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Frank26, Delta and KTFA Members Late Monday Night KTFA: DELTA: HELLO FAMILY: AS WE KNOW ON 01/10/ Masum DID call now saying Abadi does not have to be in Iraq for the RV to occur rcookie says():Parliament included the candidates of the Federal service at today 's meeting. The New Iraqi Dinar exchange rate will change soon! Breitling, Poppy3, OkieOilMan, Frank26, Med, Enorrste, BGG, Tlar, Mailman17 and all the others. Get Reliable RV Alerts, Latest Intel, Best Dinar Facts Videos & More Sent Right To Your Email. IQD to 1 USD 10/ Printed 1/); Power Sharing ( Done!!. 1 day ago Dinar Guru Recap is your home for all the latest dinar gurus, Iraqi dinar, rumors and chats around the net from all the experts.

Yes, we are not last. We are next to the last. We will receive our blessing by all intents and purposes by the end of this week. I feel really good because the Humanitarian Funding sources. We think how many of those are there?

About Humanitarian Funding sources that have project participants underneath their direction all around the globe. That is globally Those were paid out last Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and continued through the weekend. They all have been paid out ready to begin going into total blackout. During that time they will decide how they will pay out and start their projects around the globe that they have participants for. That is a group that has been paid out. We know Iraq has completed what it is they needed to complete which did drag out.

You do not know how many times we have been told we have to wait on Iraq. They put everything they needed to put in the Gazette last Saturday. There is a rate for the Iraqi dinar on the back screens being traded as of this past Sunday. That was the case. That is very positive. Are we going to see what the rate is on the CBI website?

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My personal thing and I have said it at least once on the Big Call is that No rate will appear on a site the public can see until at least after we get started with our toll free numbers, set our appointments, and get started exchanging. At least until then. Do look for it. You are wasting your time. There is no reason to put that out. The main reason is they know it. They know it in the Middle East. They know what it is in-country, and our Forex guys know, and our bankers who see the screens know.

Today we heard that the rates that were showing up were only showing up on the back screens, not on the front screens. I do not know why. I find that interesting that rates come and go, they fluctuate, or they come up and go away, that kind of thing. It shows movement in the community. It shows the Forex traders that we talk to are seeing major changes taking place around the globe.

What about the USTN? The USTN we understand is live and is being traded and paired with other currencies like the Iraqi dinar, the Zimbabwe dollar, and the traditional trading pairs.

There are 8 to 10 traditional trading pairs with the US Dollar. We have a new dollar. We have the gold back or asset back currency, and we have a new printed currency as well.

Is it in the banks yet? I believe it could be in the vaults about ready to be put in the drawers. I believe it is at the Redemption Centers for us ready for when we go in. I do not know why they went down, but they did.

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Iraq is basically in a position they have done their thing. Shabibi was in attendance and was asked by someone that we knew of in the community how much is the rate of the Iraqi Dinar going to be.

It was really cool. Is it there now? Not yet, but it is at a very decent rate, and I am hearing it could make it to that number by around Saturday. Now that is not as important to us as it is when we get to go. I also have heard that we have a certain amount of time to do our exchanges. Let say between now or the day we get started and Saturday, December 22, After that Redemption Centers could be a thing of the past.

Iraqi Dinar Investment: Fact or Fiction?

Of course they will. Their Foreign Currency desks will still do exchanges on foreign currencies, but our time to go in and do our Zim redemptions and our currency exchanges at the Redemption Centers will take us thru December 22, at 5pm. Now that is really good because we know there is sort of a limited time that we have to do those exchanges and we are ready to get started.

We are all ready to get going.

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As far as the public is concern, I am hearing that the public may get started and I use the term may because they have been pushed back slightly as we have. They may get started at about the middle of the first week in January. That is the public, not us.

They just put their currency away, they bought it, whatever. They might find out about it. Maybe they will find out about it or not, but those folks will start after the first of the year, somewhere around the first week of January. I am telling you that things are ready to roll. Redemption Center staff are on 24 hour call even if the Redemption Centers are not going to be a 24 hour around the clock day for them.

Some will, some will not. Some will be 24 hours. Obviously during the day will be the busiest time. Some people will exchange at night, and some people will exchange late into the night. So they are prepared.

I am just going to say the time is now that this blessing is neigh upon us, and I believe from what I have heard today everything actually initiated overnight late last night over in Hong Kong. I just feel people, listeners all around the globe that we are exactly where we need to be. We all have been tested. Whether you have been in it for 14 years or 14 days we all get the same reward.

This is a time for us to come together as a community to love one another, to be there for one another, to encourage one another and to enjoy the joy of the season, and realize your redemption of Zim draws nigh. This all going down very shortly and I am excited as I ever been. All the information is coming together. The USTN is alive and tradable on the screens, and we are moving forward. Like I said except for the Joe Public, we are the next to the last.

Despite the warnings, many people remain invested. WHNT News 19 took action to find out. Here's what our investigation found: No one does it because it makes no sense. In a redenomination, often done when inflation has reached untenable levels in a country, old bills of larger denominations are swapped for new bills of smaller denominations.

An old 25, dinar note could, for example, be exchanged for a new 25 dinar note. Under this "dropping the zeros" scenario, the purchasing power or value of the new note is the same as the old note.

Nobody makes any money. Iraq is a sovereign nation and the U. Ever," Jagerson said firmly. When Iraq invaded Kuwait inthe Iraqi dinar replaced the Kuwaiti dinar as currency. Kuwaiti dinar was essentially relegated to black market status. Iraq's history and circumstances are also very different from Kuwait.

Bush's Executive Order gives Americans special legal rights to hold or invest in Iraqi dinar As you can see herespecifically protects the Development Fund for Iraq, as well as Iraqi oil products and interests - including ownership by U. It does not mention dinar, or investment in dinar, at all. Department of the Treasury does not hold any Iraqi dinar for investment purposes and holds only a nominal amount for use.

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I bought my dinar at a bank and it's a real currency, so it's clearly not a scam Different U. At time of broadcast, WHNT News 19 could find no banks currently exchanging the currency, although they may exist. Wells Fargo provides a wide range of foreign currency banknote services, generally for travel-related purposes to meet the needs of our customers traveling abroad.

We do not, however, expect a high number of customers traveling to Iraq for business or leisure purposes in the near future.