. The Scandinvans are like the scum that accumulates between your toes after a long hard day of water polo.

Still, she kept her mouth shut and listened on. What recourse do we have? What says this empty chamber? The last time we tried to use this august body to stop a war it did very little. I might as well have been speaking to an empty chamber. Our response should be self-evident. We are now in a state of war with the slaver lord. If the Scandies were the backstabbing cutthroats, then that made the Kravenites the rabid dogs without a leash, their handlers absent as the dog went about biting whoever it pleased.

There will be no slave ship within sight of a Skyan vessel that will go unchallenged. The Skyans feel that slavery is an evil, but tolerated the practice because we felt that's what was necessary to avoid a long and bloody civil war in the region.

It remains an unpopular decision. However, given the attack on our city we are no longer under the burden of having to maintain peace.

captain planet never the twain shall meet

Now it's warfare that occupies our efforts. The Skyan people are fully prepared for a long and difficult war that will surely mark one of the more deadly chapters in our region's history.

Already, we are sending 5, slaver corpses to the Scandinvan embassy in ULE. The Scandinvans had been around for as long as the Ghantish had, and in all that time the Scandies had never been compelled to abolish slavery.

The Skyans were a drop in the bucket compared to the Scandies, with the latter being a machine of radical ideology and zealotry that existed no where else. You would need a lot of help in order to bring the Scandies to their knees, Lara thought, realizing that you would need a grand coalition for that…a lot more then us.

To wish to serve your county, but be so limited to what you can actually achieve?

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I see you wanting to respond, but some of you can't without a long phone call from the lords at home.