Revolver magazine rammstein meet and greet

10 Things We Learned From "An Evening With Ghost" at the GRAMMY Museum | Revolver

revolver magazine rammstein meet and greet

So, I have lately been seeing many photos of fans meeting the band at was absolutely no chance to have a meet and greet with my favorite. With Till Lindemann and Christoph Schneider. Follow/Folgt uns auf: http://www. It's 10 p.m. in the United Arab Emirates when Anthony Kaoteon starts telling Revolver why he decided to get the hell out of Beirut six years ago.

Forge pushes Ghost to not repeat itself As Ghost's career unfolded, Forge was determined to not simply repeat the same ideas established on the first album. He has been a big Kiss fan since he was a little kid Forge wasn't surprised that the band's anonymity got people interested, especially in the U. This is where shock rock started.

Ghost is intended to be heavy-metal theater Forge originally imagined the band and its music as "a theatrical piece," he said. There was something very enthralling within Cats. He thought if Ghost could just get a record deal, he'd be happy to do five performances a year. Forge sometimes performs for laughs, but writes very seriously As the Ghost story has unfolded sinceForge has shown a gift for comedy as he plays with the band's gothic image onstage, on camera and elsewhere in public — but he keeps that separate from the music itself.

The show is something else.

revolver magazine rammstein meet and greet

He credits his mom for his success When Ghost had its first breakthrough, Forge was 29 and had been in bands for years. You can take that to mom. Sign up here instead Related. But 10 days after it happened, we recorded our first demo, and we released it in the U. So this thing never stopped us. We had good days after. What really made us move from the country is all the mayhem that is happening in the Middle East. It's all the conflicts between the countries.

It's the war in Lebanon. It's the bombings of our politicians where we never find the killers. It's a country with a ceiling if you have big dreams. It was the lack of metal music and its fans in big numbers.

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It was all of those things. What can I tell you? Growing up in that part of the world made us who we are. It made us fighters — it made us go-getters.

revolver magazine rammstein meet and greet

It made us work harder to get where we want to be. I'm grateful for many things growing up in Lebanon. It's a beautiful country and a great civilization. But at the same time, it's too small to allow you to be big. It's a country that can be manipulated by so many powers around it in the region.

revolver magazine rammstein meet and greet

I'm not naming names, but look at our neighboring countries and you'll see that our land has always been the place to settle their scores. So you say, "I don't want to be part of this game. I want to be a man of my own.

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I will leave this place and carve my own path. And I must say that Dubai is very good in terms of opportunities.

Hopefully one day I will settle in the Western world, whether that is Europe or anywhere else where there is more culture, more art, and more nature. It's basically the stage where you want to forget everything. You're damning your memories. This album still talks about our past and our experiences, but I guess we are much more mature than the first album. We are getting bombed from all sides today, and it's more about the social and political conflicts that have influenced our lives.

We just want to wash it off, cleanse our hands of it, and shout out for a better world — stripped from all these idols and just live together as human beings. Why do we have borders? Why do we have to ask, "Where are you from?

It wasn't by choice, but still people hate one another for that and this is pretty fucked up in my opinion. The difference is too tiny to split, but they split it because of power and greed and then they start killing because of this. The world is not so big, you know? If you want to be furious about something, if you want to go crazy about something, go crazy about these principles that are pulling people apart from one another — whether it is skin, sex, religion, politics — it's all bullshit at the end of the day.

It's someone selling you a marketing campaign and making you fear the existence of something else so you can follow their demands for their profits. I grew up in a mixed society. We never had problems.

What's unusual is what happened afterwards — at the blow of a gun or a rocket in Lebanon, everyone goes back to their own corner. Then it's like you remember from the Megadeth song, "Brother will kill brother …" This is what's unusual: People are not living together today when they were best friends growing up.

We never felt any distance growing up, but when you start getting older and society starts digging in — yes, it's weird.

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I won't deny it. In Lebanon, you have a lot of denial. People might hate me for saying this, but we do ask, "What's your name? Where are you from? I think this is the case in most of the world. What happened was, every year Walid and I go to a festival to get our steam off.

So we sought them out, and it was a mix of luck and working with really professional people that the first time I sent them a message with the music, they were really interested. And I actually started working with Linus on my other project, Death Drive, before I started working with him for Kaoteon.

Usually I don't like to guess what the listener would get; I would want to leave it for them. But if there is one thing I can share with you, I would like my album to be just like it was when I was composing those riffs. I want it to lift all the troubles and throw them in the bin.

I would like it to be the bullet for their gun instead of actually buying a gun and shooting a bullet.

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I would like it to be a reminder that all that is happening in the world is not really worth it. So stop being an idiot and get back to the reality of things. It should allow people to scream it out from their lungs and start seeing the world as one. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support. Sign up here instead Related.