American colony meet the hutterites new episodes

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american colony meet the hutterites new episodes

Meet the Hutterites--a small religious colony in rural Montana who holds desperately Toby has to work around the clock caring for the new-born calves and he. Watch full episodes of American Colony: Meet the Hutterites and get the latest Toby has to work around the clock caring for the new-born calves and he needs. American Colony: Meet the Hutterites · College for Claudia? Four Wheeler Race · American Colony: Meet the Hutterites · Four Wheeler Race.

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But tensions build as some of the younger generations of the colony challenge the strict Hutterite way of life imposed by the elders, which rejects most modern technology, requires women to adhere to a strict dress code, and expects teens to leave school to support the colony by working on their farms and ranches. Finding a balance between centuries-old traditions and the trappings of the modern world isn't an easy journey, and one that sometimes leads to difficult decisions and serious consequences.

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american colony meet the hutterites new episodes

The series introduces viewers to one of the oldest and least-known religious cultural groups in the United States, which, like the Amish and Mennonites, migrated to the United States from Europe after centuries of religious persecution. However, their unique adherence to communal living sets them apart, and requires them to share all their resources to support the colony. It also pressures them to move away from individual decisions that veer away from tradition and could negatively impact their overall way of life.

While there is some educational information here about Kings Colony and its specific beliefs and lifestyles, much of the focus is on the drama created by church elders and conservative members of the group upholding their rules and traditions, and the desire of others to live a more progressive lifestyle by allowing their children to go to a mainstream high school, play sports, or use cell phones and computers.

There are times when certain conversations and reactions to them appear forced or preplanned in order to underscore this conflict.

Hutterites want apology for NatGeo television show

But overall, it is series that offers an interesting and voyeuristic glimpse into a world that most Americans know very little about. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Those elders, he said, are unhappy that the Hutterites on the show chose to use the camera to talk about education, the role of women and the struggles of adapting to modern ways.

american colony meet the hutterites new episodes

Most on the King Ranch colony are pleased with and proud of the show, Collins said, but he believes they are now under external pressure to lodge a protest. In June, the bishops for the three sects of about 50, Hutterites in colonies in North America said in a joint statement that they were "deeply disappointed" in the show and that it presented a "distorted" and contrived image of their faith.

Elders Meeting - American Colony: Meet the Hutterites

Lyle said he stands by the producer and that the show went through National Geographic's fact-checking protocol. We believe it's a fair and accurate portrayal of the life in the part time that we were there," Lyle said. John Hofer told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Collins arrived at the colony, found their life too boring for TV, and persuaded them to do things they never would normally do.

Our simple way of life was not exciting enough to him.

American Colony: Meet the Hutterites

Bertha Hofer, a mother of three children who was featured prominently in the series, said the first three episodes were accurate depictions but then producers began presenting them with story lines. She said they rejected some ideas but went along with others. We just fell for it," she said. Hofer said the elders from Canada told them they wanted the colony members to tell the truth. But Hofer said she also feared that she would be punished after the show followed her and her daughter Claudia looking at a college in Great Falls.

She said she is fighting for a full education for her children, while the elders believe in an eighth-grade education for most colony members, she said. The ed "We're just waiting to see what will happen, it's just day to day," she said.

Colony spokeswoman Mary-Ann Kirkby said the levels of Hutterite education differ by colony and by sect.

american colony meet the hutterites new episodes