Snsd first us fan meet and greet

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snsd first us fan meet and greet

Soshified Presents: The 1st Girls' Generation U.S. Fan Meet “The Boys” as well as tickets to SM Town NYC Live in Madison Square Garden. As a huge K-Pop fan, Girls' Generation fan, Girls Aloud fan and Britney .. It's my first U.S. piece, so I wanted the videos and visuals to be unexpected. .. tours, I remember specifically "Living for Love" on the Rebel Heart Tour. South Korean girl group Girls' Generation known as Shoujo Jidai in Japan, have embarked on three concert tours across Asia, playing to more than , people. They embarked on their first tour, Into The New World Tour in November on SMTown Live World Tour III, which stopped in the United States, Taiwan.

No, really, that's a hot topic. YoonA just said "Bow wow! Ah, yes I know but that's not interesting at all. We always talk about dogs. Our Kakao Talk chatting room is a mess. In Korean, 'dog' is included as a prefix of 'mess'. Jessica made a joke using the word. That's why fans laughed. Yes, we have plenty of dogs' photos in our Kakao Talk chatting room.

OK, let me explain. Lately, I wanted to eat chicken but didn't know which one is good. So I asked them which chicken is good. Suddenly, recommendations were flooding.

Why didn't you give me full information then? No, you said 'Soysalsal Honey' is good but there was no 'Soysalsal Honey'! That's what Sunny unnie recommended. You said 'Soysalsal Honey' is delicious! I was so desperate at that time! How could you do that to me! Well, I thought it was 'Soysalsal Honey' I even contacted call center and asked him and You contacted call center for that!

And he said there is no 'Soysalsal Honey'! I heard you made a long conversation about it. So I asked him "No Soysalsal Honey? So I said "Just a moment. Then you know what? Sunny wrote down a massive amount of information about chickens! Yes, she really did. She explained to me about 'Soysalsal' and 'Honey' and other menus.

I almost wrote down a research paper. At the end of those information, she added "Sooyoung, chicken equals love. Actually, I added one more. I said "It's not important for you to eat which one this time, because you're gonna eat everything eventually. Yes, you said "Sooyoung, it's not important to decide which one to eat now. Try everything, that's important. And I captured those and saved at my phone.

I did, too, to use it later. Ah, you want me to upload it? I actually thought about uploading it on my instagram Yeah, I thought maybe that would be helpful for us to get another chicken endorsement. The problem was, we described certain brands too much during the chat What are you doing there? Still not decided which question to pick? Ah, it's so hard to decide I'm trying to choose between two candidates Anyone who already picked the question?

YoonA raised her hand. Shall we start from YoonA, then? Mine is, 'You guys have lots of oversea activities. What do you do during the flight? When we get on the plane, we take off our shoes, and then after take-off, we lean back the seat, and start sleeping simultaneously.

We need aircrews' help to wake up at the end of the flight. And then we go eating after landing. Sometimes we're so hungry, ask aircrews for flight meals even before take-off.

We're like "Could you give them now, please? How about yours, Seohyun? It's 'SNSD started social career pretty fast. I start my social career at the age of Do you have any advise for me? Tiffany giggled at her. I tell you this. Consider yourself being reborn, learn as much as you can while living your life.

Such a Seohyunisque answer lol Seohyun: Actually, that's what I was enlightened about, really. To Seohyun When were you enlightened about that? During 7 years I've spent with you unnies?

snsd first us fan meet and greet

Yeah, she really grew up well. I think I've grown up a lot. But you still blush when talking Well, I'm a bit shy OK, how about you Tiffany? I thought we're doing this by pick order Can I do it later? OK, then I'll do it. Mine is rather simple one. If any of you want to answer this, then please go ahead.

If I tell you, then you're gonna let me go? I thought you want to go to desert. Me, I want to go to Greece.

snsd first us fan meet and greet

You know, the island which is the background of movie "Mamma Mia! The beach, and white buildings Yuri suddenly started humming Pocari Sweat CM song. That advertisement was taken at Santorini.

Since I go to work every single day now because of radio showI feel like leaving sometimes. I remember when I was a student, waiting for summer holiday So, will any of you tell us about the place you wanna go?

It's a simple one, too. Typical Hyoyeon fail lol Hyoyeon: Well, my hobby recently I bought inline skates. Yeah, I saw them in front of the door. Actually, I was pretty good at inline skating when I was an elementary school student. So I asked a seller to remove the brake of skates. Well, I thought I could do it just like my old days. But he seller recommended me to ride it with brake on first, and if I have no problem with that, then he'll let you know how to remove the brake.

The problem was, I couldn't even move. If you somehow meet me when I'm skating, say hello to me. So where should we go to find you, Hyoyeon? You know, the river which is called 'Han'.

