Relationship between teacher student malayalam

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relationship between teacher student malayalam

Malayalam tutors. All, Online I can teach the subject to the satisfaction of the student. Interaction I am capable of interacting with the students in English or Malayalam. Gulam Nabi Azad - Distrubutor Relationship and Customer Service . Free Essay: Teachers and their students have a special relationship; what they do affects each Although, the nature of teacher and show more content. There is literally no difference in the quality of education and it all depends on the exposure the student receives. Most of the students from Malayalam medium schools come from very Akhil Pillai, A physics teacher passionate on movies.

To verify, just follow the link in the message Now Reading: Share fbshare twshare pinshare Comments 0 Malayalam movies that portrayed the influence of teachers in life Last updated on - Sep 5, In that sense, not only a teacher in school but anyone who inspires or show the right path can be called a teacher.

There have been many Malayalam movies that showed the teacher-student relationship and have succeeded in portraying the ideal teacher image in many movies, but on this Teachers day, we are looking at some Malayalam movies that depicted the meaning of a teacher in a larger context.

Ryan, a child of parents from two different religions, is a mischievous kid who hates mathematics and a noted troublemaker in his class. The movie shows how Ryan is transformed by the incidents that happen in his life and by the influence of his class teacher, father and a magic pen. One day, he gets a special pen from his grandfather. Ryan believes the pen can do magic in his life. The movie then adds an element of surrealism when the pen actually does magic like doing Ryan's homework when he is asleep, instructing him what to do in school and more.

The movie shows how a little tender love, support, and care from teachers and parents can actually bring drastic changes in a child's behavior and life.

Malayalam movies that portrayed the influence of teachers in life

The story follows Faizi, played by Dulquer Salmaan, who is aspiring to be a leading chef. However, due to disagreements with his father Faisi comes and finds a resort in his grandfather Kareem, known as Ustad-who runs a local hotel near the beach. The movie then shows how Ustad teaches Faizi the value of food, love, and kindness in life. Kareem becomes the guide to Fazi in life to find his true love and passion, thus being his best teacher.

The movie has Indrajith playing the role of the teacher Mukundan and Minon plays the student Anilkumar who is in search of questions. Gender and subject of specialization makes difference in competency in Malayalam Language, communication and education are inter-related processes. When engaged in teaching, assessment, and tutoring, every teacher pays attention to both subject matter and linguistic expression.

Since knowledge is constructed, processed and communicated through language, all teachers irrespective of their subject of specialization are language teachers. To do this soundly, teachers need a good oral and written vocabulary and functional knowledge of grammar of the language of instruction. The level of knowledge of the teacher in the language and the mastery in the use of language, referred to as competence and performance respectively, are bound to influence the quality of teaching Kumar, Knowledge of mother-tongue is in one way the first step to all other subjects of learning.

Intellectual development and personality development of a student is greatly influenced by one's opportunities to develop the competencies in mother-tongue.

A child having competency in mother-tongue can easily grasp other subjects. But it is a distressing truth that, even after 10 years of schooling, children fail to become minimally proficient even in their mother-tongue and fail to acquire at least minimal reading and writing skills. The problem lies not with the learning abilities of the children but with the education system, the teacher and their teaching methods.

Are 78 Competency in Malayalam among B. M our future teachers proficient in the language through which they are required to teach? It is well established that a child proficient in his or her mother-tongue is better able to learn additional languages and is more likely to succeed academically. Therefore, teachers at these levels must be competent to communicate, nurture, and reassure basic skills at least in the language of instruction, which is most often the mother-tongue of the student.

That is, teachers irrespective of their subject and level of teaching need to have functional knowledge in mother-tongue of children whom they teach. Worse, at times the students model after the teachers to develop faulty language, too.

relationship between teacher student malayalam

Both the situations are undesirable. To be able to justify their professional and social responsibility and to convince their students, teachers need to have good command of the instructional language. Unfortunately, till recently the entire teacher education system in India has taken the competence in mother-tongue of future teachers as granted.

National curriculum framework identifies that the language proficiency of the teacher needs to be enhanced, but laments that existing programmes do not recognize the centrality of language in the curriculum. Researches elsewhere as well point out that levels of content knowledge about language among teachers are typically very low Bos, et al.

Specifically, teachers committed large percentage of error in vocabulary Dhar, though vocabulary is the most crucial aspect in writing Tercanlioglu, But teaching is not solely dependent on writing Leroy, So as to improve the teacher competency, teacher education programmes must be capable of inculcating communication competence Onukaugu, in general.

relationship between teacher student malayalam

Relationship between language of instruction and performance Vygotsky, is well accepted. This is true not only for student outcomes but also for teacher performance.

Further, with the adoption of a policy of inclusion in education, consequent to the adoption of education as a fundamental right of all children, a good percentage of students in secondary and even higher secondary school classes, if not talking about primary school classes, are having one or more difficulties which can be classified as learning disability related to language.

Teachers, especially at secondary level, often feel unprepared to address the instructional needs of students with language, reading, and writing problems. The situation get aggravated if teachers themselves are facing difficulties in language competencies.

Considering the above factors, competency in Malayalam Mother-tongue is important for future teachers of Kerala. Language, at teacher education level, has not received the attention it deserves. Present study, hence, attempts to examine how far the Student-teachers who are stepping on to the teaching profession at secondary school level are competent in their mother-tongue.

Objective of the study To gauge the competency in Malayalam of student-teachers in the total sample and to find out the relative standing of student-teachers on various areas of language competency, and also to examine whether there exist significant difference among the student-teachers in their competency in Malayalam based on their a Gender and b Subject of specialization.

Methods Participants A representative sample of Student-teachers from thirteen Teacher Education colleges of Malappuram, Kozhikode and Wayanad Districts of Kerala is drawn with males and females giving proportionate representation to gender, subjects of specialization viz. Instruments A test of competency in Malayalam prepared on the basis of thorough analysis of language competencies aimed to be developed and acquired up to standard VIII in schools of Kerala was used.

relationship between teacher student malayalam

Competencies included in the test are 1 alphabets 2 symbols 3 spelling 4 pronunciation 5 vocabulary 6 opposites 7 verbal reasoning 8 one word 9 sentence comprehension 10 sentence structure 11 proverb 12 phrase meaning 13 translation 14 Reading comprehension 15 writing.

Items with comparatively low difficulty level were prepared and retained on the assumption that if the student-teachers have difficulty with these items, it could be concluded that they have not adequately acquired the competency involved.

Test — retest reliability co- efficient of whole test 0. M Procedure The study explores competency in Malayalam from four dimensions.

relationship between teacher student malayalam

First, the extent of competency in Malayalam total among student-teachers is found out. Then, the extent of competency in select areas was estimated to identify the areas where the B. Ed students are relatively stronger or weaker.

relationship between teacher student malayalam

Thirdly the, analysis of variance is used to find out whether competency in Malayalam total and areas of competencies vary according to subject of specialization and gender. Fourthly and finally, mean difference analysis is used to find out the strata of B. Ed students based on gender, and subject of specialization stronger or weaker on competency in Malayalam total and its select areas. Student-teachers have not attained required mastery in Malayalam Student-teachers have acquired 79 percentage of total competency in Malayalam.

One in four of student-teachers have less than mastery level competency in Malayalam expected by the end of secondary education. What is more, one in every 10 student- teachers has 66 percent or less of the competency in Malayalam, expected in their students by the end of Secondary Education.

Areas of language where performance of student-teachers near mastery level are as follows: The result of gender-wise comparison of each of the 15 competency areas is summarized in table 1.

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M 7 Verbal reasoning 0. Findings of this study in this respect matches with those of Manoj and Nair For want of space the results of scores of one-way analyses of 83 Competency in Malayalam among B. M variances and around comparisons of means between independent samples are not detailed here.

Generally, Science students are higher in competency in Malayalam than language except Sanskrit Student-teachers and Social studies students; Arabic Student-teachers are poorer in competency in Malayalam.