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blair the cat meet bleach

Then like the cat she was, Blair leaped into the air and somehow .. off was not a proper way to meet someone) Ichigo tried to be as formal as. Tags SOUL EATER Series BLEACH Series, Game Blair Character Blair (Cat) Character Shihouin Yoruichi Character Every time Rukia and Kon meet. Bleach and Soul Eater crossover fanfiction archive with over 53 stories. 3 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 12 - Updated: May 11 - Published: Mar 6 - Blair, Ichigo K. Join Momo on her journey as a meister at the DWMA as she meets new friends.

After she runs away, her fellow Soul Reapers are trying to find her, including her childhood friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya. Will Toshiro be able to convince Momo to come back to Soul Society?

blair the cat meet bleach

Ichigo becomes their guardian and quits being a soul reaper, however mysteriously Zangetsu doesn't disappear,and Shiro Hollow Ichigo materializes into a physical form.

Meanwhile Lord Death discovers 2 new meisters and 3 new weapons in Karakura town one having the most powerful spirit he's ever seen Rated: First Story we ever done!

Part 1 by kahemoto reviews What happens when a orange haired soul reaper, a yellow haired hyper active ninja, an alchemist, and a shape shifter meet in the world of Soul eater? I have also put in an oc.

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After Fullbringer Arc and after the defeat of the Kishin. Anybody who wants to complete this is welcome to I'm not doing anything with it. She and Soul begin a search for answers that lead them to one very old shinigami. The one called Ichigo Rated: Other charcters will appear that are not in the charcter thing so enjoy.

Hilarity and action ensue once these totally different worlds collide. He trains five exceptienal student how to become proper Shinigami. While dealing with his romantic feelings for Squad 2 Captain and trying to keep the Soul Society from falling into madness. It has two more crossovers, but I'm not telling what. This is a poetry collection for the Bleach: Diversity Writing challenge that involves comparing characters from Bleach to characters from Soul Eater Rated: How long have I been sitting on this cold, sandy ground?

I didn't have my memories of the past. Sure he had to have some idea of what they were doing, like how Ishida most likely had the hollow situation under control even without despite that weird ass fashion state of his.

He was sure that Tastuki was still hanging out with Orihime, boy did he pity her if she had to try any of Orihime's disgusting recipes. And when it came to Chad…well Chad is Chad, almost impossible to tell what's going on in this mind. But when it came to the others, well he couldn't but wonder what was up with them. Where did the Vizards go after all the mess from the war blew over? Where was Rukia staying if not at his house?

Was Renji still mooching off Urahara? Wait scratch that, its Renji of course he is. These thoughts and theories of what could be happening in his home town continued to spin inside of his mind, so much so that he didn't hear the sound of the shower turn off.

When he finally returned to his senses Ichigo heard someone open his door. Turning his head slightly, Ichigo's eyes widened at the sight. In the doorway was Blair. Her hair was down, her cat features were showing, and she was even wearing a pair of purple pajamas that she had bought earlier that very day, but these weren't the reason Ichigo was so surprised.

blair the cat meet bleach

Part of it had to do with the fact that the upper half of her shirt was almost completely unbuttoned, revealing a good portion of her well endowed bust. But what was really got Ichigo's attention was the playful look in her eyes; the very same look another certain cat he knew always gave him. Blair on the other hand was nearly giggling at the reaction she was getting out of Ichigo, who would think teasing this boy would be so much fun?

But after a few more seconds of Ichigo's awestruck silence, Blair decided to kick it up a notch. Ichigo didn't reply, his face getting redder with ever step closer Blair made herself. Then like the cat she was, Blair leaped into the air and somehow landed right onto Ichigo's chest.

The orange haired human nearly had a heart attack at this action, his blush growing even deeper despite being already so intense. Blair of course used this to her advantage and leaned in closer to her favorite strawberry. I'm just trying to get more comfy. Ichigo was sweating bullets now. The sensation he was feeling, the closeness, all of this was too much for the young shinigami. Sure he's been through situations like this before, like when Yourichi was stripping naked while he was resting during his bankai training.

But the sheer closeness of this situation was too much for the young boy to take. With the sight of Blair's nose being near centimeters Ichigo slammed his eyes shut, unable to take it anymore.

