How to fix a push and pull relationship

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how to fix a push and pull relationship

Do you understand the push-pull phenomenon that drives most the problem, but it allows you to create a new relationship to it–one of witness. The article explores the toxic pattern of hot cold, push pull relationships. Find out why the fear of abandonment drives this pattern, the effects and how you. "We stay in push-pull, on-off, good-bad relationships primarily due to a behavioral dynamic called intermittent reinforcement," psychotherapist.

By Dan Neuharth, Ph. In this push-pull dance, one partner seeks greater connection but grows increasingly critical when connection is elusive. The other partner seeks greater autonomy and increasingly withdraws in the face of complaints and pressure.

how to fix a push and pull relationship

Underneath this frustrating cycle lies the differing attachment styles of partners. Pursuing partners fear rejection or abandonment, and seek reassurance from their partners through closeness and connection. Withdrawing partners fear being controlled or crowded, and seek relief through independence and autonomy.

Here is an online quiz to help you identify if you have a pursuer-withdrawer relationship. On some level, pursuers know that chasing a withdrawer is counterproductive. Withdrawers know on some level that the pursuer wants closeness but it can feel overwhelming or frightening to provide it. Withdrawers fear that giving in to demands for more connection will lead to losing themselves in the relationship.

The withdrawer, too, feels caught in a damned-either-way dynamic: Give in and feel trapped, or resist and receive mounting criticism. The result can be frequent conflict, a cold-war atmosphere, chaos or drama. In time, this weakens the bonds of a relationship so much that the relationship may end. Here are seven effective ways to deal with a pursuing-withdrawing dynamic in your relationship: Pursuers tend to magnify the focus on problems.

Together, they create a push-pull dance that alienates both.

Advice for Relationship Push/Pulls

To improve your relationship it helps to recognize that this cycle, not your partner, is the enemy of your relationship. Focus on changing the dance, not on changing your partner. It helps to view problems as happening to the relationship, not to your personally.

how to fix a push and pull relationship

It leads to stress, strain, alienation, conflict, frustration and a lack of intimacy. Few withdrawers come closer when they feel pressured or chased. By the same token, few pursuers say positive things to a partner who they feel is depriving or rejecting them. Both stances create a self-reinforcing cycle.

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While it takes time and work, you can break this costly cycle. Withdrawers need to soothe their fears of engulfment, communicate and participate more with their partner, and be more transparent.

Pursuers need to soothe their fears of abandonment, reality test their worst-case scenarios, and be more self-reliant. Both individuals need to stop seeing their partners as either the problem or potential solution.

how to fix a push and pull relationship

We all remember the late evening strategy sessions with friends, the endless tracking of who called first, the weighing in of when it was ok to call back, how to show you were interested but not too interested.

This balancing act that characterizes most early dating scenes often evolves into romantic patterns that plague many ongoing relationships.

In my own marriage, we suffered through years of what often becomes one of the most hurtful and significant battles in a relationship: The questions can seem playful, such as: The shame of rejection is no easier to bear than the shame of chronic lack of desire.

We all know this story in some form, and we continue to analyze it, trying to determine responsibility.

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Placing blame is the easiest way to find a way to live with the pain of unrequited desire. The first thing that helps is to identify the situation. Find a neutral time to bring up the topic and agree to look at the issue from a distance, almost as though you were talking about people you both know.

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This can be difficult to do, especially if the conversation is overdue.