Battle of the ages swim meet 2012

Katie Ledecky Qualifies for London at Age 15

battle of the ages swim meet 2012

There are no age barriers, no gender barriers, no ability barriers – anyone can be a swimmer. At Swimming Australia we want to inspire all Australians to be the. The Aon NAG's is a chance to see New Zealand top age group swimmers & clubs battle it out in the pool over 5 days and 44 events. Meets & Records · Pool Battle of the Ages will be held June 22 & 23, Hosted by the Pleasant Hill Dolfins Pleasant Hill Education Center Pool.

Ironically, one of Britain's biggest successes in Rome is partly a product of the American college system. For the past three years, year-old Gemma Spofforth, from West Sussex, a British champion at 17, has been on a swimming scholarship to the University of Florida, where she captains her college team, the Florida Gators.

battle of the ages swim meet 2012

At the World Championships, she broke the world record to win gold in the m backstroke — without wearing a non-textile suit. She credits the decision to go to America with saving her swimming career. It was that clear cut,' she says.

battle of the ages swim meet 2012

Study for a degree in family, youth and community sciences is fitted in around training. He's the most important man on campus for all of us. One of the first things she sees every morning is a letter from her mother that reads, '…You have found a place that makes you tick, now just keep on ticking.

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Aim high darling…' 'It's something that I keep close to my heart,' Spofforth says. I ask her if she has since swapped it for a picture from Rome with a one next to it. The irrepressible, frizzy-haired Simmonds is only 5ft 6in to Spofforth's 6ft 1in, but her strong upper body and streamlined frame exude power.

At the Worlds, she was teaching us all how to finish the Rubik's Cube. Among them, too, was year-old Fran Halsall, from Ormskirk, Lancashire, who won a silver medal in the m freestyle in Rome.

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The m freestyle is the sport's glamour event, the equivalent of the m in athletics. Historically, it gets its name because competitors are allowed to swim any stroke, from the days when variants of the front crawl, a stroke learnt from native Americans, were first seen in races.

battle of the ages swim meet 2012

The Victorians considered splashing with the feet to be 'savage', so they swam a hybrid known as the trudgen, which was more gentlemanlike, but slower. Freestyle is swimming's fastest stroke, making its sprint world-record holder 'the fastest woman in water, ever. That's pretty cool,' Halsall says. Halsall is a loveable character, who laughs a lot and makes funny, self-deprecating remarks such as, 'I never mastered the breaststroke.

If you asked me to do a length now, I'd probably sink.

First day of swimming produces a battle of the ages - Pan Pacific Masters Games

Halsall and Simmonds regularly push themselves to the limits in training. I couldn't try any harder. They occasionally have to endure what their coach Sean Kelly calls 'Hell Week', three-hour swims in the morning followed by 10 lots of m sprints at night, clocking up more than km in six days.

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It is a regime that produced Britain's other gold-medal winner at this year's World Championships, year-old Keri-Anne Payne, who won the 10km open water race.

She was also an Olympic silver medallist in the event in Beijing, with her friend and training partner Cassie Patten, 22, winning the bronze. Open-water swimming, as its name implies, takes place outdoors, in lakes, rivers or the sea, and is fast becoming a marquee event that has captured the public imagination, like the marathon in athletics.

Payne and Patten are elite pool swimmers who have transferred their skills to open water. Both have their sights set on gold inwhen the event will be swum in the Serpentine, in Hyde Park. I talked to the pair in the humid poolside atmosphere of Stockport's Grand Central Pools. The blond, high-spirited Patten from Plymouth — 'I'm a real country girl,' she says — describes herself as a 'history geek'; she is currently ploughing through a huge biography of Henry VIII.

The dark-haired Payne was born in South Africa to British parents and brought up in Johannesburg until the age of 13, when her parents decided to return to Manchester.

battle of the ages swim meet 2012

Open-water races can be gruelling. There are no lane ropes to separate the swimmers. Competitors have to fight for space and position, often jostling arms and swimming over one another. Later at the Commonwealth Games, Seebohm brought home eight medals.

battle of the ages swim meet 2012

She won a silver medal in the final. She won silver in the m backstroke, and was a member of both m relays. At the World Championships in Kazan, Seebohm definitely made a name for herself. After qualifying 1st in the semi-finals in the m backstroke, Seebohm was in the middle of the pool for the final. She took out the first 50 meters strong, and was the only swimmer in the field to split under 30 seconds. She touched the wall 1st ahead of teammate Madison Wilson for the gold.

Seebohm also competed in the m backstroke at Worlds, taking on Olympic gold medalist, Missy Franklin. Franklin began to pull ahead on the third 50, but at the meter mark, Franklin began to fade and Seebohm powered ahead splitting She was 4th in the 50 meter back At the Championships in Dubai Baker won silver medals in the meter back 1: Baker finished with a 3rd-place finish in the yard IM 1: At the showdown in Glasgow, Scotland Baker was 3rd in the scm back 2: After considering schools such as Texas, Georgia and Tennessee she committed to the University of California, Berkeley in In the first event of the Championships, Baker led her Cal Free Relay team to a second place finishing, leading off with a 1: In the Medley Relay, Baker swam the lead off backstroke leg splitting a Baker added the back to her win column finishing in 1: Baker struck gold again in the y Backstroke with the time of Baker turned in a new best time, taking down her own Pac Meet Record by 6 hundredths as she hit the wall in 1: She got second in the IM with a new best time of 1: