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Open auditions for the edition of the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City MALE AND FEMALE DANCERS must be proficient in jazz and ballet. Audition for dance companies, shows, productions or further training with professional dance advice. Find London auditions, feel prepared and confident. Applying & Auditioning to the Butler Dance Program. JCA Dance Audition. Information about the Audition Process and Tips. The Butler dance audition day is.

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This generally allows enough time for schoolwork and even some limited extracurricular activities before coming to dance class. The scholarship program teaches practical skills like planning, time management, teaching, organization, coordination, teamwork, and presentation skills. More importantly, students will learn the magic that comes from hard work, dedication, and persistence towards goals and dreams.

Performance Opportunities Participating in the Ballet On Wheels Dance School scholarship program will also give your child the rare opportunity of performing up to 15 times a year as a member of one of our three youth performance companies. You and your child will also find out the final result that day. All scholarship students will need to re-audition each year and there is no limit to the number of times a student can re-audition.

Summer intensive audition tips from a dancer’s parent

If their heart and soul are truly in dance, then we will welcome them to our dance audition year after year. Community Service Component Community service is a required component of the scholarship program. Ballet On Wheels also volunteers for community booths and local expos, and program participants join us here, too. In addition, because Ballet On Wheels is a non-profit organization, the time students spend volunteering at the school can be used on college applications, as need be.

While some directors are open to hiring dancers via video, some do have their reservations. Here, find out some tips, from both the dancer and the director perspective, on how to best audition by video. Dancers may not have the money or time to travel around on an audition tour. Auditioning via video, then, can be a good alternative.

If I had to fly and audition for a company, it would not be very cost-effective for me to work as I do. Photo courtesy of Denise Cecere.

As a director, video auditions may have their benefits as well. Denise Cecere, artistic director of Northeast Youth Ballet, says she is sensitive to the financial burden that traveling to auditions costs the dancers and welcomes a video in its place. She has hired many guest artists this way, most of whom were also recommended to her by a colleague. In addition, video auditions save her time. Also, it is easier although never recommended! Perhaps you chose a dance clip from five years ago, or selected a very one-sided presentation.

Do show your diversity in your movement. Try to include examples of your dancing in classical, contemporary and modern genres.