Taylor swift meet and greet san diego 2013

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taylor swift meet and greet san diego 2013

Recap: Swift accused Mueller of grabbing her “bare ass” during a photo-op at a meet-and-greet event in June Mueller was subsequently. He previously worked in Minneapolis, Columbus and San Diego. He was invited to a meet and greet with Taylor Swift in June, , during the. Photograph is among the key evidence in Taylor Swift trial Immediately after the meet-and-greet, Swift says, she confirmed the assault with a.

Swift said she was stunned and did not say anything to Mueller or halt the meet-and-greet after he left because she did not want to disappoint several dozen people waiting in line for photos with her.

taylor swift meet and greet san diego 2013

Taylor Swift's mother testified Wednesday that she and her daughter's managers decided to tell Mueller's bosses that he had assaulted the singer, hoping he would be fired but not asking them to do so. Andrea Swift also said she didn't contact police in order to protect her daughter, saying she didn't want the incident to "define her life. In the image, shown to jurors during opening statements but not publicly released, Mueller's hand is behind Swift, just below her waist.

Mueller has testified that the photo was "weird and awkward," but he insisted that he touched Swift in the ribs, not in the rear.

taylor swift meet and greet san diego 2013

He testified his hand was touching her skirt after he put his arm around her and their arms got crossed: Swift said she did not need the photo to remember Mueller. Thursday's final witness was Stephanie Simbeck, a photographer who works for Swift and took the picture of her and Mueller. Simbeck said she knew something was wrong as she shot the photo.

taylor swift meet and greet san diego 2013

She testified that Swift later told her what happened, looked at a photo and pointed out Mueller as the person responsible. Earlier, Hershel Coomer, a supervisor at the country music station where Mueller worked, took the witness stand and denied a claim by Mueller that Coomer had said he groped Swift at an event for radio directors at Pepsi Center in Denver.

Coomer called it a lie.

taylor swift meet and greet san diego 2013

Solomon Banda contributed to this report. The jury got the case for deliberations Monday after Swift's attorney Douglas Baldridge questioned former DJ David Mueller's credibility in closing arguments. In dueling lawsuits, Swift said Mueller groped her at a backstage event and Mueller accused Swift, her mother and a Swift representative of getting him fired while denying the groping accusation. Baldridge noted Mueller lost audio recordings he took secretly during a meeting with his bosses after he was fired from a Denver country music station.

He said that "no credibility goes with a story-changing, evidence-destroying aggressor like David Mueller. A judge removed Swift as a defendant in the firing claim. Taylor Swift's attorney says she's standing up for all women in her federal lawsuit by taking on a man who she says groped her and is saying "No means no. Taylor Swift cried during part of closing arguments in her civil trial alleging that a former radio DJ groped her before a concert.

The lawyer for former DJ David Mueller, Gabriel McFarland, questioned Monday whether the pop star's smiling face in a photo she appeared in with Mueller was the face of someone who was upset. Swift's mother, Andrea Swift, touched her daughter's right leg as Swift cried and wiped her face in federal court in Denver.

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Her lawyer also rubbed her back. Andrea Swift touched Swift's hand as McFarland said the photograph taken during the meet-and-greet in meant nothing. Swift testified the photo was taken just as she was groped by Mueller, who denies the allegation.

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A lawyer for the former radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift says the pop star's account is inconsistent with every other Swift team member's testimony and with a photo taken at the time of the alleged incident. During closing arguments in Denver federal court Monday, attorney Gabriel McFarland told jurors Monday that David Mueller "is not the guy" who groped Swift during a photo op before a concert. He argued that Swift's smiling face in the photo contradicts her testimony that she was groped the instant the photo was taken.

McFarland also cast doubt on a Swift security guard's claim that he saw Mueller touch Swift but did not act because he did not think she was in danger.

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He also said the photographer who took the image "started it all" by pulling a photo of Mueller and his girlfriend with Swift from dozens she took during a meet-and-greet and showing it to Swift, who identified Mueller as the person who touched her. Closing arguments are underway in the civil trial involving Taylor Swift and the former radio DJ she accuses of groping her before a concert.

Before arguments began, Judge William Martinez told jurors that a preponderance of evidence is needed to return a verdict. The verdict form asks if Frank Bell, a radio liaison for Taylor Swift, and Andrea Swift intentionally caused Mueller to be fired from his job.

It also asks in Swift's counterclaim if Mueller assaulted or battered Swift. The judge threw out Mueller's case against Taylor Swift on Friday. Taylor Swift, her mother Andrea Swift, and former radio DJ David Mueller are back in a federal courtroom in Denver federal as the judge and attorneys for her groping case review instructions for the jury.

Monday's review is taking place outside the presence of the eight-member jury, which will be called in later in the morning to hear closing arguments.

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Swift alleges Mueller groped her before a concert and he denies the allegation. A judge ruled Friday Mueller did not prove Swift personally tried to end his career. Identical allegations against Andrea Swift and Frank Bell are expected to go to jurors.

taylor swift meet and greet san diego 2013

Mueller sued the three after Swift's team reported the encounter to his bosses. The judge ruled that he did not make a case for recovering that much money.