How to read a swim meet sheet

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how to read a swim meet sheet

Your guide to understanding how a swim meet works. If you're the event. Be sure to check the official results sheet to see where you placed. What is a Heat Sheet? This is the printed listing displayed before and during a meet that tells swimmers what events they will compete in. It also defines the. You buy a swim meet program to look up when you'll be swimming. As you flip through A psych sheet does not have heat or lane assignments. Rather, it lists .

Psych Sheets A ranking of swimmers by event and time. Lane Number This is your assigned lane in the pool that you will be racing in, during your heat. Typically, the fastest swimmers in each heat get assigned to the middle lanes. Unattached A term used to identify a swimmers team affiliation in lieu of being officially attached to a team within the organization. Relay You can either compete in an individual event, where you swim a race alone, or you can compete as part of a relay.

A relay is typically a combination of 4 swimmers on the same team. Relays are usually either freestyle, or a medley. A freestyle medley means that swimmer 1 swims 50 yards freestyle, then swimmer 2 immediately swims the second leg, then swimmers 3 and 4 swim legs 3 and 4 consecutively. A medley is similar, but each swimmer is responsible for completing a different stroke of the I. Swimmer 1 does backstroke, swimmer 2 does breaststroke, swimmer 3 does butterfly, and swimmer 4 does freestyle.

Leg A portion, normally one-quarter, of an individual event or relay event, of the event. Long course pool A pool configured for swimming with a meter long race course.

how to read a swim meet sheet

Slang for individual medley, an event in which the swimmer uses all four competitive strokes in the following order: Check in Event organizers will have a check-in table set up at the meet. When you arrive, go to the table and check in with the staff to confirm that you are present. Some meets have a strict policy that you have to check-in at least 1 hour prior to the start of the meet.

This touchpad is very sensitive and works best when you push your fingers into it aggressively at the end of your race to ensure your split is recorded. Watch Time The recorded time from a watch started and stopped manually by a lane timer.

Swim Meet Terminology + FAQs

Split A split is the exact second that divides one lap from another. Split time is the amount of time that adds up between two splits.

how to read a swim meet sheet

A timer can record a split after one lap — the length of the pool; two laps — down and back — or any other distance he chooses. Recording splits and calculating times is useful in determining what legs of the race are covered in what amount of time.

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A DQ is a disqualification from an event. If you are disqualified in a race, it means that you have broken one or more of the rules designated for that stroke or for that event. The judge will raise their arm, then fill out a DQ slip.

You will be notified of your DQ after your race, and you will not be able to place to win a ribbon or medal. Disqualifications can be seen as a sad or horrible thing, but it is not the end of the world! Pool record A pool record is the fastest recorded time that a swimmer has ever swam a specific event in that pool.

how to read a swim meet sheet

Points Points are awarded to the team for swimmers placing in individual meets and in relays. We then remove these swimmers from the event. This will change the heat sheet which impacts heat and lane assignments.

How to Read a SwimMeet Heat Sheet or Psych Sheet

Another situation that changes the actual heat sheet is from time to time events may be merged. Generally if there is a race that has only a few swimmers, they may combine like events. For example, if there are only 2 relay teams for the boys and 1 for the girls we may merge those teams into one heat.

how to read a swim meet sheet

Often times this can be done prior to a meet and prior to production of the heat sheet but it may also not be decided upon until the actual meet. Generally announcements will be made advising of this event just prior to the swim. So really the most important thing on the arm is the event and what stroke it represents. The rules say that lane 1 is always supposed to be closest to the starter…but that is hard to see sometimes….

Name of the swimmer Age: This is the swimmers age as far as the meet is concerned.

how to read a swim meet sheet

This is the team abbreviation, each team has a unique abbreviation. You can find usually find a key to the abbreviations at the front of the heatsheet. The LE you see over and over again refers to what league the swimmer is in.

Seed time refers to the fastest time the swimmer has ever swum this event in the past. This means the swimmer is swimming exhibition. Some meets only allow you to enter a certain number of swimmers to be eligible to score. If you beat your seed it is a good day regardless of where you place! What is a Psych Sheet?