OK, hopefully we'll meet you there, coincidently. Well, there are many areas at Han river, so I thought the Earth is just one In Korean, 'area' and 'Earth' are homonyms. Sunny made a joke with them.

Tiffany couldn't help laughing at this dull joke, and fans did the same lol Sunny: I'm thinking about it, and I guess I should take ideas of other members. Doesn't matter if it's a funny one, or a trifling one, or a big one, anything.

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I want to listen your stories. Do you want to hear about quarrel? I think we better start from the good one, not the bad one. To fans Please, listen to my radio show! To fans Yes, please listen to her radio show. I already talked about it on my show.

Was it too light? I went to public bathhouse with Yuri back in the day. Actually we went there together in Japan recently Ah, you're talking about hot spring. Yes, it's sort of Japanese public bathhouse But we didn't scrub off dirt and dead skin cell there Plughole could be clogged because of you. Hey, you guys have gone too far on that one. Sooyoung is very neat. Yeah, actually I did it in my room Well, episodes among SNSD Well, we do have funny stuffs.

It's a shame we cannot tell you Let's tell our fans those. Well, we should find out insignificant ones among too significant stuffs Well, you know we do five minutes talk a lot. Recently we did it in Japan. However, there is a slight difference compared to old days. We have some alcoholic beverages in front of us.

So we got some help from alcohol to solve that problem. We gathered around on Seohyun's birthday. We do not drink too much alcohol, you know. I can tell you this candidly, we don't drink alcohol too much. When we drink, it's more like one glass and that's it.

You know, we ordered chickens and drink beer together. We don't usually go out for drinking. Because of that, our drinking party is so dull. So we were like, "Hey, anybody knows games which are being played during drinking party? So we played only game we knew constantly and it was boring. I actually found out some funny ones. But the problem is, some of our members just couldn't get them. We usually call that person a 'blackhole'.

To fans Do you know 'Mandu' game? Many fans said yes, but I didn't know it, and I felt really old because of that lol Yuri: Wow, there are many To fans You know, 'Mandu' game is like blah blah blah And Tiffany was like "Mandu" fans and other members all laughed Tiffany: I drank too fast that night. We did another game which is called 'Phoneme'. If you want to make others guess 'Kim-chi', then you gotta say 'K' and 'C'.

But Tiffany was like "K, C, Kimchi! Yeah, she answered her own question. I told you, I drank some that night. See, our episodes are mostly like this. Only people who were actually there can laugh. We did hidden camera stuff to Seohyun. Do they know it? Do you remember why we did it? Not sure why we did it, but Seohyun suddenly went to bathroom, and without any reason, we mutually agreed to leave her alone and disappear.

Actually, there was a reason. I think it was Yuri's birthday. Um, it was my birthday. You know, that 'Mandu' game was my birthday, too. Yeah, it was YoonA's birthday and Seohyun did a white face pack. She drew too much attention because of that even though that day belonged to YoonA. Seohyun's face was too white, it was almost like standing in front of reflecting plate. Hence Seohyun said she were gonna cleanse the face pack and went to the bathroom.

But we thought, 'Since she's almost like heroine tonight, let's give her full support! It was so sudden, I had to hide at bathroom with holding chicken leg. She ate it there. We were sitting at the bathroom with our body crouched. We even asked unnie who lives together to tell Seohyun that we're gone, and we were watching. I took a video on her with my cellphone, but I cannot reveal it because we were on pajamas Just like that, episodes are made every single day.

To me, well, I'm not sure whether there is such an album out there Then there will be 9 songs, and it could be the album. I think it can be a very interesting, fresh, memorable album. Could be special, only SNSD can make that type of album You mean each member's solo song? Which means, Taeyeon already has one so we should release solo songs quickly Haha, no I mean we can put songs all 9 members sang together, and also put Sunny's solo, Taeyeon's solo, etc. That's a really good idea.

It's possible because we have 9 members. I thought it'll be fun When she takes it, we are in trouble because of the smell! How about number 1? Yeah, I think so. But, it would be better if she suppresses a liiiiitle bit. You really know it? Of course I do! It kkap came out without realizing so it almost makes me surprised. I really think so!

Sunny is a natural born idol! It means you want us to make you sing this song here, right? Sunny sang Marshmallow a bit, and fans cried Yoona: It seems this song is for IU, after all.

Well, then how about your version of kkap? Do it with Hyoyeon! When Hyoyeon came back to the seat, Taeng pulled her pants! Sunny, why do you want this song?

Well, they fx did very well of course, but I think I can make it a little bit better. If you can be cuter than f xthen go ahead!

