How to meet imam zamana

Dear youth, prepare yourselves for the era of Imam Mahdi: Ayatollah Khamenei -

how to meet imam zamana

Dear youth, prepare yourselves for the era of Imam Mahdi: Ayatollah when they see the turbulence of the mankind's living environment, they. We should always call out to our beloved 12th Imam - Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.) in difficulties. And we should not get scared of difficulties. A Way to Meet Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.). Mawlana Jaan Ali Shah Kazmi was giving majalis in Siraj Imam Bargah, Sarafa Bazaar, near Husaynia Iranian Hall.

Gradually, this Shia found himself drawn towards this youth. He began liking this youth. He got worried about his safety and prayed for him. But he did not get a chance to ask him how he could practice the Shiite faith so openly. He had a lot of questions concerning that youth: If this youth is a Shia why don't these people stop him?

If he is a Shia how is he practicing his faith so openly amongst the staunch Sunnis? Why isn't he afraid of them? He did not have a reply to any of these questions. One day he got an opportunity to meet the youth while he was alone. He could not understand how he got the chance. Maybe it was Imam-e-Zamana a. When the Shia was alone with the youth, he looked around him and when he was sure there was no one else, he asked the youth politely, 'My dear friend, I have an important question to ask you.

Why don't you pray namaz like the others in your family?

Meetings with Imam-e-Zamana (ajtf)

Why is your namaz different from the others around you? I pray my namaz in a different manner. And I am firm in my faith. Why do you look so surprised with this? In this area, there is not a single Shia and everyone over here is against the Shias. In this harsh environment, I am surprised to see you pray namaz openly like the Shias.

There is a long story behind this: If you feel it fit, please narrate this story to me. Actually, even I am a Shia. But out of fear for your Sunni family I have not revealed my true faith to anyone and I practice Taqiyyah. I am forced to do this to earn my livelihood.

how to meet imam zamana

My story goes like this: When I was only a few months old, a very poor lady came to our house looking for work. She was so poor that my family members took pity on her and kept her in the house. She was put in charge of me and became my nurse. She was a Shia. She did not hide her faith, but openly practiced it by praying namaz like the Shias and following their beliefs.

how to meet imam zamana

My family members did not like this and kept away from her. They considered her to be Najis and kept all her utensils and belongings separately. While eating food, they were careful that her plates and glass be kept at a distance and did not touch their own plates and glasses.

That poor lady had no choice but to live under those difficult conditions. However, she loved me a lot and took good care of me. Even I felt very close to her and never wanted to be separated from her.

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One day she stepped out of the house for some household work. I was so pained at being separated from her that I began crying loudly.

My family members were very disturbed and tried to console me, but I did not stop crying. Only when she returned and took me in her arms did I stop crying.

It is because of my attachment to her that my family members could not remove her. I grew up with the same love and attachment for her. When I was about years old, I still remained with her. She was also very compassionate towards me and kept telling me about her faith.

One day she informed me about the twelve Imams a. She narrated something on each Imam a. When she reached the 12th Imam Mahdi a. Our 12th Imam - Imam-e-Zamana a. By Ghaibat we mean that we cannot see Imam-e-Zamana a. But he sees us and recognizes each and everyone of us. But if he cannot be seen or recognized and is in Ghaibat, then what is the benefit of his existence?

When someone calls out to him for help, he answers his call. If someone gets separated from his group of companions and loses his way and in this difficulty requests Imam-e-Zamana a. It was 17 years since she told me about Imam-e-Zamana a.

Allama Hilli meeting with Imam Mehdi alaihisalam ( English subtitles )

When I was 23 years old, I left for Hajj Pilgrimage with my family members. In that age, performing Hajj was a very difficult task.

how to meet imam zamana

We had to travel on camels and in our journey we had to pass through several jungles and fields. The nights used to be extremely cold and the days were very hot.

We had heard many incidents of bandits and beasts attacking the pilgrims and even killing them. Nevertheless, we proceeded for Hajj Pilgrimage and suffered all hardships on the way. We were nearing Makkah and Medina. Traveling day and night had made me very tired. Our family halted at a place.

We rested for a while. I was very tired and the breeze was very refreshing. When I woke up, I was surprised to find myself alone in that jungle as my family had left without me.

Even my camel had deserted me and had strayed into the desert. After much searching I could neither locate my family nor my camel. Dusk was nearing and the sunset was upon me. I was overcome by fear and panic.

I cannot explain how scared I was at that time. I began thinking - what will happen to me over here? Are you indeed Yusuf?

how to meet imam zamana

I am Yusuf and this is my brother; Allah has indeed been gracious to us; surely he who guards against evil and is patient is rewarded for surely Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good. Now Allah has certainly chosen you over us, and we were certainly sinners. Verses A glance at the above verses will reveal that they not only failed to recognize Hazrat Yusuf a. Incidentally Benjamin had accompanied them in their previous trip and Hazrat Yusuf a.

Nevertheless, whenever he will desire they will recognize him. Hence subsequent to Divine consent, whenever Hazrat Imam-e-Zamana a.

Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.)

We all pray to Allah that in this period of Occultation we get the privilege of meeting him. The levels of meeting Spiritual meeting: Spiritually we should develop such a bond with Hazrat Imam-e-Zamana a.

The sentiment should be similar to our distant Ziyarat of Hazrat Imam Husain a. When we recite the Ziyarat we feel as if we are present in front of Imam Husain a. If such emotions are provoked, the feelings become intense and tears start trickling down the eyes. However, it is imperative that the ziyarat and salam should be said with utmost attention and feelings and not out of habit and indifference.

This had been eloquently explained in Dua Nudba thus: May my life be sacrificed for you, although you are separate from us but never too far from us.

Meeting in dream There have been such anecdotes where people have seen Hazrat Imam-e-Zamana a. Numerous traditions have been reported which have mentioned about the supplications, actions and special chapters for meeting Imam a. This can be achieved after lot of practice and dedication. It is through this power that a man can foresee the incidents of future. A man can attain the privilege of meeting Imam-e-Zamana a. However, it should be borne in mind that even in Mukashefa, it will be possible to meet him only when he gives consent for the meeting.

Otherwise, despite all the practice and devotion it will not be possible to meet him, the meeting hinges entirely on his approval. Apparent meeting There are few preconditions to the meeting; A. We may meet Imam-e-Zamana a. It may not be known during the meeting but after the meeting it becomes clear that the person who has just left is none other than Imam-e-Zamana a.

how to meet imam zamana

Even this has two aspects; sometimes it becomes immediately clear after the meeting, while at other times it becomes known only after the lapse of a long period. During the occultation of Imam-e-Zamana a. Sometimes during the course of the meeting, it becomes evident that the person is none other than Imam-e-Zamana a.

Very few such incidents have been reported for instance the incident of Ismail Harqali or those related to Allamah Sayed Mahdi Bahrool Uloom r. A few things that becomes clear through such narrations are: Who is eligible for the meeting?

While reading the incidents of meeting, we observe that those who got the privilege of meeting Hazrat Imam-e-Zamana a.