How to meet john williams

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how to meet john williams

John Williams - an overview of the composer and his film music, including his I got to meet Maestro Williams and chat with him for a couple of minutes. He was. I am wandering if anyone out there knows how to go about arranging to meet John Williams privately, like back stage after a concert or. I had the luck of meeting John Williams two times in Chicago, in and in He's the only celebrity I wanted to meet in my life. I think I.

An interesting documentary about John Williams' film music has appeared on youtube, made during the making of "The Empire Strikes Back" but including many clips from his films and comments from Lucas and Spielberg.

how to meet john williams

The documentary is in 6 parts - start here with part 1 of Star Wars Music by John Williams and follow the links to related videos to see the other parts. Here is the 1st part of a later documentary where the composer talks about the scoring for "The Phantom Menace". Although the relationship with Spielberg was obviously central to his career in Hollywood, it can also be seen as perhaps limiting musically, since most of his movies belonged to a narrow range of family fantasy and adventure stories.

However that limitation was not significant in the longer term. Firstly, both director and composer have not always shared an exclusive relationship. Spielberg chose Quincy Jones to score his "The Colour Purple" for example, and John Williams for his part has worked with a number of different directors. The other factor that impacted the type of movie he worked on, was that Spielberg himself sought to broaden his range of movie genres with films such as "Empire of the Sun", "Schindler's List" Williams winning his fifth oscar"Saving Private Ryan", "Amistad" and most recently "Minority Report".

For a time Williams was conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra, and he has written several classical concert pieces. As America's best-known composer, he as also been commissioned to compose works for some big events such as the Olympics and the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty. Several of these works can be found on album collections of Williams' music.

In the realm of film music, it seems as though Williams will always be very much in demand.

Hey Kids, Meet John Williams | Composer Biography

The latter film has an exciting soundtrack by Williams and also features Schubert 's Unfinished Symphony during the "conducting" scenes - surely a joke from the Music Supervisor since the crimes detected by the precogs have not happened yet and will be stopped in the nick of time by the police! One point to note that is frequently mis-quoted even in reference books, is that John Williams the composer had no involvement with the "Deer Hunter", though John Williams the guitarist played the theme tune "Cavatina" by Stanley Myers, later to have lyrics added and sung by Cleo Laine.

This is a live two-hour musical event with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and chorus, with scenes from the movies and live narration. The show started in London's "O2 arena" previously called the Millennium Dome in April before going on tour across Europe.

how to meet john williams

The venues hosted an exhibition of models, props, costumes and artwork from the Lucasfilm Archives. Here is the Maestro conducting the world premiere of his piece called Soundings commissioned for the opening of the new Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles in The composer's goal was to make the hall sing, and he certainly does that!

See also our review of the new boxset Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection which explores the most complete versions of these film scores so far released, and the show Star Wars in Concert. It's a long time since we heard a completely new film score by John Williams, but The Adventures of Tintin: Ok, well that was frustrating I just wrote a huge reply to this topic I've met Williams twice.

John Williams - composer extraordinaire

I've also had a few interesting experiences at the Shed at Tanglewood. All of which I will now recount for you, in the hopes they will lead you to meeting Williams! There, at the end of concerts is where there will be an employee telling you whether or not any of the conductors are recieving people.

Every time I have gone, they have not been. And usually, they have told us that the conuctors have all left already. But this is where you go for the "official" way. Now the interesting stories from each of the 3 times I went: If you can sneak a peek between the cracks, this room is where the conductors or at least one of them go before and between the performances. The first time I went, I peeked, and saw Williams sitting at a desk, facing me, not more than 4 feet from where I was standing.

Hey Kids, Meet John Williams | Composer Biography

He was looking down at something He was just standing out on the lawn looking up at the display Well I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste So thought no Williams that night, I did get to meet Ozawa! Who was something like 5 foot 2 So always keep your eyes open if you are over there!! This was the third time I had waited, and we were all getting a little sick of this response It is a parking lot, with a loading dock to the stage, and a large stage door.

We were waiting there, just hoping someone, maybe Keith Lockhart would come out and we could at least meet them. So we along with only about 4 other people who managed to get back there walked over to him, and as always he was very gracious, and took time to talk to all of us, take pictures, and sign autographs.

He probably was there with the 8 of us for about 5 or 6 minutes which felt like seconds I got to tell him how much his music had inspired me, and how it was a large factor in me going to college to pursue music. He thanked me, and asked where I was going, and said a few other things, which are all kind of a blur now and then got into his car, and was driven away.