What I want to improve is a sound part. Her voice was just like that! Now I see why our company gave the song to f xnot us! Yeah, I guess so. Now Sunny shows her real self. It suits her best. You really mean Invitation? Well, other 2 songs might suit well to the image which fans think of me, and this one suits well to the image that I think of myself.

SNSD Yoona Gives Fans Salad at Solo Fanmeet in Singapore

Yes, it fits well to the image which we think of her. Yes, especially at home. Well, then are you going to show us with the proper costume? OK, so your image at home is more like Invitation. I think you can go to Gag Concert with that step right now. I hope SNSD will. Yes, especially Sunny, she has a nice body. Yes, she does, but her height failed her. Virtually everyone knows who that is lol KSY: Do you walk splay-footed? No, I fixed it. If I said so, you gotta believe me! She misspelled the word.

Wow, Tiffany points out misspelled word? I know the correct one. What, then you wrote like this because you got tired of it? So you walk like that because you got tired of walking? You can try to walk relaxed, and you will understand.

Sooyoung, come out and show your relaxed walking. Sooyoung came out and walked awkwardly. I did ballet until I came to Korea. Can you show us a bit? Well, what exactly should I do? Any ballet movement, like this. KSY showed turning move when you can see frequently at ballet.

Jess did the same thing and greeted to fans. Well, I actually did much harder thing. Like jumping after I made a turning move. I was almost flying. Then show us how you fly! Jess showed some jumping move, but it was far from flying lol KSY: So since the day you did ballet, you started to walk like that.

I guess only things Jess got from her ballet experience are splay-footed walking and cramp. Well, other members just showed how I should do. Haha, Jess lost her temper. Ah, well throw it away. What are you all doing?? So, do your parents all have long legs? Ah, my father does. Well, because our members are all outstanding. They can sing well, dance well, look pretty, sexy, innocent, lively, cute…they have everything but long legs.

Well, my body shape is not that good. Yours are good enough. Haha, see Taeng and Hyo cannot stand up. I had chances to go to movie festivals and fashion shows, and I felt like I was in the forest. Taeng, Jess, Sunny, and Hyoyeon cannot laugh loudly. She sneaked into our tall side, and laughed very loudly. Hope you guys become taller. Tiffany is better at Korean than Hyoyeon. Well, I heard what Taeng said when I opened this.

Does Hyoyeon ever think? When she thinks, she cannot see other things. She has great concentration. I have plenty of thinking in my mind, but it is not arranged well so it cannot come out. Ah, so this topic is yours after all, right?

Haha, I guess so. How about number 2? So, you want to look like a foreign student? She studied abroad in China. Yeah, that one is spot on. When I heard something I know, I always try to speak quickly. You really have short temper. But if you sort it out, you can make it a good MC. Hopefully you can be better at Korean soon. Guess who wrote it? Without a second, I could figure it out lol KSY: Ah, well here comes the elder.

Yes, I was shocked. When I was in the car and saw students with school uniforms, I thought now I am too old to wear school uniform, which means all the students out there are younger than me. Please, unnies laugh KSY: Well, she always ran away when she had to drink. Hey girls, we have parents here. We need to be more cautious. Ah, is your mother here, Seohyun?

Sones, who have spent time with us together got 3 years older, too. Well, Maknae is the one who cares sones. Ah, sorry about that. Well, Yulkkap is kind of new. Recently, many newcomers have arrived in the field of kkap. Actually, I agree with it. I want to keep it.

So do you want to keep kkaps for good? How about today then? Are you going to show us? Well, expect her to show her kkap at the stage. This is the real reason. Well, but it gives us a lot of fun. I wanna put those photos on the wall of my room. When you come to our dorm, you can see there are many photos on the fridge.

I put them on. It is perhaps the most famous Yuri photo in a not so pretty way. We all love that photo! They put the photo inside the book like a bookmark! I put it inside my bible. Well, are you going to show us that expression here? How can I do it here? Just show us a bit. Yuri made an expression. Well, you guys might have nightmares tonight. Last member is Tiffany!

Mine is not funny. Um, I already did this to Sones. Anybody heard it here? Today is an important day, so do it again. She actually has a new one. See, I missed my note even at this stuff. Express your feeling this time! She cannot show her feeling in front of many people, I hope she can. Well, I did say a lot to them recently!

Then, tell Sones something. Well, I had something to say to our fans, and I already said it through interviews. Last night, we had some on-line chats with each other.

Yuri, you are very cheesy! Yuri unnie monitors my program very hard. Are you guys dating? I usually express my emotion well, and I feel thankful to members a lot of time. So when I want to say thank you to them, I consider today is the last day to do it, and it helps me express my feeling naturally. Yuri has beautiful mind. When she filmed Invincible Youth with me, sometimes she knee-kicked my butt. When she said it is arranged by Seohyun, and Seohyun started piano intro, I was out of my mind.