But if he had waited for a few more seconds, he would have seen a smirk developing on a certain neko's face. The only thing Ichigo did feel was a sudden shift in weight on his torso. Cracking his eyes open, Ichigo was greeted by the sight of a small black cat in a witch's hat playfully staring at him. Why is it that every time a women teased him it would always end up like this? In Truth it always pissed Ichigo off, not that he would ever admit it though.

You always do this! You should let me out, I could easily get you some-" His hollow on the other hand was not so quite on the matter. Soon after he had killed Aizen, Ichigo's Zanpakuto had once again separated into its two previous personalities, his Hollow and old man Zangetsu.

At least one thing good came out of that entire experience, the trio had finally started to get along with each other, and by that it means Ichigo and his Hollow didn't try to kill each other every time they saw each other. But unfortunately that's what Ichigo keeps saying that also meant that the two of his inner world residents were also much more social. While it's true that Zangetsu was still the bold silent type, his hollow on the other hand felt it necessary to comment on nearly everything that happened to Ichigo.

When it comes to things like this I think I'm entitled to have a say in the matter. You let the last sexy cat girl get away from you and I don't want to miss out on this one! I'm tired and going to bed. Either shut up and leave me alone or I'm going to come in there and kick your ass!

With that distraction finally out of his mind Ichigo returned his attention to his feline friend, who had a concerned look on her face. During the inner scrabble Ichigo was having with his hollow, Blair couldn't help but notice the raging emotions going through the boys head.

To her it looked like he was having a silent conversation with someone and whoever it was had surely pissed him off. With that final remark, Ichigo reached over and shut off the lights. But before he could drift off into a dreamless sleep, Ichigo nudged the small black cat once more.

Finally with both distractions out of his mind and his furry roommate soundly asleep next to him, Ichigo was able to drift into a dreamless sleep. The Next Morning, 6: All he could see was a endless abyss of pure darkness, no buildings, no people, no nothing, there was only pure nothingness amongst all the darkness. But then out of nowhere two lights, two beacons somehow appeared out of nowhere.

She was just as cheerful as ever, he gleaming smile ever so bright. Despite her normal clam personality, she had a small yet endearing smile on her face as well. It was one of the greatest things he could imagine, his family, his most precious people in his arms, safe. But it didn't last. As they got in between five feet away from him he noticed a large dominating figure hovering behind them. Then out of the shadows four white masks exposed themselves, their teeth gleaming in bloodlust.

He could only pale at the sight of a black blade slowly lifting itself in the air, its dark hilt attached to the figures arm. He tried to call out to his sister but all that came out was silence as he was forced to watch the blade come down and…. While looking around the room franticly he noticed a few things. Blair had surprisingly honored his request; she was still in her cat form and was somehow still sound asleep on a nearby pillow.

But the more important thing he noticed was the mirror on his dresser. Instead of seeing his own reflection in the mirror he saw a familiar cartoony shinigami waving at him. Have a good night Sleep? After a few moments of thinking which during that time Blair had taken a comfortable pouch on his shoulder he final turned to glare at the mirror, "So what do you want?

I was sure that…" "No you didn't. Oh he was going to get it after this, especially since he didn't miss the smug smile on his face. Resisting the urge to beat the unholy hell out of the weapon right here and now, the Shinigami turned his attention back to Ichigo and Blair.

Glaring at the weapon mocking him, the shinigami quickly turned around, grabbed Spirit by his head, and flung him across the room into a pile of tombstones.

With that annoyance out of the way he turned his attention back to his viewing mirror. Ichigo was just surprised at the sudden request.

Blair on the other hand was more doubtful then surprised, she of course didn't want Ichigo to go to the school if it meant she didn't get to go there with and there was no way in hell she would go to a school full of weapons and meister's.

And the Shinigami was just waiting for an answer. Scratching his head in annoyance, Ichigo just half glared at him, "What happens if I don't? He wanted to help the old man with the Kishin problem…but school? Did he really have to go to another school? While the upside was that his duties wouldn't cause him to miss days like at his previous place of education, the downside was still constant. Did he really want to go through school again?

But before Ichigo could make a clear decision, a loud voice made itself known in the deep pits of his inner world. I swear to all that is holy, if you refuse this offer I will fill you mind with endless dreams of one of your worst nightmares!

