Doc mcstuffins character meet and greet

Walt Disney World Character Meet and Greets: Ultimate Guide

doc mcstuffins character meet and greet

I walked out and said, “Doc McStuffins, that's the name of the show.” I know who she is, I know who the main group of characters are, and I. Mar 26, Meet and Greet with Doc McStuffins at Hollywood Studios Disney artist helps you draw your own Disney character sketch; The Sound Stage. Character Meet & Greet: Disney Junior Characters Jake can be found along with Sofia and Doc McStuffins in front of Disney Junior Live on Stage. He is still in .

And if a Character Attendant does need to cut off a line, please be polite and understand that they are simply doing a very difficult part of their job. Do not break character integrity! Character integrity means that each character is real, and therefore he or she can only be in one place at one time.

Breaking character integrity is one of the worst ways to ruin the magic of meeting these characters for yourself and other guests. When you meet these characters, remember that they actually are in character. You could ask Aladdin and Jasmine how Abu is doing, or maybe ask Rapunzel what her favorite food is, or ask Elsa and Anna how Arendelle is this time of year. You can even do this with fur characters as well! One last thing to mention about talking to the characters is that while you may be an adult visiting a character without any children with you, you should under no circumstances make any inappropriate comments to them.

Disneybound or wear themed clothing Sort of in the same vein as the above tip, it is always fun to see the reactions of your favorite characters when you wear clothes with them on it or wear an outfit inspired by them. This could also be a great conversation starter if you do not know what to say to some characters.

Meet characters while dining You can kill two birds with one stone by going to character dining. You can see more characters this way in a short amount of time without waiting in long lines. While these restaurants are often all you can eat, they do cost more than your average table service meal, it can be worth it if you really want to meet many characters.

Get Fastpasses for popular characters Some characters have very long waits to meet them, sometimes even hours. By getting a Fastpass for meet and greets like Princess Fairytale Hall and Mickey Mouse in the Town Square Theater, you can bypass most of the line and spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your visit.

doc mcstuffins character meet and greet

Sofia appears here from 9: She will come to your table and sign your autograph book as well as take pictures. This saves you time and you get a delicious meal out of it.

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He is still in his pirate uniform as opposed to the Captain attire he wears in the last season of the show. He appears in this location from 9: He is the only Neverland character you can find at Hollywood Studios. If you have room in your book bag or strollerbring one of your kids stuffed animals and Doc will give it a check up, along with signing your autograph book and pose for a picture.

doc mcstuffins character meet and greet

Strollers are not permitted in this area of the park so be ready to carry your kid and for a bit of a walk. Doc is found in the Conservation Station.

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You can find her here from So be sure to plan to be here by 4pm to get a meet and greet in, accounting for the walk and train ride. This character experience is inside. A great relief from the mid day heat. You can create a great hour of your day by meeting Doc McStuffins and then taking in the stage show. This meet and greet takes place from 9: Doc will come to your table to get a picture with your family and sign your autograph book. You can expect lots of hugs from this loveable character.