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how to meet wentworth miller

Actor Wentworth Miller hopes his return to Prison Break will change people's minds about gay men taking on leading roles. In your life you sometimes meet people, maybe famous people, who Meeting Wentworth Miller was one of the most wonderful and 'I can't. It's unclear if the show's stars Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, and Sarah Wayne Callies will be involved in the new iteration, but Fox.

Little do the brothers know that breaking out is just the beginning. Check out the full interview below! How is it being Michael Scofield again? A bit like riding a bike. What was the first day on set like? The first day was hectic as all first days are. It was a prison set.

Wentworth Miller Quotes

A lot of extras. Three different cameras swirling around. I was on one side of prison bars, of course, and Dominc was on the other and that served me. All I had to do was look into his eyes, hear his voice and it anchored me in this relationship as it has all these years.

Will this reboot differ in terms of themes or storytelling or will it remind fans of the original in that sense? I think it can stand alone in terms of you can appreciate it without having seen the original. I think that Michael Scofield in particular does have a superhero facet to him.

He has this superhero facet as well, but is still recognizably a human being. Did that change the way you played Michael this time around? That awareness did not change for me. If anything it just set the bar higher in terms of the quality of work expected.

how to meet wentworth miller

Not because they didn't appeal. But they were frowned upon in my house. Although I did get deep into Elfquest for a beat. Anyway, I'd never read The Flash, I'd never heard of "Captain Cold" before getting hired, and as far as playing him on the show, my sense is that the writers have a take on the character that's slightly different than what's come before.

So I'm content to riff on whatever they cook up episode to episode. I know we're going to meet you in this week's episode, but what can you tease about your epic return in episode 10?

Not without getting in trouble. I've been trying to think of another situation where two actors closely associated with one show were recast on another show, playing two new characters, and I can't. It feels really unusual. Labs team that we haven't seen from any other villains yet? But I'd like to imagine that Snart's impact on Barry—and vice versa—could potentially be very personal.

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Barry's clearly got some father issues, and from what I'm told Snart does too. So they've got that in common. And maybe that will express itself in some way. Or I could be making all that up. What was it like reuniting with Dominic as Captain Cold and Heatwave? Is the brotherly bromance still alive?

how to meet wentworth miller

Which works well in that you can really tell Captain Cold and Heat Wave have spent time in the trenches together. But these are very different characters from "Michael" and "Lincoln" and that's been cool to explore. Also, Dom makes me laugh. He can be very, very funny. I hope one day he gets to give people a taste of that onscreen.