Ichigo on the other hand wasn't too scared, if anything he was pissed off, 'I swear to god if you're the one who's been making me see that every time I go to sleep I'll rip you a…. I'm talking about sending you constant images of that stupid squeaky toy…I think its name was Kon…" While the idea of seeing Kon every time he went to sleep did make Ichigo slightly cringe, but to him it wasn't that bad.

But that's until he heard the other being that resided in his inner world put in his own two cents into the equation. Accepting this offer will give you a chance to fight a new evil. These creatures, human or Kishin are as dangerous as Hollows themselves and you'll be protecting many innocent people by destroying them.

While their king was gone the hollow looked toward the sword spirit with a amused look on his white features, "You told him that just because of your hatred for that bloody stuffed animal didn't you? But before he was out of earshot the Hollow did hear him mumble something that sounded like 'shut up It made his already insanely huge smile even bigger when he heard that. Blair was looking at him with the same expression she had the previous night, she was still concerned with what was happening with her friend.

The Shinigami on the other hand was fully aware of what had happened in the young boy's mind, it was obvious that the boy was having a conversation with his Zanpakuto spirit and his inner world's other 'resident'. Finally getting bored of all the waiting, Shinigami-sama finally spoke up, "Sooo, what do you say?

At first he thought the boy would outright refuse his offer and he would have to take more drastic measures…like blackmailing him with the embarrassing pictures he got from Kisuke. After catching the air flung kitty, Ichigo turned his shocked gaze towards the image of the shinigami, "What?

Why didn't you wake me up earlier? So it's not that big of a deal that you're late. With a sigh, Ichigo got into a sitting position and starched his head in annoyance, "Urg, and here I thought I was done with school…" Looking down at his current roommate he noticed the sad look on Blair's normally cute kitty features. But that didn't really help her mood at all.

It reminded him of his sister on that day. The day he lied to them…the day they died. A small smile was now appearing on the orange boy's face, "Promise. Lightly chuckling to himself, Ichigo got up from the bed and headed out of his room for a shower, leaving Blair to go back to sleep on one of the nearby pillows. But as he left the room, he didn't notice Blair transform back into her human form and go into a thinking pose. After taking a quick shower, getting dressed in a pair of jeans, a red tee-shirt, and his brown jacket, Ichigo locked his apartment's door and made his way towards the school.

But of course before he left he did check up on Blair; imagine his surprise when he saw her gone and his bedroom window open to the entire world. Actually he wasn't that surprised to see her gone. Seeing how Yourichi had a thing for appearing and disappearing it wasn't too surprising to see Blair do something similar. Eh, maybe it was a cat thing.

Knowing that she could easily take care of herself, Ichigo just pushed any worrying thoughts aside and focused on what on earth could happen at this school today. There were multiple things that could happen, both good and bad. There was most likely going to be at least some kind of jerks at this place, making fun of his hair color or asking him annoying questions like why on earth he had a giant meat cleaver on his back. That was a given. There was also a chance of meeting some nice and interesting people; hell two people currently residing in his mind knew he needed some friends.

But those thoughts aside, Ichigo returned to the world around him when he noticed a pair of familiar face waiting for him at the top of the school's steps.

The first of the two was that knife wielding maniac Sid, who spent a good portion of the previous day trying to smash the young shinigami's face in with his weapon. The other person was Nygus, someone he only met briefly yesterday. Somehow much to Ichigo's disbelief she is the very weapon Sid had been trying to smash his face in with. Seeing how the two of them didn't get a proper introduction her nearly cutting his head off was not a proper way to meet someone Ichigo tried to be as formal as possible, too bad he wasn't that good at it.

He extended his hand to greet her, "Hey, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm Mira Nygus, Sid's current Weapon partner. But before they could get into anymore pleasant conversation Sid made it this his time to interrupt them. It was kinda hard to believe that the guy who had nearly tried to kill him the day before was currently teaching a class full of children.

But seeing how Ichigo knew a store keeper who was in secret a mad scientist and a insanely powerful shinigami, it wasn't that hard to believe. Sid just shrugged the glances off and turned back to the school, "Whatever, I need to make sure my class hasn't destroyed each other yet, see you two later. Ichigo sent a worrying glance toward the nearby weapon, he didn't mean to piss off the guy that much.

But she just shrugged her shoulders before gesturing the boy to follow her, "He's not been in the best mood of late, a certain student of his has been causing a bit of trouble. About three minutes later: Soon enough the two of them arrived at their destination. It was a fairly normal looking nurse's office. It held a desk, two cabinets, a couple of curtains that concealed two empty white beds and finally sink and mirror.

