How to meet people at college orientation

10 Ways To Make Friends During The First Few Weeks Of College | Thought Catalog

how to meet people at college orientation

10 People You'll Definitely Meet At Orientation, Like It Or Not are extremely outgoing and will do their best to acclimate you to college life. In addition to meeting my advisors and other freshmen, I have a job interview Will it be too late to connect to people after orientation week?. Also if you need to meet people, sports and clubs and social events at your I hated college orientation as well, and felt insecure about making.

The most cringeworthy thing you can do as a Freshman other than saying the word cringeworthy in real life is to create a caboose of 20 people, all of whom expect you to deliver them to the promised land. No party is gonna let in a Freshman caboose — although you will now have 20 new friends. Only pretend to text sometimes Pretending to text will become incredibly useful as the weeks progress particularly when you walk by someone you hooked up with a few days beforebut try and limit yourself as much as possible during the first few days.

Early on, half of making friends is simply making eye contact.

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Our college paths severed after the first semester, so I rarely saw her during the rest of college. Obtain alcohol Obviously huge.

how to meet people at college orientation

Avoid the high school pipeline I feel like everyone has the story of a roommate, floormate, or friend who spends the first month disappearing to barbecues hosted by upperclassmen from his sweet prep school.

Trying to infiltrate one of those groups is all but impossible, given that their friendship experiences primarily occured outside your current environment. In other words, their inside jokes are about the high school baseball coach rather than the guy on your floor who blasts Slayer at 3am.

10 Ways To Make Friends During The First Few Weeks Of College

Pounce on every chance for an inside joke Speaking of the Slayer guy, this is really how you make it. Mold your experience around what you want. And for the first few days after moving in, it seemed like everything was going great.

how to meet people at college orientation

I introduced myself to people, had some pleasant albeit semi-awkward icebreaker conversations, and exchanged phone numbers with fellow freshman. There were a couple bumps in the road: The silver lining is that If I ever transfer to another school and then back to Wesleyan, I will know exactly how to deal with my credits.

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Despite this and a few other minor mishaps did you know you have to bring your keys with you every time you leave your dorm? Knowing that it can be hard for me to get to know people, I really pushed myself to attend events and meet as many people as a could.

Have you ever lived in cold weather? People who just a few days ago were strangers started acting like close friends. They would show up to events in packs, sitting together and giggling about day-old inside jokes. They started going out to parties at night, while I stayed in my dorm eating Cheez-its and watching Youtube videos. I started to get anxious that groups would soon cement themselves as cliques, leaving me an outsider.

how to meet people at college orientation

The anxiety turned to disappointment and discouraged me from going to more events. Feeling totally dejected, I decided to focus on something I knew I could control: As soon as classes started, I dove into studying.

how to meet people at college orientation

I also joined a couple clubs that looked interesting, which altogether made my schedule pretty busy. With these other things to focus on, I no longer had time to sit alone in my dorm room, and a lot of my anxiety about making friends went away as I began concentrating on my work instead.

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