Personally, I prefer the original version. But you might not hear this piano version anywhere except at the fan meeting. Also, there were some changes of the singing parts. This song is originally for 2 singers, but this time they divided the song to 5 parts so that 5 members could sing. During the performance, Yuri and Yoona made really interesting expression on their faces.

It was from Tokyo show case. After the intermission, girls came out with tracksuits and sunglasses on. Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Tiffany wore red tracksuits.

Jessica, Yoona, and Sunny wore purple ones. Taeyeon and Yuri wore blue ones, and Seohyun wore green one. They were all playing kkap roles, even not-so-kkap member like Maknae did lol I was also mildly surprised that Maknae did rapping!

She was quite good at it! Hopefully, we can see this again during the 2nd ITNW tour someday soon. Girls had to change, so one more film was on the screen. It was from 1st year anniversary fan meeting in God, they were so young then! As a member of Sones, I felt so proud of them. Girls came out with gorgeous dresses on. It was all white colors, and girls always look like a real angel when they put white dresses on. After the hilarious performance, they became like an angels.

I wanted that song. So, did you guys prepare this stage only for fans who came here today, right? We made up our minds to show this stage to Sones. We have 9 pieces of paper here for each member. Come and join Invincible Youth team again!

They were calling each other and passed the papers. Hey girls, use respected form when you speak to each other! It is like adding respected ending to normal word, but it is not really a respected from. You wanted to tell your story on the runway without explaining it. You remember that episode! When I heard that, I was like People can interpret it as they want. With my music video, I want people to look at it and just have fun.

My choreographer is Yanis Marshallif you're familiar. He's my dream choreographer. I really had all my chess moves in line. Yes, I remember being in class with him before putting the songs together I love that this is going to be a summer anthem for everybody. Who are you rooting for this season then, since you're watching Drag Race?!

But that's the thing: Because watching RuPaul made me feel like, oh my gosh You have to have your hair and makeup amazing, your presentation, your improv — because you know, we did a lot of improv TV shows in Korea.

You have to be a queen on the stage, know all your lyrics. I think K-Pop fans need to watch it, too! I love that I'm at a place where I can bring cultures together. Going back to the "U. We've seen efforts from BoA, CL … what do you think about it?

BoA paved the way for me and every single artist, female artists especially, since She really inspired me. I discovered her Japanese album, and everyone was like, "She's Korean! I think it was timing. She was trying new things. She is such a superstar. Where K-Pop is at right now has everything to do with her. I think K-Pop has its own huge following that has made a platform for any act to be welcomed all over the world. Yes, there have been preconceptions, like, she's a K-pop girl, what is she gonna do in America?

Throughout my career, I've always been the Korean-American girl. It's funny, when I was announcing my plans for this release to my bandmates, I sent them the pictures, they were like, "Oh my gosh!

Taeyeon snapped me all these English-Korean translations of what words she was using. She was saying, basically, we see how much you work and how strong you were keeping this under wraps because you're somebody who'd be like, "I'm doing this, I'm doing that! We don't know what you'll come out with, which is more exciting. Yes, we have a group chat! I'm always like, "Hey, send high quality pictures so we can post on our socials! Girl of the EDM Generation There's so much fan support around you, consistently, no matter if you're active or doing an anniversary thing or your own thing — and you're all supportive of each other, too.

I feel like we're at college now in the sense that we've all decided what our majors are going to be. I know how strict the rules are, and I forever want to be a part of Girls' Generation. I wouldn't gamble that for anything. So I said, "If you need me, I can come back anytime because I have the freedom. We are each other's. We have this trust. I've been with the girls for 13 years When we know we're at this place when we can create something new and amazing, we will get together.

Even when we're rolling out solo projects, we're always like, "Once we do this, let's get together. And we've had years where we don't have Girls' Generation albums. Right now it's time to kind of develop ourselves individually. I'm always overanalyzing the music I love that Girls' Generation was about togetherness, but also individuality.

It really was about knowing who you are and what you can be, and how you can help as the best possible person you can be. That's probably why you have such a rabid fanbase, because people are so inspired by that. You're like this rare link, knowing the inner workings of the K-Pop industry while still coming from the Western world.

We read updates about signing with these agencies, and it's causing panic all the time. I guess I'm the peacemaker with that. Business is business, but you can't tell me I'm not Girls' Generation. No one's going to tell me that I'm not Girls' Generation!

There are things we can and can't talk about. Maybe one day down the line we'll tell the story, but we are still very much throwing each other random texts, and saying "Whoever doesn't respond within 10 minutes, we're getting together at your house next! I hope the fans trust us. In my girls, I trust.