The figure, now identified as Medusa, looked over at the duo with a smile. She was a fairly tall woman wearing a black dress and a white doctor's coat as well as a pair of white shoes. Her hair was a blondish color and was fairly short, except for two fairly large strands that were braided down the front. With her yellow colored eyes looking at them, Ichigo couldn't help but feel off when he saw her smile. I'm Medusa Gorgon, the School nurse.

Grabbing a nearby file, she put a amused expression on before looking at the young boy, "Well like all students here, I'll need a physical from you. So if you'd be so kind to undress yourself we can begin. Meanwhile on Ichigo's end of the situation he was currently dealing with a familiar voice talking to him at one of the most inappropriate time he could think of.

He was currently rambling on about how lucky Ichigo is, how stupid he was for not taking advantage of the current moment, and how he should be in charge. But after a few seconds of constant talking, Ichigo had enough of it. Meanwhile Medusa was quite intrigued by the sight. Seconds ago this boy was nearly crimson at the idea of taking his clothes in front of a well trained nurse, but now he was expressionless and had a faraway look in his eyes.

Then, for a brief moment, she saw his eyes change. It only lasted for a brief second, but his eyes changed from his normal brown to a sickly yellow.

And in that quick moment of change she saw something, was it madness? It was something more than just madness. She saw something that transcended madness and insanity itself; she saw pure darkness, evil. But as quick as it appeared it vanished when Ichigo came back to the real world.

Sighing at the missed opportunity, Medusa walked over to the curtains and opened them partly, "Just step in here and undress yourself, I'll be there in a minute. Soon enough Ichigo reluctantly removed Zangetsu from his back along with most of his clothes expect his boxers; there was no force in the Soul Society or even hell itself that would cause him to remove his boxers. But before he could even start his raging rant Medusa started the physical.

It was all a pretty simple procedure. Ichigo had to fill a small form about his past physical condition, previous illnesses, injuries, and even some private information. Meanwhile Medusa was conducting the other required parts of the physical like testing the boy's reflexes, breathing, and other such things. Humorously after both sides where finished with their parts of the examination Ichigo nearly had a heart attack when the nurse asked him to remove his boxers for the more important part of the examination.

Luckily for him, Medusa quickly reassured him that Shinigami-sama had informed her that it would not be necessary and told him the classroom number he was assigned to. After a nervous thank you and goodbye, Ichigo left the nurse's office with a relieved sigh. But if he had been a little more aware of his surroundings he would have noticed Medusa's previous cheerful expression change into a sinister and evil one.

Her mind flashed at that single moment when she saw something in Ichigo's eyes. After a few minutes of walking throughout the schools halls, Ichigo finally found the room Medusa had informed him about. As he stepped inside he was greeted by the sight of the very same classroom he had first met Sid in, although it was full of students this time.

He also noticed Sid standing at the head of the classroom seeming teaching a lesion, or at least he was until he heard the door open. Expecting someone else, Sid slammed the book shut and looked toward the door. While Ichigo walked through the room and up the steps he did hear a bunch of comments directed towards him. Many of these comments were focused on Zangetsu or the lack of a weapon partner, but much to Ichigo's surprise none of them were pointed towards his orange neon hair.

Soon enough he found an open seat next to a small girl in pigtails who had her head in a book. Soon after Ichigo made his way to his seat and made himself comfortable the girl looked up from her book and smiled at him, "HI, I'm Maka. Then she made a gesture toward the boy leaning back in the chair next to her, "This is Soul, my weapon partner," The boy didn't anything after Maka's introduction so she tried to get his attention, "Soul!

Say something…" But before she was able to finish she noticed something alarming about him, he was asleep. Her eye twitching and tick mark pulsating on her head, Ichigo could only watch as the girl shook with incredible rage before surprisingly calming down to a point where you'd never guess she was angry.

Then without warning she lifted the book she was previously reading and spoke briefly before… "Maka…CHOP! The painful strike to his cranium made Soul painfully fall backwards out of his hair and onto the floor. He grumbled to himself before sending a slight glare towards his meister, "Ah…what the hell Maka?

What the hell was that for? Soul just grumbled to himself while settling back in his chair before turning towards Ichigo.