How to not be so serious in a relationship

28 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Relationships

how to not be so serious in a relationship

In fact, it set the foundation for all the healthy relationships I've nurtured over the years, Don't just say it; let your actions speak too. . When you break the rules of integrity you invite serious complications into your life. But sometimes, it's not so easy to tell. where you stand as a couple, as well as whether or not your partner is serious about the relationship. Yeah, we didn't think so! Since dating is NOT easy, we've discovered 13 ways to date without getting into a serious relationship, for all of you who want to keep it relaxed. While some people are looking to be in a committed.

From then on, the relationship was no longer enjoyable. Every interaction and conversation became a test to see exactly where he stood and how he felt.

how to not be so serious in a relationship

The problem is our minds trick us into believing there is some sort of payoff to this type of thinking. Like it will somehow lead us to a place of confidence and clarity.

Why Not Taking Shit Too Seriously May Actually Be a Great Dating Advantage

It will lead you in the opposite direction, rather, and cause you to feel even more uncertain and insecure. It is not there to serve you and give you things like happiness and self-esteem.

Acting Too Serious Too Soon

It is not there to make you feel good about life and about yourself. It is not a goal to achieve. A relationship is an experience to be had and shared. It is about discovering how compatible you are with someone else, and if there is enough chemistry and compatibility to form a lifelong partnership, also known as marriage.

The only work you have to do is to make sure you are your best self and get to a place where you can give and receive love. No amount of plotting or analyzing will change whether you and someone else are compatible.

So you enter into the relationship as your best self and then one of two things happens: If you can realize this, really realize it, then there will be absolutely nothing to stress over. Set a freak-out deadline A lot of us make the mistake of prematurely freaking out over something that really turns out to be absolutely nothing.

You talk regularly, go on fun dates, it seems to be going really well. And then the devastation starts to creep in…followed by the doubts. What did I do wrong? Was it something I said? Why do the guys I like always leave me?

6 Ways To Stop Stressing About Your Relationship And Fully Enjoy Life With Your Partner

And just when the agony is at its peak…. And everything is fine! You cling to the relationship even tighter because you remember how miserable it felt when you thought you lost it and you vow not to do anything to screw this up. Rather than reflexively panicking when something seems amiss, set a deadline.

how to not be so serious in a relationship

Tell yourself that you will be fine with things for the time being, and if nothing changes in two weeks, then you can be upset about it and deal with it. Instead of getting angry about it, just give yourself a deadline. This little exercise will help you train your mind to stay calm and avoid spinning into a frenzy. It will help you gain control over your thoughts and your mood, and this will be of major benefit to you and your relationship.

And the funny thing is, whatever problem you wanted to get really upset about right away usually resolves itself before the deadline you set! Be present The biggest problem with stressing over your relationship is it takes you out of the relationship and brings you to a much more disturbing place. Instead, just be present. Be right here, right now.

how to not be so serious in a relationship

Just enjoy it for what it is and let the process unfold organically. Being single is seen as something to be pitied, and being in a relationship is something to covet. As a result, a lot of us measure our worth by our relationship status. Start accepting and embracing your flaws. Stop comparing and competing every second. We all need our own time to travel our own distance.

Remember this, and give others the space to do the same. Start letting others be exactly who they are. First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences. Yes, be waaaay kinder than necessary. You never know what someone is going through.

If you cannot speak a kind word, say nothing at all. Start showing your love. To make someone happy, give them three things: What a person shows to the world is only one tiny tip of the iceberg hidden from sight. Never judge; learn to respect and acknowledge the feelings of another. Read The Gifts of Imperfection. Start acting like what you do makes a difference.

Always go above and beyond for those who need you most. Stop letting one dark cloud obliterate the whole sky. Just do the best you can.

how to not be so serious in a relationship

Stop needing to always be right. Stop focusing on outer beauty all the time. In the end, people are not as beautiful as they look, walk, or talk. They are only as beautiful as they love, as they care, and as they share. Also, a little formula to keep in mind for yourself: Not because you keep reminding them, but because they pay attention and care.

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Stop pressuring others into things, or putting up with those who pressure you. Let people decide for themselves.

Being willing to wait is a sign of true love and friendship. Anyone can say that they care about you, but not everyone will wait for you.

Start using your voice to lift others up. Let your voice to be the one they hear in their dreams that tells them, you are so loved, you are so wanted, you are a special gift, and you are worthy.