Colton dixon meet and greet 2013 movies

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colton dixon meet and greet 2013 movies

See more ideas about Colton Dixon, Christian singers and Singers. the scenes snaps courtesy of from yesterday's American Idol Top 10 tour photo shoot." . screening of Fox's 'American Idol' at Royce Hall, UCLA on January in Westwood, California. .. "Colton Dixon as an extra in the Hannah Montana movie!. Matthew West Announces Tour with Colton Dixon to Celebrate Release of Upcoming Album Live 1 selling album of by a new Christian artist and the No. That's probably what Colton Dixon will say to his fans as soon as he arrives in Manila to perform with FUNFARE - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - February 11 , - am When he was 17, Colton did a bit part in Hannah Montana The Movie. . He and Jessica will meet and greet fans at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb.

Together with his younger sister Schyler, they formed a Christian rock band called Messenger. With his passion for music growing stronger by the day, Dixon began writing with his best bud Paul from school as together they improved their songwriting abilities. The piano soon became a haven for Dixon as it soon represented a form of escapism and solace during his reflective moments. In Dixon appeared on season 11 of the popular talent competition American Idol, accidently. Having previously auditioned for the competition the year before and failing, Dixon accompanied his sister to Idol auditions for moral support.

With encouragement from the judges, he auditioned too and both got a golden ticket for the next round of the competition. I'm into a band right now called Death By April. I have no idea what their band name means, I just got into their music, and it's so interesting. It's just really, really weird. For me, it's kinda like taking Justin Bieber, and putting really hardcore rock mixed in with it.

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It's really awesome and interesting at the same time. Love it, it's good stuff, but yeah, I really love the hard rock stuff. It gets my blood pumping. How did you know music was what you wanted to do with your life? And were there any other potential careers you considered when you were younger? I played baseball for a long time, and I kind of gave it up for music when I was around So I really decided that music was my "thing" at 13 years old; it was the first time I sang in public and I was just overwhelmed by the feeling that God was calling me to that, you know, calling me that direction.

Yeah, if anything else, I would say it would have been baseball. But I think it was a good choice, knowing now what I knew then. Or reverse that, however that goes. A lot of young people look up to you as a "role model" of sorts now. Has that affected how you go about your life, or has it just been "business as usual"? If anything, it's been more accountability. I mean, I don't do the whole "party scene," I don't drink, I don't smoke, or any of that.

Man, there definitely is a younger audience that looks at every move I make, and that's why I try to make sure I'm setting a good example for them.

Just having that accountability and watching what I post has been good for me, in making decisions on what I watch or whatever it may be. Yeah, it's been really cool for me in that aspect, just to lead by example. Yeah, you're 21, right?

colton dixon meet and greet 2013 movies

So it's kind of a weird balance now, because you're an adult, but you have a lot of younger fans looking up to you, so I'm sure it's kind of a strange dynamic, with what you're going to talk about and stuff. Right, yeah, you just have to be. You have to be careful about how you approach "adult" decisions. It's really what it comes down to.

You know, because there's a lot of non-adult "eyes" looking at you and at those decisions, and maybe even the right decision, they might just not understand it or whatever.

So yeah, especially just watching what you post. Which one is your favorite out of the three and why? I'd have to say The Dark Knight. I think the third one was great, but I wish Catwoman would've been more like she was in the Tim Burton film, but I chose The Dark Knight because Heath Ledger just did a phenomenal job at doing his job, which was portraying the Joker.

I know that must have been a feat but it was just so good, you know? I know Batman's not like a horror movie or anything, but there were really moments that freaked you out. It's just that, the Joker was so sick and twisted, and how he went about being that, and I just thought it was a really well thought-out movie, portraying two of my favorite characters which are Batman and Joker so I really, really loved that movie.

Agreed, that's probably my favorite out of the three films as well. It was extremely well done. Going along the same lines, if your life was a movie, who would you want to play 'you' and what would your theme song be? Hm, that's a great question. I mean, I would love for someone like Brad Pitt to play my character, not gonna lie to you.

I really have no idea on how to jump on that one. Good CD in general, too. Yes, good CD, amazing band.

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Any other favorite film, aside from Batman? Hm, I can't list one, to be honest with you, I'll list two. Both are good films, definitely. OK, for the last question, what has God been teaching you lately? Man, I think it's really, even through the Idol process, just to put all my trust in Him, and to be patient, and to wait, and to listen, you know?

Just to really rely fully on Him. He's gonna get the job done, but it's going to be in His time, so we just need to be patient with what He's doing. Home base is still in Murfreesboro, which speaks as much to his grounded foundation as it does to his hectic schedule. While Colton's parents were always extremely supportive, a career in music wasn't a given.

A self-described "sports guy," his early interests included soccer, hockey and baseball. His dad coached his little league team, and Colton loved the pitcher's mound and the psychological aspects of the game.

Colton Dixon

As kids, he and his sister Schyler would regularly perform for their parents, but the music gene wasn't necessarily something that was inherited. It was actually a passion that grew slowly and steadily. An aunt who taught piano talked Colton's parents into signing him up for lessons when he was eight. It was hardly love at first sight. In fact, like many kids, he grew to hate those structured sessions, but they gave him a musical foundation that would take him places he couldn't even begin to imagine back then.

At age 13, he sang in public for the first time, and that's when everything finally began to fall into place. His earlier athletic pursuits gave way to activities like school choir and songwriting.

Throughout his teen years, the piano became his escape. A talented elementary school best friend named Paul became Colton's first songwriting partner. They wrote together and it was, well, terrible. But those early songwriting sessions taught him how to put melody and words together and paint a picture.

Eventually, he and Paul would form the band Messenger, along with Schyler.

colton dixon meet and greet 2013 movies